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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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Lestrade off the clock

*cuddles the mod*

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a side character as much as I love Lestrade. Could I have some Lestrade loving in the shape of him enjoying his time off from work? Hanging out with the mates (and please give him other friends than Anderson and Donovan :D), doing chores, cooking, napping, what have you.

Plz to be no romance involved.

drug use prompt

Sherlock experiments with taking ecstacy and then John comes home XD

Anthea is injured during a ninja mission because we all know she doesn't just sit there and text all day on holiday and as a result, Mycroft needs a temp.

Enter Donna Noble.

I love your brain, anon. I hope someone writes this.

Sherlock does something stupid, drags Watson into it, and Molly (the shy coroner) has to get them out of it. Mainly because the girl getting some self-confidence would be a God-send.


Seconding this and the prompt above! :DDDDDDDD

Sherlock Holmes has always been his own best lab rat. That is, until John Watson moves in.

(Could be taken as John freaking out at Sherlock testing dangerous things on himself, Sherlock randomly using John as a lab rat without his knowledge, or a combination whereby John is so concerned over the things Sherlock is doing to himself, he offers to let himself be used as a test subject in Sherlock's place.)

Sherlock knows nothing about romance, but thinks maybe he's in love with John. So he watches some romantic movies to get some ideas.

This leads to Sherlock trying out every cliche in the book/on the screen with John, whether they're already in a relationship or he's trying to start one.

Oh my god.

This. This must happen. Dear lord why did I never think of this?!

This. I second this so much :)

John puts up with a lot from Sherlock, he does the shopping and what tidying needs to be done, and he doesn't make messes. So why, then, did he think no one would want him for a flatmate?

Bonus: It has to do with how being in Afghanistan affected him.

discovery of android!sherlock, j/s, robot sex?

was deleted off the last prompt page cuz came in after cutoff

the reason sherlock never eats? he's a highly advanced android. one day he collapses unconscious at baker street (power-saver mode) because he forgot to recharge himself. this sends a help signal to mycroft (he's maker? brother robot? human brother?) but he's busy so he sends a text to john telling him to plug in sherlock. (a plug on his lower back?)

at first this is shocking for john, but then it explains so much: his incredible brain, he doesn't have to sleep etc...

sherlock recovers and is surprise/distraught someone knows his secret. john discovers he still loves him even though he's an android. then sex??? (robots dont have refractory periods?)

A famous magician is in London for one night only. John gets tickets and invites Sarah but she never turns up. Sherlock, of course, appears and invites himself along. He then sits through most of the show telling John how ridiculous it all is and explaining in detail how every trick works. That is, until he gets picked to go on stage.