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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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Cracks in the ice- mycroft whump, possibly noncon?

Reeds bend in a storm, trees break- and ice cracks.

Someone (Moriarty?) has taken Mycroft prisoner. Their shameless mistreatment of him eventually causes Mycroft to break- he's unable to hide how uncomfortable he is, possibly even trying futilely to turn away or get them off him despite knowing it won't work. They mock him for reacting and rub it in his face.

+ if next time Mycroft sees Sherlock afterwards, Sherlock can tell he's shaken and is frightened by that.

Re: Cracks in the ice- mycroft whump, possibly noncon?

I would read the fuck out of this.

Mycroft says 'That's it!'. I think he's getting frustrated with the prompts calling for him to be tortured and raped...


So, taking into account Sherlock's incredible mind, I am surprised this isn't canon. Sherlock has sporadic somnambulism, especially when working cases. Add that to the list of poor eating/sleeping habits of his will you.

+ Bonus points if no one knows about it, Sherlock included.

++ Extra bonus points if John freaks out when he finds Sherlock walking around/making experiments while asleep (as if he wasn't a hazardous enough roommate, he has to work on experiments while sleeping!) But, seriously, real sleepwalking is very freaky.

Established relationship or not, your call - I just want John taking care of Sherlock.

+++ And if they end up sleeping in the same bed, all the better!


I have had this little nugget in my head for a good bit with no way to get it out. I would be forever grateful to anyone who could make this work. I want fluff, romance, light angst is okay, but I'm looking for all about the love in this and a bit of how they make it work, if you can manage.

You choose the character combination, though my OT3 will always be SH/JW/GL.


And which character has which identity

Panromantic Asexual
Genderfluid Pansexual
Transgender Bisexual

And if you want a bit of Holmescest, or however that's typed, then go right ahead. I'm not picky, I just can't write worth a damn and have been craving this for a good long bit.

Thanks in advance,
DontUnderestimateMe on AO3

This Might Get Confusing...

I have an obsession with Ouran High School Host Club, or OHSHC. I want teenlock John/Sherlock with Moriarty, Moran, and Adler in place of Lobelia's Zuka Club, Sherlock as Kyoya, John as Haruhi only no falling in love with Tamaki, obviously. All other characters are up to the author. Oh, and, in case you didn't get that, Moriarty does have a tendency to kidnap John to get under Sherlock's skin.

Bonus for figuring out a way to have Lestrolly as Mori and Hani.

Re: This Might Get Confusing...

Forgot to add this...

Thanks a bunch,
DontUnderestimateMe on AO3


Oh just yknow, give me some lovely fic.

Sherlock being an obedient servant to whatever John orders, cleaning his muddy boots with polish or his tongue while John watches, bathing John in smelling salts, washing John's feet, bandaging his injuries if he has any, maybe being a little fussy about "his"? John.

Bonuses for tender lovemaking in John's tent/soldier's quarters and Sherlock not caring if people can hear outside.

Boar wartime preferred but I'll take modern time Afghanistan AU if you want.

Mycroft says "sky's the limit".
(I'd prefer if this wasn't hardcore BDSM but if you have to write that, do it.)


Moriarty decides to try to catch Sherlock's attention by offing someone Sherlock hates for him- but upon seeing, and then speaking to, Anderson he realizes he actually quite likes him. Instead of killing him, he asks him out.

(After all, if moriarty is sherlock's opposite, wouldn't he perhaps like someone who sherlock dislikes? And vice versa.)

H/C MorMor, noncon tw

Moriarty spends 6 weeks in jail, in canon. He's also screwed over a lot of criminals and likely made enemies. Combined with his slight build and pretty face, well....

Before going to find Sherlock, the first place Moriarty goes on getting out of prison is to Sebastien. Sebastien helps comfort him / helps him feel safe again after his experiences in prison.

(captcha says 'NO MEANS NO'- that seems fitting. Poor Moriarty.)

Sheriarty - Sadist!Sherlock with a guilty conscience

Sherlock has some desires he's embarassed to admit. He certainly can't share them with his John. Moriarty, being observant, has figured this out and uses it to taunt Sherlock through text. He lures Sherlock into accepting him as the outlet for those desires, first through sexting, then phone calls, and at last in person. Perhaps this is what Moriarty meant when he threatened to burn the heart out of him- Sherlock is convinced if John knew, he would never look at him the same again.

+ If Sherlock doesn't care about humiliation etc, disappointing Moriarty, who loves that sort of play, but is faced with a Sherlock who just likes inflicting pain.
+ If John would indeed be horrified or otherwise unwilling to accept Sherlock's extreme kink.
++++++ If Mycroft is somehow part of the solution / gets Sherlock out of MOriarty's clutches.

I Need A Reason To Cry

I need angst-ridden, tear-jerker, crush my heart sadness. John/Sherlock songfic...

Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most

Sherlock POV based around their time in the lab just before The Fall and can go into his time away or even into The Return when Sherlock realizes that he's lost any chance he may have had with John now that Mary is in the picture.

Bonus points for happily ever after if you can finagle it in there, but I want to hurt before I feel better.

Sherlock/Mycroft, painplay

I need this like burning. And come on, it's basically canon- the scene in TEH which Mycroft watches Sherlock getting beaten with a lot more enjoyment than he should, and the scene in HLV when Sherlock shoves Mycroft up against a wall and twists his arm behind his back. Guh.

Give me anything with the two of them engaging in pain play. I don't care if one or both is the hurt-er or the hurt-ee or both.

+ if Mycroft is the one taking the worst of it, because his wince while he tries to be stoic in canon was just. oh my god.
++ Sherlock likes to inflict damage personally, with his own hands, while Mycroft prefers to have someone else do it so he can watch (3some maybe, if Mycroft wants someone else to be the one causing Sherlock pain?)
+++++ If this is what gets them off, so there's no actual sex involved.

John/Mycroft - danger

John is turned on by danger. Mycroft is a very dangerous man.

And, as it turns out, one who is glad to help John explore some less vanilla ideas, and pulls him into a world of kink John could never have imagined.

CAM/Mycroft - the best laid plans, noncon tw

Magnussen's plan to tear down Mycroft's control and feeling of security and own him doesn't go as planned. He does succeed in essentially taking Mycroft hostage (perhaps by threatening/having evidence that could harm Sherlock?). And he does leverage his advantage to force Mycroft to have sex with him. But despite his best efforts to use all the information he has on the man, to try to tear him down with carefully chosen comments or with how he touches him, it doesn't work. Mycroft is able to turn the tables, and it's Magnussen who walks away from the encounter shaken. They don't call Mycroft the Iceman for nothing.

+ If Magnussen thinks that being gentle and requiring Mycroft to participate actively will be what breaks him down- and it doesn't at all
++ If Mycroft actually is a bit shaken as well, but able not to express it until Magnussen leaves

Re: CAM/Mycroft - the best laid plans, noncon tw


noncon warning

Sherlock and Mycroft seem to have a sort of banter/competition going on, but Sherlock looked genuinely upset in TEH when he accused Mycroft of enjoying seeing him being whipped and tortured. So while Sherlock's certainly resilient, maybe the idea that someone who cares for and is supposed to protect him might enjoy seeing him in unwanted, unconsensual pain, is very hard to deal with.

Unfortunately for Sherlock, he's held captive by another baddie, with Mycroft present/a captive as well if you'd like. Either way, this time the torture goes beyond physical abuse, and if Sherlock felt upset/embarassed before,he now feels entirely helpless/betrayed.

Up to you if Mycroft was unable to help / a prisoner, or if he's Dark!Evil!Mycroft and was in on it / set Sherlock up for this.

Mycroft is literally an iceman- cracky prompt

Mycroft has ice powers, literal ones. Think Elsa from Frozen powers. And the rift between him and Sherlock? Has a lot to do with what Myrcroft had to do to keep his powers secret/unseen by Sherlock after an accident with them nearly killed his younger brother.

OT3 How It Works

Any three of these characters


with author pic on who identifies as one of these three

Panromantic Asexual
Transgender Bisexual

Re: OT3 How It Works

what would be interesting is sherlock/john/mary where mary is pansexual, sherlock in panromantic asexual and john is transgender ftm bisexual so john and mary get married, sherlock offers sperm for artificial insemination and that's how mary winds up pregnant and they all three love each other to bits n pieces and it just works for them.

Re: OT3 How It Works (Anonymous) Expand

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