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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

Sherlock doesn't talk at all for the whole cab-ride home. John doesn't try to make him, too distracted by the dizzying flashes of potential futures. Almost none of them make any sense which means, John thinks as he follows Sherlock up the stairs, that there must a million possible futures spinning off from what happens next. There must be so much depending on the conversation John knows they need to have.

Inside the flat, Sherlock paces around the room, throwing off his coat and refusing to turn on any of the lights. John takes his own coat off and goes into the kitchen. Joe is still singing and there's a shrill harmony coming from the skull. John goes back out into the living room and turns the skull away from the kitchen. The skull stops singing and starts complaining in a nasal tone that grates down John's nerves like an angle grinder. "You're a bloody wanker, you know that?"

John grits his teeth, doesn't answer, doesn't even fucking twitch and goes back into the kitchen instead. Sherlock's gaze drags over him as he moves but it's distracted and god, John can practically see Sherlock repressing emotions and memories and he has to bite his tongue bloody to keep from asking why Sherlock is doing this. He needs more time to plan but watching the façade of Sherlock-bloody-Holmes being rebuilt so fast is leaving him with a sinking feeling that his window of opportunity is being slammed shut.

He doesn't react when the skull calls him a poofter and a tosspot from the mantlepiece. Instead he puts the kettle on and opens the fridge.

"Queer sort, ain't he?" Joe comments, so loud that John's shoulders tense for a moment, irrationally certain that Sherlock will hear him.

"There's no milk, John," Sherlock says, petulant and exasperated, like John is being obtuse on purpose.

"So there isn't," John says calmly, breathing in deeply and he turns back to switch the kettle off. Sherlock's turning on the tv when Joe says "Bit of an arse, really, your boy."

John stops for a second and closes his eyes. The skull sniggers. "Matched set, if you ask me."

No-one did. No-one is going to ask you. John thinks viciously because the fucking news is coming on and the news anchor is telling the world about the 'gas leak' and thinking all the while about how he wants to call his old mum and how he's going to drop into the church across the way at lunch time to say a prayer for the victims and how guiltily relieved he is that it wasn't his mum's block of flats.

Mycroft isn't behind the cover story, not directly. John can see how Mycroft will frown when the report finally crosses his desk. (He's just back from the hospital and this proof that his carefully arranged network failed to detect this threat to his brother in time will drive him into a rage. The underling responsible will be found in the Thames, Cole, Ingrebourne and Brent rivers and no identification will ever be made.)

The news reports are all vague and there's an expert talking knowledgeably about the unreliability of London's gasworks and how Brian Johnson should be ordering commissions to have full inspections. John takes a seat, watching the television but still hyper-aware of Sherlock's ruffled, feline impatience.

"Old block of flats," John points out uselessly because he can't think about Ruth or how satisfied she'd been. He's somewhat surprised to discover that he's still capable of anger, slow and smouldering. Moriarty is going to pay for this, and pay, and pay and pay. (Ruth had been an old woman but the flat underneath had been a family and somewhere in London, Rashid Imhran is being called away from his crappy little desk to be told that his wife of fifteen years and three of their five children were in their flat when the 'gas leak' exploded. He's never going to recover properly and when his eldest daughter is married in December, he'll let himself just slip away one night.)

"Obviously I lost that round," Sherlock says peevishly, stabbing at the remote. "Although technically, I did solve the case."

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

STILL LOVING THIS!!! hee, the nasal-voiced skull and the head in duet and gossiping about Sherlock and John had me laughing. And I loved that John paused, so certain Sherlock would hear them! I wonder what Sherlock made of John turning the skull to face the wall. I loved badass!Mycroft killing of his underlings for failing to protect his brother, too. ♥

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

Poor John is becoming besieged in his own home. John also gives Sherlock entirely too much credit.

Mycroft is not someone you should ever cross, particularly not when his brother is involved.

Thanks for reading and apologies for the delay. Chest infections are evil.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

Even with the comic relief in this section reading this story still leaves me tense.

And I think you're right about Sherlock and the clinical definition of sociopathy. It struck me as a bit of a shortcut in the show and what you're doing here feels closer to the truth.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

We're getting closer (albeit slowly) to the climax so it's only really getting tenser from here.

Sherlock has always struck me as too clever for his own good. I'm really glad this part is ringing true.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

Once again, Mycroft is far scarier than Sherlock. Though I suppose, if you work for Mycroft, you ought to know what you're getting into. It sounds uncomfortably close to what would happen to a Moriarty associate though.

GOD this is good stuff. I do so love the 2 heads becoming chums. And so interesting that the future depends so much on the coming conversation. Makes a lot of sense.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

Mycroft is probably closer (in ACD's stories and in Sherlock) to Moriarty than Sherlock ever was (Personal opinon). He's the centre of the web, he never gets his hands dirty and he always knows how to come out of a sticky situation looking assured and in a better position than he started with.

It's a pivotal point and I'm rapidly wearing a groove in my DVD rewatching it. I'm really glad you're enjoying it.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

Oh so much love for this! :D Really relieved to see more up, I always have this irrational fear with these LJ fills that the comment limit will be hit and I'll NEVER find out what happened :p Looking forward to more, obviously.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

I am absolutely planning to finish this - I actually would be finished but I got sick (winter sucks D:) - if this part of the meme is filled in the meantime, I'll post on the next part until it's done.

Glad you enjoyed.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

I am deeply in love with this series - your John voice is just amazing.

The others are spot-on too, but it's John that blows me away in this.


Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

That is an awesome compliment, thank you so much!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

Holy shit I love this story. Rashid's fate is just heartbreaking. How the blazing did you do that with just a few lines?

Re: Shadows on the Wall 9(/?)

I'm really glad you liked it.

Rashid is 'just' a victim; it's something Sherlock and the show don't show us but poor John with psychic powers gets to remember and acknowledge that 'twelve people' isn't just a number; it's wives and children and families and people who lived and never knew Sherlock Holmes existed and died just to prove a point.

Thanks for reading.

Shadows on the Wall 10(/17?)

The television snaps off and John turns to Sherlock who is staring into the middle distance. It's fascinating, in a 'bad accident on the M1' sort of way to watch Sherlock compartmentalising away Ruth's death.

"He killed the old lady because she started to describe him," Sherlock says thoughtfully. John watches as his eyes brighten with the light of revelation and feels his stomach twist. He turns to watch Sherlock, watches the shadows flickering and darkening around him. "Just once, he put himself in the firing line."

"What d'you mean?" John asks. Yes, of course Moriarty was in Ruth's apartment; John can still remember the disgusted snapshots from Ruth. (How he'd giggled and his shoes had squeaked when he'd bounced on his heels in excitement.)

"Well, usually he ...must stay above it all," Sherlock says, picking up speed and confidence as the connections form and his brain – that brilliant machine that runs like a Rolls engine – kicks into gear. "He organises theses things, but no-one ever has direct contact."

"What, like the Connie Prince murder," John asks as his mind flashes to the furtive gleam in Raoul's eye. Raoul who loved not wisely but too well and who grew up on stories of a great-uncle who had walked into Schirmeck concentration camp with a picture of his lover sewn into the inside of his coat. Raoul had only seen the monster in Connie and he'd killed her but he was a personal assistant, not a member of the SAS. Murder by botox wasn't something he was capable of dreaming up. "He arranged that?"

John gets a shivery feeling down his spine and a sense of something like a huge foul spider's web, organic and messy and everywhere. He can see the shape of it and Sherlock's distracted, focused on the evidence and the effort of peeling away his emotional responses to Ruth (and Rashid and Martha and Mary and....). John can tip his hand, ramble a little because Sherlock's already worked it out. "So, people come to him wanting their crimes fixed up, like booking a holiday?"

"Novel," Sherlock breathes and for a second, just one second, John wants to vomit. There's something so beguiled about the breathless comment and Sherlock's smiling (not with his mouth, that's for witnesses and police officers who don't know better. Sherlock's mouth lies like a candle in a draft flickers. His eyes are smiling, bright and alive and he's halfway to being in love with this Moriarty.)

"Huh," John is numb for few seconds, turning back to the television to hide the sting of his eyes and his face from the nearly-perfect sociopath who's sitting in his best friend (the man John loves because he's never known how to stop loving once he falls, only how to soldier on with the gaping void tucked away under khaki or the white coat)'s skin. They're showing Raoul's arrest and John watches him run for the car, like he can be safe if he finds the right place to hide. (He's not going to make it past the arraignment; Moriarty will be vastly put-out and Joe Downs, the homophobic cellmate will take most of the night to die, pissing himself and begging for a mercy that will never come).

John's last image of Raoul is his face (so young, so very young and so very bloody stupid) and John can taste, thick and clogging his throat, the blood that will fill his lungs and drown him and god, Jesus, no! There has to be something, some clue, some hint that John can give Lestrade. Raoul de Santos doesn't have to die.

The future can be changed. John has to believe that.

Behind him, Sherlock says something. His face settles into a more familiar exasperated expression and John clears his throat, coughing away the lingering feel of blood as he watches Mark Prince stare out the window at the black car. (He knows the number, isn't stupid, isn't blind and somewhere in London, in a blank empty office, a phone that even Mycroft doesn't know exists is ringing and Moriarty's newest voicemail greets him by name...)

John's surge of anger is explosive and he swallows it down. Sherlock owes John nothing; John shouldn't be angry that Sherlock didn't (doesn't ever) see that John is in love with him: that John loves him enough that Sherlock never has to love him back.

He shouldn't be angry but he is.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 10(/17?)

Oh, John.

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