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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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John 'Three Continents' Watson. Jealous Sherlock. Possible John/Sherlock endgame.

Can we have more of John justifying his nickname? Women of all ages, including toddlers and old ladies, adore him. He even manages to have a nice talk and charm that chip and pin machine in Tesco. "She" just wants him to come back again and probably gives him groceries for free to the Tesco's staff shock.

When Sherlock and he are on a case, female witnesses are much more likely to open up to John; some flirt and gladly give him their phone numbers. Female victims find comfort in John. And so on, and so on.

Sherlock is jealous, because he's in love with John, and he's upset, because John won't treat him the way he treats all those women, just because Sherlock's gender is different. He wants to be courted and looked at the same way.

Whether his wish comes true or not is entirely up to you. :)

I'll try to fill this, if you're still waiting for one. :>

Re: claiming (Anonymous) Expand

Crossover: James Bond, Molly is M’s daughter/niece


Either Pre or start of Casino Royal with Dench!M (Though could do Post Skyfall with Fiennes!M if want) the first time Bond breaks into M’s home he meets Molly their daughter or niece.
Molly has a ‘If everything goes to hell trust only people on this list’ list that he is on from M, and/or a calm/accepting if ‘he wants me dead/intends harm nothing I can do about it’ calmly offers him tea or coffee.
And there starts a very strange amenable or unfriendly acquaintanceship (with some tentative trust) fillers choice.

+ Officially and unofficially Molly is the go to person when death and mayhem of super-secret spying needs more than a KIA, a fix it, or something special set up.
Things like she was the one to work out how to fake Sherlock’s death, cleared Bond of (unsanctioned) murders in Quantum of Solace, helped Mycroft acquire bodies for ‘The Plane of the Dead’ etc. Barts is where she works day to day and where a civilian is the next of kin.

++ Molly has been pretending to be an infatuated and vapid fangirl so Sherlock (and others) avoid asking for help unless he really needs it and not it’s just when bored (or easier), Bond sees right through it.

Mycroft centric, Rules of Engagement dialogue inspired

‘Jenifer: “I smelled donuts”
Adam: “But I hid the screwdriver”
Jenifer: “Used my hands,”
Adam: “My God, you are a bear”’
‘The Third Wheel, Rules of Engagement’

Asking for same similar scene with Mycroft going on a diet Athena, Molly, Lestrade, John Mary etc. *not heeding Sherlock, getting their locked cabinets and draws literally getting ripped open to get to their snacks.
*Bonus is Sherlock has gone through this before super plus for he deliberately sets Mycroft up with embarrassing and difficult traps

Because I mis-read the previous prompt

Metric Mycroft: Ruler of England.

He really, really can't stand imperial measurements and Sherlock loves littering his speech/email/texts with them.

Re: Because I mis-read the previous prompt

Miss-reads, the only thing more inspiring for prompts are miss-prompts.

Mycroft: 5 times Mycroft had to deny Sherlock was alive

Mycroft: 5 times Mycroft had to deny Sherlock was alive

Re: Mycroft: 5 times Mycroft had to deny Sherlock was alive

This caught my attention..... Will think about this one but no promises....

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Re: Part One (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Part One (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Part One (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft/Sherlock: I will take over the world to protect what is mine

Mycroft realises the only way to truly protect Sherlock is to become the most powerful person in the country. And thus his career begins.

Mycroft and Sherlock swap bodies and have to do each other’s jobs/ live each other’s lives.

Sherlock/Mycroft: How long can we pretend this is only about resentment?

History of Mycroft and Sherlock and what brought them to where they are. The events that caused them to learn that feigning resentment was the only way to keep each other safe.

Re: Sherlock/Mycroft: How long can we pretend this is only about resentment?

You're more likely to get a fill for a prompt if you space out your prompts and not putting people off by spamming the post.

Irene and Molly are sisters, or Moriarty and Molly are siblings

Exactly what the subject line says in either a Full/Half/Step/Foster and either Molly and Irene or Molly and James are siblings

Would actually have done this as separate prompts if bonuses were not the same hope any potential fillers aren’t put off.
> They have a Mycroft Sherlock like relationship, whatever filler anon’s interpretation of that complicated mess is.
>> Molly is the smart one and like Mycroft prefers to be looked over and avoids legwork

Re: Irene and Molly are sisters, or Moriarty and Molly are siblings

Not quite what you asked for but uh. This is what happened! Enjoy anyway, eh?


She's always been the sensible one.

When they were small, she never caught trouble because of the little plots and plans and planted seeds. She could keep her mouth shut and her head ducked, even as she overheard every stupid little secret that rained carelessly out their schoolmates' lips. She kept her counsel to just the two of them, and between whispers they'd find the best plans, planting new versions of old truths and watching to see how they'd grow.

She fancied them sowers, he fancied them reapers, but the difference didn't matter. Not really.

The ending was always the same.

Over the years, the sharp thing that lived in her brother's head had grown and carved out its own place in the world. It was all still playtime, and the seeds he planted sometimes ended on her slab in the morgue. Her domain, where she could slice away evidence in the right places, arrange and add others, watch corruption and misinformation make fools and heroes. Sweet Molly, competent Molly, who no one noticed unless they needed something--that girl could get away with anything.

And while brother-dear played and tried to win the game against Sherlock Holmes, he forgot the long nights of careful whispers, the lay of the land and how she could help. And while he stood on a rooftop and pretended to die, she stood quietly below, waiting to make the exchange, steal Sherlock away from his so-called fall.

Because while Jim was out reaping, sister was sowing, and when Sherlock came to her with his plan, she had been ready and waiting. She gasped and let him sweep her along, but behind her back, she sharpened her scythe. The ending was always the same.

extreme reaction to declaration of love

John tells Sherlock he loves him. Sherlock at first doesn't believe it and thinks John must be making fun of him, and when John finally convinces him, he has a sort of panic attack because it's such a shock for him. Cue lots of comfort and reassurance from John, who's heartbroken that Sherlock thinks himself so unlovable.

Re: extreme reaction to declaration of love

Absolutely seconded!

John/Sherlock. BDSM. Desperation, Enemas. Dom!John, Sub!Sherlock

Sherlock has done something "a bit no good" at all. Maybe he was rude to Mrs Hudson, maybe during one of their cases he was unnecessarily rude to a witness/a victim's family/anybody else, or maybe he has put his life to an unnecessary risk, tried to take a dubious substance, was craving drugs. Anything, really, even if it's all of above.

John, as his Dom, has no choice but punish him.

He strips Sherlock naked and gives him an enema (bonus if the water is warm and very soapy, to make the urge and discomfort stronger). When it seems Sherlock's body can't take any more water into his bum and it's just too much, John plugs it with a butt plug to keep the water inside. Apart from that, he makes Sherlock drink a lot of water. John allows him to take a break when he gets nauseous, but still makes him drink more and more.

Very soon Sherlock really needs to pee. His bum is extremely full as well, his stomach feels like it's about to burst, but, despite the begging, John doesn't let him use the loo, as a punishment. Crying is okay.

Maybe Sherlock can't take it any longer and pees himself, so John has to repeat the whole thing once more. If Sherlock finds it hard to swallow water after some time, John uses a nasogastric tube (which doesn't mean he has to be violent. He's a doctor, he knows how to do things like that carefully).

Aftercare would be great. Maybe, once Sherlock is better after relieving himself, when John finally allows him to, and resting, he gets rewarded with sex.

It can be a BDSM-Verse, where everybody is either a Dom or a Sub, or it's just between the two of them.

Re: John/Sherlock. BDSM. Desperation, Enemas. Dom!John, Sub!Sherlock

God! I would so love to see this filled!! SECONDED!

Janine/Sherlock. Janine has a secret. Trans Character. Possible Dub-Con. Virgin!Sherlock.

The only sex Sherlock has ever had was with Janine's big penis up his arse, usually with her full breasts pressed against his back. She doesn't have sex any other way other than topping. She's also quite dominant and sometimes a little persistent when she wants sex.

Maybe she's not a really dark character, but she likes to take what she wants.

Unrequited John/Sherlock (unrequited on John's part) is very welcome.

Re: Janine/Sherlock. Janine has a secret. Trans Character. Possible Dub-Con. Virgin!Sherlock.

Not a big fan of this pairing but this is unusual and I want this badly!

Sherlock/MCU, Darcy Lewis is Mycroft’s daughter


That’s it do anything, be it crossover between two verses or only a Darcy Lewis like character been Mycroft’s daughter.

Re: Sherlock/MCU, Darcy Lewis is Mycroft’s daughter

This would be so glorious! Mycroft would be fucking furious Darcy keeps getting into trouble of the alien kind!

("don't stop" Mycroft, can you and Greg stop communicating through Captcha? You've gotten me instead of him again.)

Sherlock gets choked (consensually)

Reprompt from last part.

I know I've seen this requested probably a dozen times, but never seen it filled. Anyone? Please?

Basic premise: Sherlock asks to be choked during sex. Whoever his partner is agrees, enthusiastically or reluctantly, idc.

Everything goes as well as can reasonably be expected in such a scenario.

+ hands, scarves, ropes, belts are all fine. please no gagging on someone's cock or cum, though -- that's a lovely kink, but a different one, and it's well represented in the current literature.

+ extra points for descriptions of resultant bruising, hoarseness, etc., but no serious damage.

(yes I know I am going to hell.)

RTMI are much appreciated!

(Mycroft says: Bond, James Bond. Mycroft, you role playing again, bae?)

Re: Sherlock gets choked (consensually)

Yes yes yes yes yes. Seconding very, very hard.

(Mycroft is asking me which from a list is food. He may be having some sort of breakdown)

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Any (or gen)- Forced "breeding" , heavy scrutiny (possible dub/non)

This can be set anywhere including somewhere not in London.

The population is barely holding steady. Society is the exact opposite of overpopulated- there are barely enough people to fill jobs. It is now a requirement to have at least one baby though it doesn't have to be raised by the birth parents. People are encouraged to have more than one every few years or so. Because of this unconventional relationships are widely accepted: often times one person has many different partners, marries more than one person, and they all live together even if they don't love each other. It's more common to find romance/love because of how much it's pushed on people.

At the same time it is now also common to have people dragged out in the middle of the day and taken to facilities when they refuse to have kids by a certain age. Though the person doesn't have to have a child they are stuck there until they do. If not they are heavily monitored and have to 'prove their worth' in other ways.

The only thing I ask: if this turns into omegaverse or D/s there is not a HUGE discrimination between the two or if there is it skews in the omegas or subs favor. I mean if there are barely enough people to keep society running why take out a bunch of people right? It be kinda cool to have Dom or Alpha John too.

Bonus 1: Sherlock and John are one of the few people that haven't had kids at their age. Or when canon happens/when they meet they are younger because not wanting kids/not being ready for kids means they have to push themselves A LOT harder and get A LOT farther in life quicker or risk being detained by officals.

Bonus 2: Them meeting younger changes things. John has more of a temper, if a bad life before there are more signs of it, lets Sherlock boss him around less, etc. Sherlock is much more vulnerable, open, and maybe still on drugs or getting into them. Those around them are different too since their younger.

Bonus 3: MOLLY HAS A HAREM! She's very sweet and she is also smart. She has a harem and is trying to gently, shyly convince Sherlock to join. Meanwhile, her guys/gals are kinda pissed at the fact she showers him with attention and how rude he is.

Bonus 4: Because people often have babies so young kids are often given up to the government. Childless couples are pushed to take care of these kids especially infertile couples, older couples with adult kids/no more kids, and homosexual pairs. Like Clara Harry. In fact, homosexual people are welcomed because that means more parents available!

TLDR; The population is so low that people are forced by authorities to have at least one kid and shamed/monitored heavily if they don't. It's a very fucked up place that our cast of characters are trying to navigate but it also has it's advantages. Sometimes.

lol domestic spying

Re: Any (or gen)- Forced "breeding" , heavy scrutiny (possible dub/non)

One more thing (sorry!!!). Asexual and aromantic people are not ignored. Instead it's though of as a very real disease. Sherlock can choose to either keep up appearances or get into trouble a lot more.


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