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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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Mystrade hurt/comfort, whump

Mycroft and Lestrade are happily married. A serious accident during a case leaves Lestrade temporarily crippled and with amnesia. He has no memory of his relationship with Mycroft but he does remember Sherlock in the early stages of their friendship. The three have to help him through physical therapy plus helping him slowly recover his memory. He does overcome his injury and goes back to normal at some point.

Mystrade hurt/comfort, whump

Mycroft is sent on an assignment by MI6 to work in the field and Lestrade insists he tag along to make sure Mycroft is safe. The assignment involves infiltrating a group involved in arms dealing or something mob related. Somehow, their cover is blown and they end up captured by the target. Their captors want to interrogate Mycroft for information but Lestrade somehow gets them to take him instead. Lestrade is horribly injured and Mycroft knows that they have to escape before the captors decide to off both of them. Mycroft manages to call Sherlock for help before they escape (they figure out they are in the middle of nowhere). They struggle to survive in the forest hiding from the captors who are looking for them. Sherlock and John manage to come in time before Lestrade dies from his injuries and they are taken to the hospital. Mycroft feels guilty about that Lestrade went through because they should have interrogated him instead. Lestrade explains that in his wedding vows, he promised that no harm would ever come to Mycroft as long as he was alive and they were together.

sherlock can't deduce tv

I'm not sure what basis there is for this in canon since I've only really watched S1 so far. But in fic a lot, we see Sherlock spoiling shows by deducing plot twists. But let's be honest, most tv shows are not going to be that dedicated to details, making many deductions pointless (ie the actor will have different calluses than the character should, and that slight wrinkle would be from the actor's home life, not the character's struggles, the fresh pack of cigs are really just a prop error, and so on..)

I imagine that would really annoy Sherlock after a while. To him, many of his deductions being useless would be really frustrating. I mostly want to just see a fic where sherlock gets pissed at a tv show for jumping the shark, or otherwise taking some dramatic turn that he should have been able to figure out, dammit (if only the show writers hadn't just decided to retcon that shit). Alternatively, Sherlock is often thrown off because he keeps thinking only about character motivations instead of considering ratings and writer decisions, and that frequent oversight secretly embarrasses him

Torchwood/Sherlock crossover

Could someone write me something where sherlock and john meet jack and everyone?
+ if jack is johns dad or john knew him already

Re: Torchwood/Sherlock crossover


Captain John Watson, Genetics, and Other Crazy Things
(Join up)

House MD / Sherlock Crossover

Where House is Johns brother, father or other close family relation. After all John knows how to deal with Sherlock's antics, finds him brilliant, and he's a great doctor.

Re: House MD / Sherlock Crossover

YES! This is greatness!

X-Men Crossover

One of the reasons Jim is so good at his job is because he has Gambit as an employee.

Sometimes they also do the sex.

Gen, For once Mycroft's men are actually paying attention while watching Sherlock

Sherlock and John are supposed to be under surveillance yet they always get into all sorts of trouble and have difficulty getting out of it. I'd like the boys to get into said trouble, maybe injured and in the middle of nowhere with no phones and no cctv etc, yet lo and behold there is Mycroft with backup and medical personnel to get them out of whatever trouble.
How do the boys react?

line prompt

please I'd like to see this line used, some how in some way.

"Caption Watson wants to kill you now."

John/Sherlock. A/B/O. Omega!Sherlock, Alpha!John. Someone questions John's gender.

Omegas are discriminated against very harshly, often seen as child-bearers, bed-warmers and property of their Alphas. Sometimes Alphas don't even get punished for rape and forced bonds if they have good enough lawyers.

Sherlock is lucky, because John is nothing like lots of Alphas (maybe they decided to bond partly because of the pressure Sherlock had been under, since he was an Omega without an Alpha, which can be dangerous sometimes, apart from being frowned at. Maybe even Omegas discriminate against other Omegas, who refuse to "follow the rules". But John and Sherlock do love each other and are happy together). John knows how hard it was for Sherlock to decide to enter a relationship with him, let alone bond, and to get used to it. Not only John would never treat Sherlock like his property or force him to get pregnant or anything like that, but John is only happy that his mate keeps solving crimes and doing other things that raise more than one eyebrow. John actually takes part in it, as he always has.

Omegas who do what they want or disobey social norms in any other way are really frowned at, but sometimes people start questioning the strength of their Alphas in that case. Maybe some people think Alphas like that are weak, can't "control their bitch", and it's okay to show disdain towards them.

This is what happens to John and Sherlock. Sherlock is very worried and upset. He's been bullied a lot since childhood, and now John is ridiculed, too. It's because of him his Alpha gets laughed at.

John, however, won't take shit like that from anyone, so he shows exactly how not weak he is and how nobody insults his mate either. If somebody gets seriously hurt in the process, it's okay. It's not against the law for an Alpha to protect his or her Omega, so...

I prefer if those who get hurt aren't from NSY, but people from NSY can learn their lesson from it, too. Maybe they witness it.

Gen - Sherlock Defends Sally (Repost)

Like a complete doofus I went and posted my prompt in the wrong post. Here's to hoping I got the right one this time!

I have seen several prompts and fics depicting Sherlock getting harassed or bullied, and despite her supposed hate of him, Donovan suddenly steps up to defend him. What I want is the reverse:

Sally is getting harassed or put down by someone within Sherlock's vicinity, and Sherlock will not tolerate anyone insulting Sally.

Only he can do that.

If you wanna keep it Gen or maybe pair Sally and Sherlock you may. I am cool with either.

It has been brought to our attention that for much of this meme's history, our conduct has been incredibly speciest. For today, at least, we must throw off the shackles of hegemonic humanity and celebrate the presence of the amazing animals we've often overlooked in our love of this series.

In this spirit, we request that everyone focus their efforts on prompting and providing fanworks that focus on the non-human characters of Sherlock. Rise up mammals, amphibians, reptiles, others, and allies! Vertebrate or invertebrate, cold- or warm-blooded, today is your day!


Just animals? What about plants? I want to see some Sherlock plant fics!


Tell me of the epic love between Redbeard and Bluebell, transcending the barrier of species and the veil of death.

Toby's perspective

I would like a story about Molly's cat, Toby, and his opinions on her misadventures.


Somebody kills people by placing exotic, extremely poisonous snakes into the houses/cars/workplaces of the victims. Sherlock and John decide to investigate.

Bonus: a snake bites Sherlock. John goes into his super-doctor mode to save his life.

Meow. Coo. Grr.

A character (or characters) of your choice can talk to animals. This is sometimes helpful, and sometimes extremely unhelpful.

Re: Meow. Coo. Grr.

Is that why John is so good at controlling Sherlock? (cos all that came to mind when I saw this prompt was Cat!Lock)

I'm so sorry! Not hijacking, just couldn't help it.


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