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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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prompting: part iii
Giggles at the Palace
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Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...

The murder: a gunshot wound to the head. The suspect: a resentful neighbor. The motive, means, and opportunity are there. It's the weapon that's not.

"So what if there's powder in the barrel?" Anderson says, and John wonders if that tone of voice has ever accomplished anything for the man ever. "You're still talking about a head shot over the length of a cricket pitch with an antique revolver. It's not possible."

Sherlock looks like he is on the verge of violence, or perhaps some sort of hysterical tantrum. "It is the only solution that fits all of the facts! Moorehead has the necessary skill--"

Even Lestrade was looking dubious. "Yeah, but with this thing?" He glanced at the revolver in the evidence bag. "It's got to be a hundred years old."

"Seventy-six," Sherlock corrected.

"Oh, I suppose you deduced that from the state of the hammer?" Anderson asked.

"No, I looked up the serial number on the Internet--please keep away from that, by the way, there's enough stupidity there as it is." Sherlock rounded on Lestrade. "I repeat: Moorehead belonged to a gun club. He kept this weapon in pristine condition. I'll even demonstrate."

So that was why he'd insisted on calling this meeting at a firing range; John had wondered. "And if you're wrong?" Anderson asked.

Sherlock gave him an icy glare. "I'm not wrong."

Anderson snorted. "Right. I'll just go hold the target up for you."

"Don't tempt me."

John had, of course, entirely faded into the background by this point, and didn't mind; it was the middle of the night and he hadn't the patience for anyone's ego, least of all Sherlock's. But when Lestrade decided it was time to physically interpose himself between Sherlock and Anderson, he apparently was wise enough not to do so with a weapon in hand, even in an evidence bag: he shoved the revolver at John, then planted on palm on Sherlock's chest and said, "Look here, you're the one who called us in--"

John tuned the rest of the argument out. The revolver was surprisingly heavy, but just as Sherlock said, it was clean and well-maintained. A Colt Single Action Army, made in America and brought over by God only knew who--maybe in the war or something. It appeared to be chambered for a .45 round--yes, there was another evidence bag with a package of cartridges, these brand-new. The size of the hole in the victim's skull, given the distance. But that supposed this gun was accurate enough on that range.

Anderson was attempting to reach around Lestrade and shake his finger at Sherlock, or perhaps poke him in the eye. John sighed, and hunted up a pair of latex gloves.

He didn't have much experience with revolvers, of course, but he found it easy enough to load; he swung the barrel back into position, and pressed the buttons that brought up a paper target at the end of the range, as far back as it would go. There was a squeak of shoe leather on tile somewhere behind him, and a yelp, which he ignored. Instead he settled himself into a comfortable stance, the revolver in his left hand, the right hand held above to fan the hammer.

Six quick shots boomed through the firing range, and in the aftermath the only sound was John carefully putting the Peacemaker back into the bag.

When he turned around, Anderson, Lestrade and Sherlock appeared to have frozen in place, arms still tangled, Sherlock's scarf half-undone. "Well?" Sherlock demanded, twisting free of Lestrade's grip.

John shrugged. "It fires. Moorehead's probably the murderer. Can I please go back to the flat now?"

Lestrade snatched the revolver out of John's hands, then called the target forward. In the center of the outline's head, the six bullets had eaten out a small, ragged circle. He looked at John incredulously. "I...er..."

"There," Sherlock said, pointing. "Exactly that. Ronald Moorehead only had to be half as accurate to make his kill shot. Now quit manhandling me and go arrest the old misanthrope before he decides to behead the paperboy for his next trick."

As they plodded out of the range, the last thing John heard was Anderson sputtering "How--but--hang on--" somewhere behind him.

Re: Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...

hmm I do love a modest bamf John and Flabbergasted Anderson, Thank you :D

Re: Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...

I love badass!John too much for words and he was magnificently awesome here.

Re: Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...

This is fantastic! I love modest!BAMF John, and his exasperation with the antics of the other three leading up to his quiet show of BAMFitude just make it even better. ♥ ♥ ♥

Re: Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...

::giggles madly:: I love it! That's so very him...just quietly going about being a BAMF while everyone else is being dramatic :)

Re: Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...


Re: Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...

John wonders if that tone of voice has ever accomplished anything for the man ever.

Word. Love it!

Re: Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...

So.... how would you like to receive your Internets and fresh-baked brownies? Is FedEx cool with you?


Now quit manhandling me and go arrest the old misanthrope before he decides to behead the paperboy for his next trick.

I died laughing!! And then I came back so I could comment on this. And now I'm going back to die laughing again. Powerhearts!!

Re: Not sure this is quite what you're looking for...

Only John Watson could shoot a hole in a target at maximum range with an antique firearm and act like it's no big deal.

The Baddest of MFs don't need to brag. *le swoon*

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