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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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Omegaverse or D/s - discrimination

Sherlock is an omega / sub. He has accepted it and doesn't hate his gender but he does hate how people view his gender (as inferior, as breeding machines) . He knows quiet a few omegas in high positions, that managed to hide their omeganess somehow, or that are openly omega but are trying to get their foot in the door in whatever school/career/"anti-omega" life style they want.

He takes pill to stop smelling like an omega and to stop his heats. He is doing fine at his age but suddenly omega pills are banned. All documents on how to make them destroyed. All labs that made them destroyed. He can't find them anywhere. He would know; he goes through drastic lengths to find them. He tries making his own but they keep not working out or causing side effects and John bans him from trying to do so at home (due to the huge health risks) and Bart's is being monitored because it is believed a pill-sympathizer works there...

Mycroft is NOT helping matters . Though he has never actively stopped Sherlock from pursuing his goals he has made it clear his position on what is and is not appropriate for an omega like him. So, after throwing money at corporations to not stop production (and it not working) he feels that his job as a big brother is complete and starts to try 'fencing in Sherlock' now that he is older and hasn't "shaped up." So, what does Sherlock do? He goes to the dark side, of course.

This could mean several things: He joins an omega resistance group, he decides to join omega- Moriarty because the society he has tried to be in has pretty much gone to shit and at least Jim is doing something about it unlike Mycroft, he moves out of Mycroft's sphere of influence but continues being himself etc.

+10 Regardless of what happens Alpha!John joins him . Sherlock is reluctant to drag him along but gets over it.

+100 Sherlock is a Dom omega or a Dominate submissive. As in he likes being cared for, likes listening to orders, but he also likes "topping from the bottom" so to speak (he likes being in control of the situation even if that situation is him being ordered around).

Re: Omegaverse or D/s - discrimination

Op would like to add: I would rather Mycroft not be dark or a villian. He genuinely thinks he is doing right by Sherlock (even though he isn't). Sherlock meanwhile has no clue where this came from since their parent's were pretty progressive.

John is more than a bit 'not good' and Sherlock struggles to help

John did something incredibly stupid, reckless, andor horrible in his youth or a few years before meeting Sherlock (or while Sherlock was 'away'). Like very very not good thing.

It's coming back to bite him quiet badly.

Sherlock is now fighting against morals he DOES in fact have and the fact that John is now obviously a good man . He does want to help his friend, is planning on it, can't stand to see John arrested but at the same time...he isn't as amoral as he thinks he is and he can't help but think John deserves it.

+ If it isn't rape.

++ Whatever John did was actually done in order to try to *fix* something else he did. Like due to guilt for doing X he did Y.

+++Mycroft straight up tells Sherlock he can either help or not depending on what Sherlock chooses. But that John will now be under heavy scrutiny via Mycroft and his men.

Re: John is more than a bit 'not good' and Sherlock struggles to help


Johnlock, reused engagement ring

Sherlock proposes to John using the ring he bought for Janine in His Last Vow. Sherlock does not understand why John is upset with him.
Can be S3-compliant or not, I don't mind.

Re: Johnlock, reused engagement ring

Sherlock fiddled with the box in his hands as he patiently waited for John to finish in the bathroom. Sherlock had set up a candle lit dinner, well, it had a candle and a slightly burnt Pasta Bake, but it was the thought that counted.
Sherlock wasn’t sure why he was getting so worked up, it was only a question. If he had been asked a year ago if he would ever ask anyone ‘The Question’ he would have argued that Love Is a Chemical Defect Found on the Losing Side.
“And what’s all this?” John asked, ruffling his hair with a towel as he walked in the kitchen area. Sherlock quickly hid the box back in his trouser pocket.
“I decided to cook us some food.” Sherlock replied, almost stuttering, Dam Nerves.
John eyed the food suspiciously as he came and sat down across from Sherlock, worried it might just be poisoned.
They both ate the, unpoised, dinner while they chatted about current affairs with the both of them. Once done Sherlock got up and took Johns plate over to the sink. What John wasn’t expecting was, on the way back to his seat, for Sherlock to crouch down onto one knee. John’s heart suddenly felt like it was in his chest.

Sherlock/Skyfall crossover

In which Q is a Holmes brother and at one point or another John's shagged with all of the Holmes boys.
Cos while I love Bond/Watson fics, it'd be interesting to see a John/Q for once.
Kudos for Johnlock ending. And that Sherlock becomes incredibly jealous of his brothers.


Basically everyone in the series has some sort of superpower mutation. They use it to fight crimes/commit crimes/govern the UK/try to get into others' pants.
Kudos for:
- crack/humour.
- unexpected mutations (cos telepathy on the Holmes or Moriarty is kind of bland).
- Johnlock ending, with either one of them has a kink for the other's mutation.

This is definitely intruiging. I might fill it, though I have some headcanon's with Moriarty-

He doesn't have telepathy per se, but it's..mind control in a way. Just a touch, or a look in his eyes to someone and their his slave? He's done this to Moran.

For Sherlock though, I see a really interesting mutation. I think he'd be a shape shifter, or something like that. An Illusionist, or maybe he actually does turn into other things.

John is going to be a bit harder but eh. I feel like Mycroft would be like a water bender or something, idk. But I have ideas.

Starring John Watson as a Scottish Terrier

John was turned into a Scottish Terrier for some reasons, although he still had the intelligence and memory of himself as a man. Sherlock had no idea how to take care of a dog and tended to mess things up at first, or forget that John was no longer in human form. John just gave him suffered/frustrated looks at these times.
Extra ideas:
- Taking care of John becomes too much of a responsibility for Sherlock and he gave John up after a while (John went to live with Harry?). He deeply regretted it after a while.
- John's life became endangered.
- John teased Sherlock mercilessly after he got his human form back, but smiled fondly at him all the while anyway.
- Anthea thought that terrier!John was super adorable and wanted to keep him for herself. Sherlock got all possessive.

bad bad John

John was actually the mastermind behind Moriarty's work all this time. He started the work ages before meeting Sherlock and rooming up with him was just a coincidence. Moriarty is either his most trusted second-in-command or his 'business' partner. Remember that swimming pool scene? It was a double-double cross with Moriarty happily playing his role while covering for John. After the Great Game event Sherlock still had no idea about John's identity.

Ending's totally up to the writer, make it comedic or angst or fluffy, as you will. Mild Johnriarty is great though my OTP is Johnlock.

Re: bad bad John

I second this so badly...

Also, am I the only one that gets a kick out of John/Moriarty being called JIMMY JOHN

Character's Death. Heavy Angst.

When Sherlock comes back from his time away, he learns that John is in hospital. He goes to visit him, intending to cheer him up and tell him that he's alive.

John never says anything. Sherlock is next to his bed, trying to explain whet has happened, but, now that he's back, they can live and have cases together again! And everything's going to be fine, right? Meanwhile, John stops blinking, his eyes never leave Sherlock. And it takes a while for Sherlock to realise that John is dead.

Maybe it wasn't supposed to happen and doctors were sure John was going to get well. He just had to get him medication and stay calm, i.e. not stressed.

Bonus for Sherlock in denial, trying to wake John up. And then, either he breaks down right there and then or quietly goes catatonic (and maybe never snaps out of it).

Drug use, mental institutions... Everything goes.

Or Maybe Mary (if Mary is in the picture) finds him later in 221B and he just lets her kill him.

Bonus points if Sherlock was in love with John (but I prefer no established relationship before Sherlock's fake suicide) and Sherlock survived his time away thanks to that love and hope to come back to John.

Re: Character's Death. Heavy Angst.

Yes please!

John/Sherlock, John/Mary. A/B/O verse. Preg and MPreg. Both Mary and Sherlock are pregnant.

Alpha!John, Beta!Mary, Omega!Sherlock.

Please, I really want both Mary and Sherlock pregnant with John's children at the same time. In Sherlock's case it probably has something to do with that stag night (bonus points for virgin!Sherlock). ;)

He's been hiding his pregnancy for some time, but, eventually, Mary learns about it. And now they have to meet and discuss what to do next. The both of them are round and very obviously pregnant when they meet. Bonus if Sherlock is nervous (he's an Omega and maybe Omega rights suck when it comes to an unbonded, pregnant one, or maybe he already knows about Mary's dark past).

The outcome is up to you. Either Mary agrees that John should spend an equal amount of time with both families (maybe she doesn't want Sherlock and his child in her home anymore, but she wants John to be happy and knows that he wants to support both families and is in love with both her and Sherlock), or... I don't mind dark!Mary, who seemingly agrees to all compromises, whilst secretly planning to poison Sherlock to cause miscarriage (or even kill him to end their rivalry altogether).

Re: John/Sherlock, John/Mary. A/B/O verse. Preg and MPreg. Both Mary and Sherlock are pregnant.


You aren't my brother-Mycroft and Sherlock (and family)


Turns out one of the Holmes boys is not actually a Holmes. Mycroft drops all protection/guards/'sponsorship' to Sherlock because he (either Mycroft or Sherlock) are no longer related in a brotherly way.

Expansion or prompt:
Basically, somehow Sherlock and Mycroft discover that one of them are not Holmes. If Mycroft isn't a Holmes he starts distancing himself from the family and tries to find his bio family (or to know more about them if they were the ones to track him down). He tells Sherlock he has x number of days to arrange for the protection of his parents/other relatives if he wants them to be protected before he cuts them off as well. If Sherlock then Mycroft does him the 'favor' of finding his bio family before no longer helping to bail him out. Of course, this doesn't mean Mycroft's parents (or his technically adoptive parents, if that's where you are heading) are happy and agreeable. The could very well agree or they could make it very clear they view them both as siblings and sons and try to shower them all with attention.

Mycroft ...why is he doing this? I will leave that up to the author if someone decides to fill. It could be he genuinely doesn't want to attach himself to 'not-family' or it could be done because he knows its a lie and a trap. Or maybe he is lashing out because he feels his whole world has tilted and it's a very stressful time. You could throw in other things like omegaverse, magic or what have you to offer more explanations.

Bonus: He eventually comes to his senses and realizes he has made a mistake.

Bonus: Sherlock is grown up. He may act like a five year old and throw epic tantrums but he is a grown up. He doesn't fall apart the minute Mycroft is no longer there but he does begin to realize life is SO much easier with a big brother.

Bonus: This all happens post-BBC Sherlock and is why Sherlock is so pissy at Mycroft all the time. And why Mycroft can be overbearing sometimes (he's making up for it).

Bonus: Sherlock is still labeled a person of interest but now this is harming more than helping.

Midsummer Night’s Dream/Sherlock Fusion

That’s it would just like to see this Shakespearian play done with Sherlock characters.
No incest or Mpreg

Bonus aka Ignore if want
* Not asking to avoid but bit iffy with John/Sherlock, even gender-switched love the bromance too much. (Same thing Star Trek: TOS Kirk and Spock)
*Mycroft in Oberon’s role or one of the four.
*Super plus: Mycroft/Molly is favourite pairing but also like Mycroft with Athena or Lestrade.


Write a short fill set in your hometown. It can be AU, or they can be there on a case, or whatever you please.

Mission in Eastern Europe [FILL] [1/2]

I swear, I've meant for it to be a drabble. But then I couldn't decide which one of the town I've lived in counts as my hometown, so...

> Mission in Eastern Europe < (The AU in which Moriarty didn't show up and Sherlock had to go for the mission MI6 offered him. And which, basing on the map Mycroft was looking at, clearly took place in Poland.)

He spent two months in Warsaw, finding data, figuring out who works with whom, who actually means anything and who is just a loudly barking political equivalent of an angry Chihuahua. Dreadful and boring beyond his wildest nightmares. How Mycroft could survive this sort of drivel daily and not turn into a giant pile of rotten mash was inconceivable. Oh, that's right, he couldn’t.

A month laying low in a small village right outside the city limits. He couldn't be bothered to pronounce its name and it was probably better than in translation from what he could guess, based on the few words he picked up until then. He lived in an abandoned summer house.

People nearby knew, there was no way to hid from them. He paid them regularly to stay quiet and bring him food. It’s been hard to get across what he wanted, but they finally understood and agreed. People will agree to a lot for extra source of money, especially in winter.

His closest neighbor was a construction worker, only ever went for unofficial jobs, he had no documents. (A runaway, just like Sherlock.) He had no job during the winter and appreciated every unplanned income, even coming from a strange man, who didn’t speak his language and couldn’t be trusted. He was friendly enough though and his wife cooked well, when she was not too drunk or too busy. They’ve never attacked him to get more of his money, but it was just a matter of time before someone had.

His neighbors didn’t call the police, didn’t run to save him. (People worried about themselves first here.) They did seek out their giant dog on the attackers though.

Sherlock pet the animal slobbering on him happily. It was a stupid dog, but a huge one and surprisingly protective of the man who sometimes killed boredom by braking in on the property to play with it.
He left the next day. His ribs were bruised, his lip cracked, his eye blackened. He gave some money to the family that helped him and they gave him food for the road and an old jacket. It was not the worst deal he ever made.

He should have waited for more data, but there was no time now and he followed a fake lead way up to Gdańsk. He talked easily with the students. Most spoke English fluently and somehow him being British made them think he couldn’t be homeless or dangerous, clearly just a tourist in a pinch of trouble. He stayed with them for over two months, he could gather some information wherever he was and he needed some time to recuperate. He changed houses, slept on the floor of some friendly faces he never have bothered with remembering. At some point he faked his way in between the foreign students on the exchange program and had a room of his own for almost two weeks before anyone noticed. He stole food from the shared fridge like many others and he pretended to get drunk with several different groups. He learned quickly that in a student's house a bottle of vodka could buy him all sort of things. Once he rented a laptop for the weekend.

It was getting warm and he was sure he fooled a lot of people by supposedly following a dead end for so long. He cut and dyed his hair with some eager help from one of the students, he bought and stole some clothes from others and he left quietly. He vaguely wondered how long it took for anyone to notice. And if they had cared enough to do something about it. Exams would’ve been starting soon, so they probably didn’t.

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Re: HOMETOWN MINIFILLS (Anonymous) Expand
Sorry (Anonymous) Expand
Re: HOMETOWN MINIFILLS (Anonymous) Expand


After Jim returns (alive, obviously), Sebastian asks him to change it up one evening and play Richard Brooks for him so he can have his way with the terrified 'actor'. Jim stays in character all the way through.

Re: moriarty/moran

God, I want this so badly.

past non-con, sherlock doesn't understand

Sherlock and John are having a discussion, sex/drugs comes up somehow, and sherlock mentions off-handedly that he dislikes sex and used to get high when he had to have sex. John is shocked- 'had to have sex?'- and has a talk with sherlock about it.

Asexual!sherlock, please

Sherlock admires Mycroft

Sherlock keeps claiming to be a sociopath because ever since he was little he wanted to be like his big brother...even if he'd never admit it


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