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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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prompting: part iii
Giggles at the Palace
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Erogenous Zone Discovery

I'd like to see John and Sherlock accidentally find each other's erogenous zones, I was hoping for something uncommon (I'd prefer ears, neck, hips, etc. but pretty much whatever you find easiest to work with). And not realizing the effect it's having on the opposite person until things have gone too far.

Maybe Sherlock deduces John's most sensitive spots by the way he stands or something. Maybe John is checking Sherlock over for some medical excuse.

Whatever. Please, just....Something!

Re: Erogenous Zone Discovery

Writing this. So writing this. Please someone else fill it, too!

Re: Erogenous Zone Discovery

*Squee* Yay! :3

Multiple fills would make my life. Then create an entirely new life just from the remaining joy, and would make that life as well.
Just so it's out there.

FILLED: Knees and Necks [1/1]


John doesn’t realize it at first. They’ve just returned to the flat after a particularly grueling case, one involving a great deal of running, jumping, and all sorts of physical activity. Adrenaline pumping, he gives Sherlock a sloppy grin and slings his arm around the detective’s neck. He takes the slight shudder and the stiffening of Sherlock’s posture to be a sign that he does not like being touched. It makes sense to John, given Sherlock’s somewhat antisocial nature. So, he is careful to avoid touching the detective.

John’s new policy doesn’t last long, not when Sherlock is in a car accident and stumbles home bleeding from the head. John, who had been watching television in the living room scrambles off the sofa with an exhaled, “Christ!” and is at Sherlock’s side in a second, tilting his head back, checking his pupils. He presses his fingers to the back of Sherlock’s neck as he checks the wound and Sherlock shivers, exhales through his nose.

“What?” asks John, anxiously. “What is it?” Various head wound effects run through his mind, none of them good. Sherlock swallows, adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. When he speaks, his voice is somewhat strained, “Nothing.”


John didn’t intend to fall asleep in the armchair, legs extended out in front of him, but he did. He rouses, sleepy and confused, when he feels something poking the top of his head repeatedly.

“What – Sherlock, stop that!” John looks upwards and nearly gets poked in the eye. Sherlock looks down at him in with what John assumes is the Holmes equivalent of a grin, lips slightly quirked.

“You were talking in your sleep.” John flushes immediately, worries after what he said, but a little too embarrassed to actually ask because knowing Sherlock, he would make up something horrible and humiliating. “Get up. Lestrade rang.”

Sherlock strolls over to John’s legs and, as if to make a point, pokes at the back of one John’s knees with the toe of his boot. A wholly unexpected shiver rolls down John’s spine and settles somewhere low in his stomach. He flushes again when he finds Sherlock staring at him like an experiment.


Sherlock seems to make it his life mission to assault John’s knees. John makes a point of avoiding sitting near Sherlock because the detective will find some excuse to leave a lingering touch on the doctor’s leg joint. John wonders if Sherlock realizes what he is doing or if he thinks he is just studying something. Either way, John lives in terror of his roommate actively trying to touch one of his “spots” and so, after the fifth time, John decides that two can play at this game.

When John leaves for work the next morning, he passes by Sherlock, who is standing at the kitchen counter, leaning over some bizarrely colored liquid in a clear jar. John likes to think of himself as sexual ninja as he brushes past Sherlock’s back, the rough palm of his hand sliding over the back of Sherlock’s neck, just above the collar of his shirt, before he leaves the kitchen. To John’s credit, Sherlock’s entire back snaps straight and he nearly drops the jar of liquid.


Starting from that point on, it is war. Sherlock suddenly becomes “clumsy,” often tripping and grasping onto John’s legs for support. In turn, John often insists on inspecting the healing cut at Sherlock’s hairline, three of his fingers pressed to the back of Sherlock’s neck the entire time.

It gets to the point that John starts taking more showers so he can get a little alone time and deal with his frustration. It doesn’t occur to him that maybe it’s a little weird, what he and Sherlock are doing, nor does he realize it when instead of wanting to avoid Sherlock’s touches, he starts to look forward to them.


John wakes one night to the feel of lips pressed to the back of his knee. Lips and tongue mouth at that little patch of skin as John regains consciousness and quickly fists his hands into the sheets. He is on his stomach and doesn’t have to turn his head to know that Sherlock is sitting by his feet. John arches his back, lets out a soft moan.

“I do believe,” Sherlock’s voice comes from somewhere down by his legs. “that I have won.”

Re: FILLED: Knees and Necks [1/1]

Love this <3

Re: FILLED: Knees and Necks [1/1]

that was godly!

Re: FILLED: Knees and Necks [1/1]


Re: FILLED: Knees and Necks [1/1]

OP here. This is the first prompt I have ever had filled. I`m wondering now if it always makes you feel this gooey inside, or it's just your fanfuckingtastic writing.

I love you XD So much.

Thank you thank you thank you.

It's perfect!

Re: FILLED: Knees and Necks [1/1]

So awesome! <3

Re: FILLED: Knees and Necks [1/1]

this fic...it isn't fair!! BOTH those spots are very sensitive on me!!

Re: FILLED: Knees and Necks [1/1]


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