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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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Crossover: Superlock, gen, Castiel & John friendship, crossover, wingfic

I found his prompt at the SPN k-meme, and I though it was delicious! I think it could really work from a Sherlock perspective. It was never filled, which made me sad...

Bring on the fills!!!!!!!

The premise is simple. John is one of those really special people who can see wings and hear angels' true voices, and it turns out it lets him see a lot about supernatural beings true natures so he found out about the supernatural. And, one day, he meets Castiel and become friends because I really think the most compassionate person in England and the angel of the Lord who gave everything up for humanity could really get along. How he meets Castiel is up to you (maybe he's on Holiday, or the Winchesters are in London for one reason or another).

Sherlock, of course, can't get over why John is acting so weird. (Sherlock and Mycroft, don't know about the Supernatural. Whether they find out, or not, is up to you. Greg, surprisingly, does know. He is a hunter himself, and its one of the many reasons he's John's drinking buddy).

OP suggested a Winchester case-fic, but I think it would work better with a Sherlock case-fic, with Mycroft & Greg thrown in somehow.

You can do any pairing, but I really love John/Mary, just so you know ;) But anything else is fine!

Eventual Mystrade. (Past-non-con)

'Mycroft: Will you rape me now?

Greg: What the hell, Mycroft? No, I'm not going to rape you. Why the hell would I?

Mycroft: Everyone does? I know how this works, Gregory. The bar tender called you to pick me up, and you came. At some point you'll want your payment for taking time out of your life to deal with me. So, if you're trying to lull me into a false sense of security, I'd prefer you not. Just fuck me and go to bed, and I'll be gone by the time you wake up.

Greg: What are you talking about? I came and got you from the bar because that's what friends do. You're going to sleep this off on the couch and then I'll make us breakfast in the morning and you can go on your way. No one is going to be raping anybody!! Jesus Christ!'

^Someone do something with that dialogue, if only so it'll stop going around and around in my head. I want eventual (consenting) Mystrade. (and maybe Greg confronting Sherlock about it, because Sherlock HAS to know what's been happening, right?)
(Yes, Mycroft, you do have miles to go before you sleep...)

Sherlock's Checkered Past; Concerned/Jealous John

Established S/J relationship.

John learns that Sherlock used to turn tricks back in his bad old days, under the sleaziest possible circumstances.

He's caring and worried and sympathetic.

THEN he learns the punchline: Sherlock never needed the money. Not even for drugs. He accepted the cash as part of playing the role, but he always gave it away (to start building up his Homeless Network. To charity. Hell, sometimes he just threw it in the trash). Sherlock did it because he liked anonymous sex and rough trade.

John's pissed that Sherlock would risk his life and health like that for a thrill - even before they met - and on some level he's worried that Sherlock might revert to old habits if John doesn't satisfy him.

He wonders if Sherlock might like a little roleplay along those lines. Sherlock laughs, he doesn't think John can play the role of, well, a john. John proves him wrong.

(I think this calls for rough sex and verbal humiliation, any other kinks are up to you)

Re: Sherlock's Checkered Past; Concerned/Jealous John

sa. HTML fail, I meant the italics to stop at "never" needed the money.

If this is love, I do not want it.

"Mycroft. Is this how you feel when I'm the one taunting death? Because if it is, I'm sorry. I don't like this feeling. It's like the ground has fallen out beneath my feet, and I will never stop falling. It's like there's this lump in my throat that I just can't swallow down no matter how hard I try. It's like smoke is stingy my eyes, they burn so much. It's like... it's like someone has taken a knife, and they've put it through my heart. You were right. Caring isn't an advantage. How am I supposed to think straight when all I can think of is the fact that you nearly died, and I wasn't there and oh, I think I'm going to be sick..."

Someone do something with this, please. I can't get it out of my head.

Re: If this is love, I do not want it.

This really really needs to be filled.

Sub!Sherlock petplay with Dom!John and Dom!Mary

Sherlock sometimes is John and Mary's collared pet who they love to take care of.

Can be just them taking care of Sherlock, bath's and cuddles, or sometimes seeing him mounted when he needs it.

Re: Sub!Sherlock petplay with Dom!John and Dom!Mary

Please! Especially for the mounted part.


John loves Sherlock's tattoos but Sherlock hasn't told him the stories behind each one... till one night John is tracing over them while in bed

can be fluffy, smutty, anything is good

Re: tattoolock

Yes yes, seconded!

Sherlock's On His Own

I was just watching the current West End Les Miserables cast from the Olivier's last year and while watching Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine) sing On My Own I was struck by the idea of Sherlock singing the song after John's wedding.
So any type of Johnlock fic from Sherlock's POV based on the song would be great, the angstier the better in my opinion too! Could end up with the two getting together somehow or leave it with Sherlock by himself. Just as long as Sherlock doesn't die permanently like Eponine! Anything like that would be amazing!

Re: Sherlock's On His Own

YES!! Seconded :D

Sleep Deprivation. Mental Health Issues. Paraphrenia. Dark.

I'm in a desperate need of a dark casefic!

What I'm asking for is Sherlock and John having a long, intriguing case. Problem is Sherlock hasn't slept for a long time. He doesn't even feel the urge to fall asleep any longer. It probably has become a problem before the case anyway. He starts having micro-dreams and hallucinations. He can no longer distinguish delusions from reality. It heavily influences the case, since in his hallucinations Sherlock finds leads and evidence (unusual books, letters, unusual, hidden places) that have nothing to do with reality. Everything is dark and paranoid, please. Bonus for supernatural elements (due to hallucinations only!) and/or conspiracy theories. Maybe he starts suspecting people he knows in being a part of the whole thing (preferably not John) and they unknowingly scare him as he deduces things his hallucinations provide him with.

Of course, Sherlock's demeanour starts worrying John more and more. Others start noticing, too. Sherlock says strange things, talks about things that couldn't have happened, especially given the fact that John has been with him the whole time and never saw crazy things Sherlock tells him about. Maybe Sherlock is terrified and believes that John's memories have been somehow erased and altered, begs John to believe him.

Maybe Mycroft learns about everything as well as Sherlock accuses him of not noticing horrible things recently happening in the world (or just in London).

Eventually, Sherlock gets the help he needs (being paranoid and being Sherlock, he doesn't make it easy for them to get him).

I prefer GEN, but Sherlock can have feelings for John if you wish (or both of them have feelings for each other without a romantic relationship). Protective John, please (is he ever not?).

Re: Sleep Deprivation. Mental Health Issues. Paraphrenia. Dark.

O.O seconding.

Possible John/Sherlock. Masturbation. Embarrassment.

John is on a date with another girlfriend. She wants to spend night with him and he doesn't mind at all. For some reason she can't invite him home (maybe her flat is too far away), so he invites her instead.

When they quietly enter John's room at 221B, they find naked Sherlock in John's bed with a vibrator up his bum, moving it in and out and moaning John's name. When he realises that he's suddenly not alone in the room, he gets just as stunned and shocked as his spectators. And then John's girlfriend bolts away. Sherlock is absolutely mortified (he didn't set up anything) and fails to explain himself. John is embarrassed, angry and... curious.

Re: Possible John/Sherlock. Masturbation. Embarrassment.

I sort of wrote one similar ageeees ago. Not beta'd or anything

gen, mycroft + john being helpful

For whatever reason, the government is in some kind of an uproar and Mycroft basically can't trust any of his normal resources at the moment. He has to hide out somewhere he can't get back stabbed while he sniffs out spies/traitors and gets things sorted out. To everyone's bafflement, he chooses his little brother's place (he probably says it's because hiding with family is so obvious that no one would expect it from him, but it's most likely because he wants to keep a more careful eye now that he's temporarily out of influence and can't stay in the loop anymore).

Sherlock is fairly pissy about it, and if it were up to him Mycroft would have been booted the minute he arrived. Luckily, John is there to smooth things over. Just a fluffy fic of John mediating between the brothers and making Mycroft feel comfortable and at home, since Mycroft would never actually admit how much the loss of power/feelings of usefulness/betrayal affected him. No ships please.

Kid Sherlock post reichenbach?

After the fall, somehow Sherlock needs to be turned into a child in order to survive, and John and Mary unknowingly adopt him while he's under a different name (Maybe he ran away and was put into the system, but he does still have all his memories) and they raise Sherlock. Maybe as he grows older, John sees how much he resembles Sherlock and starts avoiding him a little, and feelings happen

Sherlock's husband is abusive; John is the doctor who treats him

Sherlock is married to someone who physically and emotionally abuses him (Victor, perhaps?). He ends up coming into John's clinic on multiple occasions to be stitched up, although he always claims the injuries were the result of strange science experiments. John wants to help, but he knows Sherlock won't have access to a lot of the normal domestic violence resources because most of the shelters and charities only help women, so he finally gives Sherlock his own number and tells him to call or text anytime if he needs help.

Sherlock does reach out, the next time his husband gets violent, and ends up living with John in John's apartment on Baker Street (which happens to have a spare bedroom?). John slowly helps Sherlock recover his self-esteem, divorce his violent husband, and re-discover his self-worth. Romance preferred but heat level is totally up to the author. (It's possible Sherlock has some sexual hangups as well, or strange expectations about what a partner can/should demand in bed . . .)

Re: Sherlock's husband is abusive; John is the doctor who treats him


Sherlock is high and things John is going to rape him

Maybe on a case, Sherlock is exposed to drugs or whatever. But John is present when the drugs get into Sherlock's system.

At the conclusion of the case (or whatever), John takes Sherlock home. Sherlock is high and struggling against the effects. Once home, John tries to care for Sherlock with the eventual intention of putting Sherlock to bed.

But Sherlock thinks John, like all others who bring him into the bedroom, is going to rape him.

John is less concerned about that and more concerned about the way Sherlock seems to "accept his fate" instead of fighting to preserve his own safety.

Re: Sherlock is high and things John is going to rape him

Oh fuck, seconded

Omegaverse - That time of the month

It's that time of the month for me (TMI, I know, I know) and it's got me thinking - what if in addition to going into heat Omegas also had "periods" of some sort? Doesn't have to be a period exactly. Could be blood. Could be excessive lubrication. Whatever. I just really want to see how the characters deal with this.

I shall love you for a thousand years if you give me Omega!Mycroft PMSing on world leaders.

Mycroft says "do it now!" Clearly he agrees with my prompt.

Sebastian Moran

Hello lovelies! Anon wants to know your headcanons about Sebastian Moran. Longfic, mini fill, art, anything goes! I'm seriously okay with anything—no triggers. He can be anything, any age, any sex, any AU.

I've recently written two Sherlock/Moran stories: Just Staying and Tigers Make Good Pets. Warnings: lots of angst, dark!Sherlock, unnegotiated BDSM, past torture.


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