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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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Sherlock screencaps.

John 'Three Continents' Watson. Jealous Sherlock. Possible John/Sherlock endgame.

Can we have more of John justifying his nickname? Women of all ages, including toddlers and old ladies, adore him. He even manages to have a nice talk and charm that chip and pin machine in Tesco. "She" just wants him to come back again and probably gives him groceries for free to the Tesco's staff shock.

When Sherlock and he are on a case, female witnesses are much more likely to open up to John; some flirt and gladly give him their phone numbers. Female victims find comfort in John. And so on, and so on.

Sherlock is jealous, because he's in love with John, and he's upset, because John won't treat him the way he treats all those women, just because Sherlock's gender is different. He wants to be courted and looked at the same way.

Whether his wish comes true or not is entirely up to you. :)

Crossover: James Bond, Molly is M’s daughter/niece


Either Pre or start of Casino Royal with Dench!M (Though could do Post Skyfall with Fiennes!M if want) the first time Bond breaks into M’s home he meets Molly their daughter or niece.
Molly has a ‘If everything goes to hell trust only people on this list’ list that he is on from M, and/or a calm/accepting if ‘he wants me dead/intends harm nothing I can do about it’ calmly offers him tea or coffee.
And there starts a very strange amenable or unfriendly acquaintanceship (with some tentative trust) fillers choice.

+ Officially and unofficially Molly is the go to person when death and mayhem of super-secret spying needs more than a KIA, a fix it, or something special set up.
Things like she was the one to work out how to fake Sherlock’s death, cleared Bond of (unsanctioned) murders in Quantum of Solace, helped Mycroft acquire bodies for ‘The Plane of the Dead’ etc. Barts is where she works day to day and where a civilian is the next of kin.

++ Molly has been pretending to be an infatuated and vapid fangirl so Sherlock (and others) avoid asking for help unless he really needs it and not it’s just when bored (or easier), Bond sees right through it.

Mycroft centric, Rules of Engagement dialogue inspired

‘Jenifer: “I smelled donuts”
Adam: “But I hid the screwdriver”
Jenifer: “Used my hands,”
Adam: “My God, you are a bear”’
‘The Third Wheel, Rules of Engagement’

Asking for same similar scene with Mycroft going on a diet Athena, Molly, Lestrade, John Mary etc. *not heeding Sherlock, getting their locked cabinets and draws literally getting ripped open to get to their snacks.
*Bonus is Sherlock has gone through this before super plus for he deliberately sets Mycroft up with embarrassing and difficult traps

Because I mis-read the previous prompt

Metric Mycroft: Ruler of England.

He really, really can't stand imperial measurements and Sherlock loves littering his speech/email/texts with them.

Mycroft: 5 times Mycroft had to deny Sherlock was alive

Mycroft: 5 times Mycroft had to deny Sherlock was alive

Mycroft/Sherlock: I will take over the world to protect what is mine

Mycroft realises the only way to truly protect Sherlock is to become the most powerful person in the country. And thus his career begins.

Mycroft and Sherlock swap bodies and have to do each other’s jobs/ live each other’s lives.

Sherlock/Mycroft: How long can we pretend this is only about resentment?

History of Mycroft and Sherlock and what brought them to where they are. The events that caused them to learn that feigning resentment was the only way to keep each other safe.

Re: Sherlock/Mycroft: How long can we pretend this is only about resentment?

You're more likely to get a fill for a prompt if you space out your prompts and not putting people off by spamming the post.

Re: Sherlock/Mycroft: How long can we pretend this is only about resentment?

I fill prompts sometimes and I see nothing wrong here. It doesn't "put" me "off" at all. Also, I'm sure anon OPs do the same thing pretty often. You, however, seem a bit rude to me.

Re: Sherlock/Mycroft: How long can we pretend this is only about resentment?

My apologies. I didn't realise that was the etiquette here. I'm used to comment ficathons where the norm is that people post three or four prompts at once, but I should have checked that this was the case here also before posting. I didn't mean to spam.

Irene and Molly are sisters, or Moriarty and Molly are siblings

Exactly what the subject line says in either a Full/Half/Step/Foster and either Molly and Irene or Molly and James are siblings

Would actually have done this as separate prompts if bonuses were not the same hope any potential fillers aren’t put off.
> They have a Mycroft Sherlock like relationship, whatever filler anon’s interpretation of that complicated mess is.
>> Molly is the smart one and like Mycroft prefers to be looked over and avoids legwork

extreme reaction to declaration of love

John tells Sherlock he loves him. Sherlock at first doesn't believe it and thinks John must be making fun of him, and when John finally convinces him, he has a sort of panic attack because it's such a shock for him. Cue lots of comfort and reassurance from John, who's heartbroken that Sherlock thinks himself so unlovable.

John/Sherlock. BDSM. Desperation, Enemas. Dom!John, Sub!Sherlock

Sherlock has done something "a bit no good" at all. Maybe he was rude to Mrs Hudson, maybe during one of their cases he was unnecessarily rude to a witness/a victim's family/anybody else, or maybe he has put his life to an unnecessary risk, tried to take a dubious substance, was craving drugs. Anything, really, even if it's all of above.

John, as his Dom, has no choice but punish him.

He strips Sherlock naked and gives him an enema (bonus if the water is warm and very soapy, to make the urge and discomfort stronger). When it seems Sherlock's body can't take any more water into his bum and it's just too much, John plugs it with a butt plug to keep the water inside. Apart from that, he makes Sherlock drink a lot of water. John allows him to take a break when he gets nauseous, but still makes him drink more and more.

Very soon Sherlock really needs to pee. His bum is extremely full as well, his stomach feels like it's about to burst, but, despite the begging, John doesn't let him use the loo, as a punishment. Crying is okay.

Maybe Sherlock can't take it any longer and pees himself, so John has to repeat the whole thing once more. If Sherlock finds it hard to swallow water after some time, John uses a nasogastric tube (which doesn't mean he has to be violent. He's a doctor, he knows how to do things like that carefully).

Aftercare would be great. Maybe, once Sherlock is better after relieving himself, when John finally allows him to, and resting, he gets rewarded with sex.

It can be a BDSM-Verse, where everybody is either a Dom or a Sub, or it's just between the two of them.

Re: Because I mis-read the previous prompt

Miss-reads, the only thing more inspiring for prompts are miss-prompts.


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