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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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Gen or Any/John: John's limp isn't entirely psychosomatic [tw: child abuse]

John was abused as a child (alcoholic father/extremely protective of Harry) and at one stage his leg was badly injured. Doctors at the time were concerned he wouldn't be able to walk again without a limp even after multiple surgeries, but he managed to. He just limps from time to time.

Fast track to present day:

Because the injury is so old, Sherlock doesn't recognise the fact that it's not psychosomatic (though recognises that John was abused as a child). One day when John's leg is bad and prevents him from helping out on a case - maybe the murderer/whatever gets past him? Sherlock, caught up in the moment, gets mad and blames John.

John internalises this and worries over it for weeks - far longer than Sherlock is annoyed with him.

Eventual reconciliation please with comfort for John.

If any relationships occur then bottom!John only please.

(Mycroft says: 'catch the man') heh.

Re: Gen or Any/John: John's limp isn't entirely psychosomatic [tw: child abuse]


and I can just imagine the broody anxious-ness would cause John to have to hide the stress-flared limp round Baker street too.

John/Sherlock, John/OMC. Jealous!Sherlock. Angst. Hurt/Comfort.

John meets his army friend. It's a young, pretty man, who absolutely adores his captain and sometimes flirts with him (maybe John saved him in the past, so there's also a hero worship thing). While John is not gay, there are exceptions, so he doesn't mind this sweet young man's attention.

Sherlock is very jealous. He tries using the same tactics he uses to shoo John's girlfriends away, but it doesn't work this time. And if John finally decides to ask the young man on a date, Sherlock is absolutely distraught.

When John learns how much Sherlock (who - surprise! - has got feelings for him) is hurt, he comforts him and maybe chooses him.

John is dead

Sherlock comes back after the fall, only to discover that John has died.

Any or all of the following:

+ Mycroft didn't tell him because he didn't want Sherlock distracted
+ John's death was totally normal - he wasn't being a badass, he was just in an accident or something
+ everyone else (Lestrade/Molly/Mrs. Hudson/etc.) has more or less moved on because it's been a while. They're sympathetic and it's still sad, but they're not grieving anymore.
+ Sherlock's relationship with Mycroft tanks terribly because Sherlock feels Mycroft was totally heartless in not telling him immediately (even if it would have compromised the destruction of Mycroft's web)

[GEN] Any+Any: Non-sexual Ageplay

Character A, after a stressful couple of days, is struggling not to slip into little headspace. As soon as they arrive home they shut themselves into their room, and does what they do to relax (watches cartoons, plays with toys, what ever). Character B barges in on character A, who struggles to explain what they were doing.

John/Sherlock or gen, John's friends become Sherlock's friends

You know those stories with BAMF John where he contacts all his old army friends to help take down Moriarty, and they all have these stories about how awesome he is and how he saved them and they saved him? I enjoy those, but they always seem to have a sort of angsty feel when it comes to Sherlock. It took me a while to work out what bothered me, and ultimately it was that they had an equal claim on John as Sherlock did (or even worse, a greater claim), which is normal and healthy and yet, somehow, sad. Ultimately, I don't enjoy the disconnect between the two halves of John's life.

So, why not a story that connects the two halves of John's life? John's former army buddies show up or are called on or whatever and Sherlock isn't facing a group of rivals...he's meeting a group of Johns. (yes I realize how that sounds. You know what I mean.)

John's friends think Sherlock's brilliant. So maybe they have memories with John that Sherlock doesn't share...Sherlock also has memories they don't share. And if it's slash, and they decide to give Sherlock the Talk, they also give it to John. Because Sherlock is awesome too.

Bonus: Sherlock's friends (i.e. people who like Sherlock and he seems to like in return whatever he calls them) and John's friends meeting each other.

Re: John/Sherlock or gen, John's friends become Sherlock's friends

I second this so hard it hurts!!!!!!

Mycroft becomes what he is for Sherlock. Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Underage, Rape, Drugs, PTSD.

Very young Sherlock gets kidnapped. Maybe one day he just doesn't come back from school. His rich family uses every opportunity and service to find him, to no avail. All they learn is that he was kidnapped by human traffickers.

Meanwhile, teen Mycroft observes the work of the police, detectives, Interpol and other services, and comes to a conclusion that they are just not enough. They never have enough power to do one thing or another, there's always red tape, they need permissions, warrants and such. He's always been ambitious and wanted to become powerful, for which he has skills and is getting a superb education. It's just... now he has to get this power sooner, for Sherlock. He doesn't even know if Sherlock is alive, but he's going to find him, dead or alive, anyway.

So, eventually, when he's adult, he becomes The British Government. With his now barely limited power, one day he finds Sherlock (in Thailand, Turkey, anywhere, really), who's a cheap, junkie prostitute, barely alive already. Sherlock can barely think now, and maybe he doesn't even remember he's ever had any other life, or isn't sure that what he remembers sometimes is real at all. Mycroft takes the broken teen home. Some revenge would be nice, too.

After quite some time in rehab and mental facilities Sherlock slowly becomes what he is. But he suffers from severe PTSD and keeps having attacks even years later. He knows it won't go. Maybe he gets back on drugs a few times, too.

In his mid-thirties he meets John. Eventually, John learns about his past and is very supportive and protective of him. He helps with the attacks and the two become very close (I prefer a platonic relationship between them with some physical closeness, such as kissing and cuddling).

Mycroft is actually glad John is there for Sherlock, because he, Mycroft, can't really give Sherlock this kind of comfort and his help is much more practical.

Sherlock and Mycroft do have their issues, but Sherlock loves Mycroft and is grateful for everything, and Mycroft knows it.

John/Sherlock, ptsd vs. sexual tension

After Sherlock's return he and John get into a big argument. John is very angry and is yelling and crowding Sherlock. At some point John comes to that revelation where he just wants to kiss the living daylights out of Sherlock, so he does. Unfortunately all the yelling just started sending Sherlock into a flashback/panic attack.
Happy endings, though sexytimes not required.

Re: John/Sherlock, ptsd vs. sexual tension


Sherlock meets Boondock Saints

If anyone can make this happen, you win the internet.

Sherlock and John are called to Boston to help track down Connor and Murphy. I'd prefer it if John decides the boys are doing a good thing and Sherlock follows John because, hello... it's John... and it turns sorta Dark!John and Dark!Sherlock, but they only go after criminals. John is a doctor and Sherlock is proficient in a multitude of ways to commit murder and keep the perpetrator unidentifiable, so they start helping out by cleaning up the scenes and maybe John helps with the killing but doesn't really want Sherlock getting involved in that aspect until it can't be helped or something like that...

But really, I just want Sherlock and John being called in to track down Connor and Murphy. That would be awesomesauce. Other than that, everything above is just a vague "here's an idea" type of thing.

Sherlock can't eat. Eating Disorder. Hurt/Comfort.

Sherlock doesn't eat much, but then John notices that Sherlock has stopped eating altogether. As a doctor, John recognises all signs of an eating disorder, so he knows he has to be careful about it. On the one hand, Sherlock insists that he doesn't need help and maybe gets angry, on the other hand he's afraid of getting into a mental facility (maybe it has already happened before).

Sherlock gets thinner and weaker and they both know it's becoming life-threatening. Sherlock knows he needs to eat, but he just can't. He begs John not to let him be locked up in a mental facility.

Since Sherlock can't eat on his own, John suggests another way. And then, with Sherlock's reluctant consent, John starts feeding him via a nasogastric tube, comforting him during the whole process and afterwards, since it's all really hard for Sherlock.

Re: Sherlock can't eat. Eating Disorder. Hurt/Comfort.


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I NEED to find more 'Sherlock has his first orgasm and has his mind blown' stories. Could be young Sherlock or Sherlock as he is now i'm not fussy. Could also be any pairing (Mycroft x Sherlock especially) but i'm open to most!

Thanks x

John/Sherlock. John gets Sherlock as a gift. Slavery AU. Past Rape, Abuse. Trauma.

Slavery is legal. Irene works with slaves. She trains new slaves, not only to please their masters/to-be masters, but also to help slaves survive their new "life", full of abuse and degradation. She also takes care of broken, brutalised and abandoned slaves so they can be somewhat on their feet again (if you can say such a thing about a slave). Maybe they are put to sleep (euthanised) otherwise.

John and Irene have met in the past. Maybe they have studied together at some point. For example, Irene needed a good medical training for her job.

They accidentally meet after John comes back from Afghanistan. John doesn't approve of slavery and therefore isn't very comfortable with Irene's profession, but he's still a gentleman to her. Irene can read people pretty well. She knows that John is a bit lost right now and needs to feel useful and help people again. She knows it makes him feel much better. Saving lives is his vocation. So later, after their encounter, she decides to send him one of the slaves she's currently working with as a gift. Sherlock has been broken by his previous masters and is in need of care, including medical care (maybe he has a disability and won't sell again, so he's to be given away to be euthanised).

John isn't thrilled at first. He, most definitely, doesn't need a slave. But he's the only chance Sherlock has got. John is a kind and caring person, not to mention he's a doctor, and Sherlock needs all of it desperately.

Can be gen or platonic love.

Fill-Lessons 1

warnings: mature content, non-con, m/f, m/m, abuse, slavery, dom/sub (?)

a/n: I'm going anon for this as it's going to have some graphic sexual content, which I've never truly written before and definitely not what's about to come up (fingers crossed I don't embarrass myself out of it) but this scene with Sherlock and Irene as a starting point wouldn't get out of my head, so here I am. If you see anything that anything that needs extra tagging, please let me know and I'll add it to the warnings.

Irene flipped through the papers in her hands as she walked, high heels clicking against the stone floor of the back rooms of her estate where the import cases waited her approval. Right now she was due to look over one of their older buys, a used model on his way towards liquidation, if even half of what the history sheet said about him was true.

ID number 2533065. Age 36. Known aliases William, Sherlock, Scott, and Holmes. Not applicable here, though. Maybe she’d name him Snuffles. The list of owners was long and varied. Some were even missing, leaving gaps of time between them.

She rifled through the files until she found the most important one for this house’s purposes. Sexual history. Like most slaves he was bedded as soon as he reached the legal age of sixteen and continued off and on to warm others’ beds, mostly men but also the odd woman or two, though she noted it usually took a higher cocktail of drugs for a proper performance then.

Stapled to the last page was a doctor’s report, not one related to the main page. It seemed his last owner had the foresight to send his property to get a mental eval.

Sociopath, huh? Irene snorted when she saw the doctor’s credentials. He had absolutely no training with the low class civilization. Snuffles had never even had proper training, which was bound to cause a whole host of personality aberrations.

She shook her head at the stupidity of the multitude of owners who didn’t take proper care of their things. Like dogs, Class 2 humans needed training and discipline-you didn’t just give them orders without properly preparing them to follow through.

Behind her, an assistant took the file and settled it in her arms, pen already poised to make notes. Irene threw open the doors to room 32, where her newest acquisition waited.

Re: Fill-Lessons 1 (Anonymous) Expand
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Holmescest Deduction Battle Kink Thing

Sherlock and Mycroft view sex as a competition between them, the first one to orgasm has less control over their base urges, and therefore weaker. Mycroft isn't used to such energetic actions, and usually is the first to go. Until he utters some deduction on Sherlock, and Sherlock gets turned on by intelligence a lot, and things get heated.

Re: Holmescest Deduction Battle Kink Thing

Ok to take a crack-ish approach to this regarding what they deduce about each other, OP?

Mycroft says .moo shoo pork, and I fully intend to work moo shoo pork into this.

Gen: John and Sherlock are de-aged to about 10 - John is accidentally ignored (past child abuse)

Basically what the title says - John and Sherlock have been de-aged until they're about 10 years old

Everyone accidentally pays more attention to Sherlock - this is partially because he's more attention grabbing (not in a nasty way - just as a precocious child/plus you have to keep an eye or him or he'll be getting into some mischief or other!). Partially it's accidental because everyone was Sherlock's friend first; Mycroft, 'Mummy', Mrs. Hudson. They all instinctively look to Sherlock first. Either of because Sherlock's their relative or Mrs. Hudson still feels indebted to him.

Lestrade, on the other hand, notices precisely how quiet and easy to overlook John is. He's perfectly happy to entertain himself, is proficient in the kitchen; is just generally a very quiet and subdued child. Absolutely never misbehaves, or draws any attention to himself. He's also partially illiterate which doesn't make Sherlock want to spend time with him as he assumes that John is stupid.

Lestrade suspects (correctly) that John was abused and neglected as a child and slowly starts to draw him out of his shell. He begins with little things like reading books aloud as though to himself until eventually John comes down and listens - shocked that someone would spend the time with him. Then he begins to teach him board games and the like. Nice, quiet activities and such which are suited to the quiet child.

Eventually John comes more out of his shell and begins to join Sherlock in his more rambunctious activities.

I don't mind at all if they're re-aged or not. Just want lots of Awesome!Uncle!Lestrade. :)

Thank you!

Re: Gen: John and Sherlock are de-aged to about 10 - John is accidentally ignored (past child abuse)

I need this in my life...

John has to solve cases/puzzles on his own in order to save kidnapped Sherlock. Torture, Mutilation.

Someone (I believe Moriarty would fit perfectly here) decides to play a game with John this time. They kidnap Sherlock, torment him and cut a small body part (a finger or an ear) from him (though they can start with a lock of his hair to warm up). They send it to John with instructions of what he has to solve in order to save Sherlock. It's a game with rounds. Each complete round gets John closer to saving Sherlock. And if he fails, more parts of Sherlock come his way (nothing major, but it's likely fingers, ears, bottles of his blood, torn out fingernails and such).

John is terrified for Sherlock, but goes into his soldier, don't-fuck-with-me, mode. He has to think and investigate a lot, too. He's not Sherlock, but no one expects him to be. John has got his own skills. Mycroft helps him here and there, after deducing that John can't openly involve him, or anybody else for that matter. Sherlock will get killed otherwise. Of course, Mycroft wouldn't abandon his little brother, but he just has to stay very discreet and watch. John is the one in the spotlight here.

The game is incredibly hard, but John wins and saves Sherlock (maybe kills the villain, too; or Mycroft (or his men) does in the end), even though Sherlock has some missing fingers and an ear (or even both ears) and is gravely injured. John takes him to a hospital where he comforts him and somehow takes part in Sherlock's healing as a doctor (or he does it after the hospital, as Sherlock still needs care).

Bonus for clingy Sherlock, who can't bear the idea of being separated from John again. Hurt/Comfort FTW.

Re: John has to solve cases/puzzles on his own in order to save kidnapped Sherlock. Torture, Mutilat

Seconded so hard!!!!!! :-O


Sherlock didn't just go out and blow a load of money on a mega expensive, top quality camera and all the accessories only to use it once for a case in TGG. He already had it in because he used to do photography.

After a lull in cases, he decides to pick it up again. Imagine the experiments he could do with the photo processing!

All I ask for is Gen.


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