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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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prompting: part iii
Giggles at the Palace
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Lestrade and the gang perform another drug bust, but this time they find all Sherlock and John's sex toys. Bonus points for John being all embarrassed and Sherlock being smug about it.

Filled - Part 1

They stumbled up the stairs to 221B, and as they burst through the door of the flat Sherlock caught a laughing John around the waist and pulled him in for a kiss.

‘I can’t believe you still get so turned on by it,’ Sherlock muttered against John’s mouth. ‘You’ve seen it a hundred times by now.’

‘I do,’ John breathed, arching his neck as Sherlock’s lips travelled down the side of his throat. ‘I swear to God, your brain is a marvel. Watching it work is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.’

‘Your face…do you have any idea what you look like when you’re surprised? You’re gorgeous…’

Not breaking their kiss, they steered deftly through the habitual mess in the living room to Sherlock’s bedroom and stopped dead at what they found there.

Four blue-suited members of Scotland Yard, clearly in the process of yet another drugs search in their flat (John did wish that Sherlock would think before annoying Lestrade quite so much). Four faces turned towards them, shock written all over them. The reason for said shock could be seen on the bed where, John was mortified to see, they had emptied out the bedside table.

He stared at the jumble of items on the bed and wondered distantly if, medically speaking, it were possible to actually die from embarrassment.

‘Oh God,’ he heard his own voice groan, as if from a distance, ‘please tell me this isn’t happening. Make this not be happening.’

Sherlock’s arm was still around John’s waist and it tightened as Sherlock turned his head to stare down at him. John didn’t notice, being too morbidly hypnotised by the sight of all their…personal items…jumbled together on the bed, but then Sherlock strode forwards and said briskly, ‘Well, let me give you a hand. The sooner this is done, the sooner my Doctor and I can get back to our planned activities for the next half-hour. Or,’ Sherlock smirked, ‘the next hour, if I’m very lucky and John is in a mood to indulge me.’


John’s hiss was drowned out as Sherlock pounced and picked up a bright blue bottle that one of the younger members of the squad had been eyeing nervously.

‘Lubricant,’ Sherlock explained, a bright helpfulness radiating off him in a way that it never did when he was assisting the police in a more official capacity. ‘Most important item in the drawer. This particular type is blueberry-flavoured, which I have to say I don’t find as appealing as the raspberry but it produces a tingling feeling that can be quite…stimulating.’

As one, the squad turned their backs and hastily got on with trawling through the rest of the debris in Sherlock’s room.

‘I don’t need to tell you all what these are for,’ Sherlock flicked a pair of black, furry handcuffs towards the foot of the bed where they bounced with a cheery jingle.

‘Now this, on the other hand…’ Sherlock picked up a vibrator. John saw two of the squad glance over their shoulders, compelled by Sherlock’s lecturing tone, and quickly turn away, looking embarrassed. Well at least I’m not the only one, John thought, through the heat that was threatening to make him spontaneously combust.

This is rather wonderful. It’s made from a special Neo-Skin material so it feels just like the real thing. Of course, nothing could ever quite replace the real thing,’ Sherlock cast an openly adoring look at John that John, in other circumstances, would have found enormously endearing, ‘but it’s entirely waterproof and so it does have its advantages. Why, just the other week we were in the shower and John said--’

‘Shut up!’

‘Well, perhaps another time,’ Sherlock amended, without skipping a beat. ‘But this is also a rather wonderful little gadget.’

Filled - Part 2

He was holding up two small, stretchy loops, joined at one side and with a small metal bead attached where they joined. At the sight of it, John muttered, ‘Off to make coffee’ and fled a field of battle for the first time in his life. Sherlock’s voice followed him.

‘Don’t go too far, John, I’ve every confidence that these officers will be done very soon. Now you see, this loop goes around–’

John pushed a kitchen chair in with a loud scrape, unable to listen, but also unable to stop himself.

‘And this one goes around–’

Bang - the cupboard door bounced off the fridge as he yanked it open.

‘And then this part vibrates, which is simply–’

John filled the kettle noisily and then found himself with nothing more to do but stand, waiting for it to boil, and helpless to stop listening to the pornographic lecture delivered in Sherlock’s usual dry, precise tones.

‘This is a prostate massager: the name speaks for itself, really, and I really can recommend it. Now these are interesting – did you know that they originated centuries ago, in Thailand? They’re very simple to use, what you do is–’

John closed his eyes, knowing exactly what Sherlock would be holding up.

‘And then when your partner is having an orgasm you pull them out. Not roughly, you understand, it’s not like starting a lawnmower–’ Thank you, Sherlock, for that comparison. If we ever move anywhere that has a garden, I will be forever completely unable to cut the grass without thinking of that ‘but firmly, in one smooth movement, and the results…well, the results can be quite extraordinary.’

John closed his eyes as he felt a familiar warmth uncurl in his belly. The results had indeed been extraordinary – he had been fucking Sherlock who, once he had opened his eyes after his own orgasm, had still retained enough observation and sense of timing to pull on the handle just as John had felt himself start to come. The feeling had been enough to make John, usually the more quiet and restrained of the two, cry out loudly. His face had been buried in Sherlock’s damp neck but John suspected that hadn’t been enough, because Mrs. Hudson had grinned at them all the following morning in a manner that John found entirely too knowing.

Filled - Part 3

Finally, slightly aroused and goaded beyond endurance, John yelled, ‘Sherlock!’

Sherlock leaned out of the bedroom, a querying look on his face and an object clutched in his right hand that John didn’t look too closely at. ‘Yes?’

‘Would you like some coffee?’ John beckoned him into the kitchen meaningfully but Sherlock, damn him, merely brightened and said, ‘Yes please, darling. Black, two sugars,’ and disappeared back into the bedroom.

I know how you take your coffee, you infuriating man! John wanted to shout at him but, with an effort, mastered himself enough to show restraint. He thought that one of them should, at least.

When he heard Sherlock saying:

‘Now this is a plug, something that one can wear any time, for hours at a time, if necessary. Subtle, discreet…why, the person next to you in the office could be doing it, as could you, there, standing by my bookcase’ (there was a crash as something was dropped and John hoped it wasn't breakable) ‘and you would never know. I mean, obviously I would know, but with your mediocre powers of observation…’

John gave in, reached up for the brandy on the top shelf of the cupboard and poured a healthy slug into his coffee. He added a dollop more, for good measure, and sat down at the kitchen table.

Sherlock, hearing the scrape of the kitchen chair, poked his head back out of the bedroom to call, ‘Don’t worry, John, they’ll soon be done,’ and when John listened, it did seem that the noises of the systematic search of Sherlock’s room had taken on a slightly more frantic tempo.

At some point in one of his past lives, he decided, he must have been an absolute bastard, since the Powers That Be, not content with sending him to Afghanistan to get shot, had decided to give him one of the most embarrassing afternoons of his entire life. It was even worse than the time he had blurted out his bisexuality when under the influence of morphine in the make-shift field hospital where they had patched up his shoulder. Whatever he had done to deserve this, he hoped vaguely that it had been worth it at the time.

Fortunately, Lestrade chose that moment to show up, a knight errant in a black woollen winter coat. He glanced at John, sitting slumped over the kitchen table with a mug of coffee-coloured brandy in front of him, and winced sympathetically.

‘Just had to nip out to make a quick phone call. Sorry about this, John, be out of your hair in a moment, but you know how it is with Sherlock…’

John waved a hand, halfway down his coffee mug and already feeling much calmer about the world, and Lestrade’s brow wrinkled in a frown.

‘Where are they? I can’t see them anywhere.’

‘They,’ John answered darkly, ‘are in Sherlock’s bedroom. Getting lectured.’

Lestrade’s face was a picture of alarm. ‘Oh God. No, no, no, I never told them to search there, what the hell are they doing…’

He disappeared, and five seconds later the shouting started. John finished his coffee and got up to steal Sherlock’s, since Sherlock clearly had no intention of drinking it. He added another glug of brandy to it, for medicinal purposes, and sat back down at the table.

Four blue-suited officers hustled out of the bedroom, and after looking at their expressions John was willing to bet that it would be a cold day in hell before any of them ever again agreed to take part in a drugs bust on their flat. Lestrade followed, his face scarlet, and muttered ‘Sorry to bother you, John. See you around,’ and left so abruptly that John wondered vaguely (through a warm haze of brandy) whether the man had whiplash.

Filled - Part 4a

Sherlock sauntered out of the bedroom, looking entirely too pleased with himself, and came to stand by John.

‘Well that went rather well, I thought.’ He sounded entirely too self-satisfied for John’s liking, and John glared up at him.

‘That did not go well. That was about as far from “well” as it is possible to be. That was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. You bastard.’

Sherlock actually had the gall to look shocked. ‘But I did it because you asked me to.’

John realised his jaw was hanging open, and he struggled to reply. ‘You…I asked…’

‘Yes.’ Sherlock nudged John’s chair out from the table and sank down to sit in his lap, straddling his thighs. ‘You said “Make this not be happening”.’

‘That wasn’t what I meant,’ moaned John. With Sherlock sitting in his lap like this, the height difference was magnified and Sherlock was just at the perfect height for John to lean forwards and press his face into the open shirt collar.

‘You wanted it to “not be happening”, and so I tried to get them out of there. It nearly worked too; even if Lestrade hadn’t walked in, they would have been gone after another thirty seconds. I thought it was what you wanted. I always do what you want.’

John had been letting his head sink forwards to rest against Sherlock’s chest, encouraging by Sherlock’s fingers gently combing through his hair, but at this he recoiled to glare at Sherlock again. ‘Liar. You certainly don’t do everything I want.’

‘When it’s important,’ Sherlock corrected himself, ‘I always do everything you want when it’s important.’

Well there was the crux of the matter right there. Sherlock saw nothing wrong with toxic kitchen experiments or with indoor gunfire, but on nights when John didn’t want to close his eyes for fear of what he might see then Sherlock would sit in bed next to him playing his violin softly until John’s eyes slid shut. Never before in all his life had John been with someone who treated him as a sort of lifelong study, someone who watched him so closely, who knew him down to his smallest detail. Sherlock knew how to get inside his thoughts; he had the ability to utterly break John down into his component parts, and John found that he didn’t mind at all.

Filled - Part 4b - END

Sherlock was even now brushing kisses over the top of John’s head, his forehead, his closed eyes. When he reached John’s mouth, he made a muffled noise and John opened his eyes to see Sherlock gawking at the two empty coffee mugs.

‘Christ, John, how much brandy did you put in that?!’

John shrugged. ‘Enough. Enough not to care about what I was hearing from the bedroom. I mean, did you have to sound so smug about it?’

‘Yes. I’m with you, God, look at you. Of course I’m going to be smug. So.’ Sherlock was nuzzling the side of his head, like an overgrown cat, and John shivered. ‘Has that been the right amount of brandy to lower your inhibitions enough to let me use the massager on you?’

Remembering the last time they had used it, John groaned. He had been sitting across Sherlock’s thighs, the reverse of their current position, as Sherlock gently pushed it inside him and teased him with it. John had been forced to grab onto the back of the chair to stop himself sliding off Sherlock’s lap and consequently had been unable to touch himself when the tight, hot need between his legs had become unbearable. Sherlock had made him ask for his hand to get him off, and even then had waited until John was begging and half out of his mind before sliding his hand down John’s stomach.

‘All right,’ John said breathlessly. He didn’t know why he even took time to think about it, since Sherlock was sitting across his groin and could feel what the idea did to him. ‘But I don’t want to come until you’re fucking me.’

‘All right.’ Sherlock nibbled on John’s earlobe and John twisted his head, blindly seeking Sherlock’s mouth for a kiss.

‘And,’ John continued, when they separated and Sherlock was tonguing the hollow where jaw met ear, ‘and…I want you to wear the beads.’

‘Yes,’ Sherlock groaned. ‘Yes. Anything. Whatever you want. Always…whatever you want.’

And that, John thought as their mouths met again, wasn’t quite the truth, but he was damned if he was going to argue the point now.


Re: Filled - Part 4b - END

*claps* yay!

sherlock was so sweet here... even if he was a smug bastard.

Oh god anon I am so in love with you right now

The whole thing was just perfect. I loved the sweet John/Sherlock moments in the beginning and the end, and ohmygod, I was laughing so hard at Sherlock's speech and everyone in the room (and John) being like "please please please shut up now"

Also, LAWNMOWER LOL John isn't the only one stuck with this idea now. Grass will never be the same.

Thank you for this!

Re: Filled - Part 4b - END

Wow, that was so sweet and hot! While I love the angsty first-time DRAMA fics I adore this kind of established, sex positive relationship so much.

Would anyone care to enlighten this anon as to what the "stretchy bands" were? I am dying of curiosity now!

Re: Filled - Part 4b - END

This was the absolutely best combination of hilarious and hot, and such great banter! Sherlock does everything important for John? Well. Yes, actually, and it is a fantastically sweet thing when he does. Nicely written!

Re: Filled - Part 4b - END


Re: Filled - Part 4b - END

God, this is perfect. Funny and brilliant. XD

Re: Filled - Part 4b - END

LOL. That is exactly how I picture Sherlock would react in a compromising situation. A+.

Re: Filled - Part 2

Loved this!

Not roughly, you understand, it’s not like starting a lawnmower–’

Have you seen the movie "Choke"? They had a line just like this in it!

Not roughly, you understand, it’s not like starting a lawnmower–’ Thank you, Sherlock, for that comparison.


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