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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part IV
Giggles at the Palace
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Anthea wants Mycroft, she flirts, makes suggestive remarks, hints at things, leans over his table .... anything you can think of. but mycroft doesn't get it, or if he gets it he thinks she's not serious about it and couldn't possibly want him (you know, diets... there's self-esteem issues there...)

get them together please!

Nobody panic, I've got this! 8D

FILL part 1

AND HERE IT IS. It may be too fluffy. ._. I apologise for the lack of explicit porn!


For such an observant man, Mycroft Holmes is incredibly blind. He can deduce from her bag that she didn’t have time for breakfast (and insists she go to the nearest café and buy herself a Danish pastry, to boot), he can see from her wristwatch that she recently finished an excellent book (and asks for a recommendation), he can infer from her smile that she’s in need of a little quiet while her headache calms down (and duly gives it to her, letting her sit in her office and get on with paperwork in silence for an hour).

Apparently, though, he can’t deduce from her hair, smile, bag, shoes, skirt, phone or anything that she has never wanted anyone more than she wants him.

She’s not quite sure why. It might be the power. It might be the intelligence. It might be the casual coldness and occasional ruthlessness. It might be the age, the class, the- ohgod- three piece suits. It might be the fact that due to his protection she is the safest woman in London, if not the world. It might be the fact that he is oddly and unexpectedly considerate. It might be the fact she has never respected anyone more, and that impressing him gives her a feeling in her stomach that’s warm and excited and precious.

It might be the way he looks when he’s exhausted, the way no one else gets to see him.

Whatever it is, it’s there. And Mycroft doesn’t know. In all his wisdom, he simply doesn’t notice the bigger picture. He doesn’t see it. And- well. There’s always a chance, isn’t there? She doesn’t hope too hard; Mycroft is strange. But then, so is she, if perhaps not quite on the same level. He’s told her she’s attractive before, in his strange, not-quite-human way.

She’s not good at verbal communication- that’s why she likes her phone so much. And so it’s time to drop hints.

operation cleavage

The idea is simple. He looks over her everyday, acknowledges from the way in which she’s curled her hair whether she’s having a good day or not. If he can guess- no, not guess, deduce what she feels from her appearance, then surely she can hint through that. And so she takes special, special care, a woman dressing to impress. Her curls are immaculate, spilling onto her shoulders in carefully arranged spirals. Her lipstick is new and perfectly applied. Her cleavage is ample and displayed, one stray lock of chestnut hair twisting over the curve of her right breast so as to carefully lead the eye from her face to her chest. Her dress, pitch black, ends just over her knees, carefully modest, but the slit on one side is rather suggestive. Her legs are for once not encased in stockings or tights but gleaming smooth and lightly muscled, feet in incredibly uncomfortable and absolutely gorgeous designer black heels. Four inches. Her chiropodist wouldn’t thank her, but hey- no pain, no gain.

She slides into his office and for a moment she thinks he’s gotten it. Yes, there’s a glance at her cleavage- but then, there’s a look at everything else. Could he have figured it out? Could he be tempted?

“You’ve not eaten breakfast again,” he says, looking disapproving. “Really, Eve, this has got to stop.”

operation touch

Her hand on the small of his back is intimate, gentle and rather unexpected. He stiffens, turning to give her a bewildered look. She blushes, letting it drop, and they start talking about the Head of MI6.

She honestly thinks he’s forgotten it, which is a stupid assumption to make. He knocks at her office door later in the day- in fact, at the point where it’s just about to become early in tomorrow- which is in itself unusual. Mycroft does not knock. Mycroft simply appears. Their offices have a linking door, and he makes free and easy use of it.

Dear God, has he figured it out?

OP wants to marry you!

that is so much more than I was hoping for, I just fell in love with both of them.
I'm glad you're not making it porn, I like this far better! it's amazing, thank you so much! i love love love it!!
I can't wait for part 2!
where do I send my kidney?

FILL part 2

She calls for him to come in, the door’s not locked, and he slips inside, suit reassuringly perfect and his face fixed in an expression of determined concern. “Georgina…”

She gives him a pleasant, slightly nervous smile. “Sir?”

“You are happy, aren’t you?”

What? She doesn’t speak but her expression spells out her confusion. Of course, Mycroft is utterly relentless, stepping closer, putting his hands on her desk. His expression is stern and grave, and for a brief moment, she feels like she’s just melted. Oh dear. “You touched me earlier, which is remarkably odd for you, as you generally don’t initiate physical contact with anyone. An interesting thing to note about touching, however, is that it’s often an attempt to reach out for comfort. Such unexpected contact seems to imply…I do apologise, I’m being overly verbose. I believe I’m attempting to ask if you need a hug. I must confess I’m not an expert on the subject, but seeing as you do an excellent job for me, I do feel as if I ought to play some part in keeping you happy, and you really don’t tend to spend time with people other than me. Obviously, the duty of offering is mine. Well? I’m afraid I’ve only got five minutes before meeting the Prime Minister, as you well know, so we’re going to have to be quick about things.”

The hug is warm but awkward on both sides. He smells delicious and pats her uncomfortably on the back. After they pull away- rather quickly- it’s all business once more, for which she’s somewhat grateful. They both know how to do that.

So- not a complete failure, she decides later on, remembering his cologne and how his suit jacket had felt pressed against her cheek. No, not bad at all.

operation dinner

Mycroft is seated at his desk; she is bent over it on the other side, cleavage neatly on show, scrutinising his upside-down schedule so closely that a curl of brown hair is obscuring 8:12, threaten Sarkozy. He pushes it gently away. She gives him an apologetic half-smile. “Sorry, sir.”

“No need, my dear. With whom am I having dinner?”

“You’re free.” It’s a purr. Come on. Come on. Notice, you stupid, brilliant man. “As it happens, so am-”

But he’s standing up, looking thoughtful, a deep frown on his face. Pacing. Pacing and, despite her feline stretch as she remains bent over the desk, not paying her the slightest bit of attention.

Holmeses. Who’d have them? She sighs in irritation and he glances over-“Problem? I was just considering the issue presented to us earlier- you know. The economy.”

“Of course.” And then it’s work mode, because she is, above all, a very devoted and a very good PA. She straightens up, BlackBerry instantly in her hand. “Need me to arrange for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to join you for dinner?”

“Would you? That would be marvellous.”

operation compliment

Mycroft is rather gorgeous, in her opinion. Tall and commanding at times, languid and thoughtful at others, always classy, neat, perfectly turned out. She gazes at him as he leans back in his chair, deep in contemplation. She’d like to- mm, she’d like to straddle him there, kiss him, ride him, she’d like those long-fingered hands under her clothes, stroking each rib and hard plain of muscle, undoing her bra-

Economy. Right. She swallows and crosses her legs, shifting a little and considering public spending cuts as carefully as she can, tapping on her Blackberry. Except- “You look nice today,” she says, because she has to tell him, and then she feels like an utter idiot.

He stares at her, has the gall to look like he doesn’t believe her. “…thank you. So do you.”

Mycroft goes back to his thoughts after that, but it hasn’t been a wasted attempt entirely, she decides.

FILL part 3

operation comfort

He has a migraine and a glass of brandy in his hand, and if looked at in the right light, he might look ever so slightly defeated.

It’s worrying.

Quite tentatively, she puts a hand on his shoulder, and this time he doesn’t tense, simply remains still. Not moving closer, but not moving away, either. It’s not motivated by sex or desire and it’s not a plan to seduce him at all, just-

She decides to stop thinking about it and moves her thumb in a few slow strokes before she backs off to refill his glass with brandy and attend to her BlackBerry.

The slight hint of a smile he gives her makes her categorise the event as one of her operations, and quite a successful one at that.

operation adrenalin (also known as a complete accident)

Her life is not always scheduling and paperwork and high heels and BlackBerrying. She can shoot a gun with the best of them, worked for years in MI6.

Occasionally, her life involves shoving her employer bodily out of the range of a bullet, slamming them both against a wall, clinging to him as she fires off six shots straight into the would-be assassin’s chest and then turning to him and managing to gasp, “Don’t you ever-” before suddenly she’s kissing him.

They’re both rather surprised by that.

They’re both even more surprised when Mycroft kisses back.

The entirety of the government are struck dumb with shock when they half-drag eachother through the corridors leading up to Mycroft’s office and then just plain bewildered when they leave the office about a second later with Mycroft telling her that to sleep with a woman in the workplace simply isn’t on, at least not the first time they do it, and so they should go back to his house- but by then, they themselves have somewhat gotten over the shock of it all.

FILL part 4

It returns as she rolls off him, nude and shaking, sweat gleaming on her forehead, to fall back heavily on his expensive pillows. “Uh,” she says, eyes closed. Her BlackBerry is not in her hands. Her BlackBerry is, in fact, on the floor. That says a lot.

“Heavens,” Mycroft says, sounding just as bemused as she does.

“I’ve- wanted that.”

“You have?” Clueless. Utterly. And then- oh. Oh, right. Oh, the- clothes and the touching and the dinner and- oh. He stares at the ceiling. Oh. She gives a breathy chuckle and he tenses, wondering what he’s done that’s funny. “What are you laughing at?”

“Hm? Nothing. This.”

Borderline horrified now, slightly angered. “And what exactly in this situation is amusing?”

Her eyes slam open, alarmed. Worried. “I didn’t mean- it’s just very sudden.”


“There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with this. There’s lots…right with this.” She’s not very poetic, but it does the job, shutting up Mycroft for a while (although he does mutter something like ‘there’s a lot’ in a tone of grammatical correction, which she ignores). Of course, no Holmes is ever quiet for long. He rolls onto his side while she still lays, panting on her back. The lights are off but it’s dawn outside and the curtains are open (good Lord, the curtains are open- but nevermind, what’s past is past). Her curves are illuminated by stripes of light between shadow, face blissful and satisfied, lips swollen beyond their normal fullness.

“You’re a terribly attractive young lady,” he says, and she can tell from the tone in his voice that he’s trying to convey some other meaning with that, but isn’t sure what it is.

“Thank you,” she mumbles instead, opening her eyes. Her fingers twitch. Mycroft notes it and idly calculates that he’s got about five minutes of her full attention before she dives for her BlackBerry in a fit of addictive adoration. Good heavens. Passed over for a phone.

He’s amazed she wants him in the first place. “You could have your pick of handsome men.”

She smiles wider, almost a smirk, reaching out to graze a hand that’s clumsy with post-orgasmic shivers over his arm until she finds his fingers, entwining them with her own. “I know, sir. And I have.”

She does indeed make a break for the BlackBerry in just under five minutes, curled on her side with her face illuminated by the phone, texting while Mycroft wraps himself around her from behind. After a little while, her fingers stop moving and the light fades off- he reaches over to take it from her sleeping grip, but she makes a soft whimper and holds tighter. Ah, well. C’est la vie. He just chuckles into the back of her neck, and, untired, spends a pleasant few hours contemplating North Korea while stroking slow lines over her hipbone and feeling- oh, content.

Re: FILL part 4

Wow... this was really not was I was expecting from this fic. It was funny and sweet and hot. All in all perfect. Thank you so much for writing it.

Re: FILL part 4 (Anonymous) Expand

Re: FILL part 4

This was lovely and amazing and perfect. There needs to be more awesome Mycroft/Anthea ficcage around.

Re: FILL part 4 (Anonymous) Expand

OP wants to marry you, then divorce you just so OP can marry you again!

I squeed so loudly when I saw that there was more! OH MY!!! I don't even know what to say!
This is simply amazing! my dear dear author anon <3
thank you!

*hand in marriage* 8D (Anonymous) Expand
He’s amazed she wants him in the first place. “You could have your pick of handsome men.”

She smiles wider, almost a smirk, reaching out to graze a hand that’s clumsy with post-orgasmic shivers over his arm until she finds his fingers, entwining them with her own. “I know, sir. And I have.”

Best. Line. Ever.

This is really a charming story. Always funny to see one of the hyper-observant Holmes brothers totally clueless this way! :-)

I like that she sleeps with the Blackberry like a teddy bear.

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Re: FILL part 4

This is just amazing! I love how you've expanded on their relationship (and on a character with just not enough airtime!) and you put in such great humor. :) Thank you, anon!

Re: FILL part 4 (Anonymous) Expand

Re: FILL part 4

Definitely one of my favorite pairings and definitely one of my favorite fills! I love Mycroft/Anthea and this was just. So. So. SO spot on. Thank you for making my day a little brighter. :)

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Re: FILL part 4

I have suddenly developed a love for Mycroft/Anthea. The details about how Mycroft makes her feel safe due to being one of the most powerful men in the UK and how he always looks organised, much like Anthea herself is and how they just fit together. Anthea's attempts to get his attention, while he just blundered cluelessly on, were funny and quite sweet as well.

Loved it!

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Re: FILL part 4


I love it. What a great fic.

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