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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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5 times John had to tackle and sit on top of Sherlock for his own good and the 1 time it was for sex.

Alternatively that last one can be switched to Sherlock doing the tackling if you want.

The 'for his own good' should be relatively innocent, like bandaging or lice treatment or applying sunscreen. I'm just picruring Sherlock always trying to get away and John resorting to a flying tackle.

I enjoy every single word of this prompt. Seconded hard...like something really hard, like a brick wall or something!

FILL: Flying tackles! (1/2)


The first time John realised how utterly childish and impossible Sherlock could be was when Mycroft had invited himself over for dinner just a week after their first case.

It was a rather amusing process to go through over the four hours prior to the older Holmes's arrival. Well, it was if you weren't one Dr. John Watson.

"I don't care how much you hate this, Sherlock, he's coming."

The taller man shit him an icy glare before sulking on the sofa. The four hours of hell began; having to push the chairs from in front of the doors, hide the violin, retrieve his gun, ask Mrs. Hudson to cattier (Landlady not your housekeeper!), and lock up all of Sherlock's experiments.

Mycroft had been delighted by the sight of his younger brother actually present. Then amused when he noticed that Sherlock had been strapped down to his seat.

"It's good to see you haven't lost your talent for rugby, Dr. Watson."


"Really, John, I'm fine." The proclamation was nasally and ended with a few sniffles.

When the first sneeze appeared at the crime scene, everyone had frozen in place. It would normally not even require a second glance, normally, but this was Sherlock Holmes and he never got sick. It would be too human.

"Whatever you say, I'm going to get you a new cloth."

It had only taken a couple of minutes and when John had turned around, he could just make out the sound of their flat door opening. In a flash, the doctor had dropped the cloth and bolted for the door.

There was a startled grunt as Sherlock hit the landing, pinned under the shorter man. John pushed himself off, grabbing the collar of Sherlock's coat as he dragged him back inside.


It had been two days since anyone last saw the great Sherlock Holmes. Their client had asked for them to take down a very dangerous drug ring after her brother had been murdered by them.

Some invisible clue or hint to where they would be next most have appeared, because Sherlock took off without a word.

It was by chance that John had seen the familiar coat fluttering at the end of the alley. He ran after the figure, just barely keeping track of it when it suddenly took sharp twists and turns.

It wasn't until the owner of said coat was almost at the other side of a busy street that John managed to tackle Sherlock. Shoving them both out of the way of an oncoming bus and onto the sidewalk.

The detective struggled against the confining arm until he had twisted enough to see John's face. "Oh, there you are John. I've been looking for you everywhere."

He could feel the needle inside his friends pocket, but chose to ignore it as he pull Sherlock closer.


After Sherlock's little disappearing act, everyone had kept a closer eye on him. John had been speaking with the elderly man who had come across the body, when Sherlock got that look on that face.

"Excuse me for a moment."

As Sherlock made a b-line for the door, John flew across the room. He almost laughed when he had gotten Sherlock to the floor. Seems Lestrade had had the same idea.

Re: FILL: Flying tackles! (1/2)

Seems Lestrade had had the same idea.

Are you trying to imply Lestrade and John are on top of Sherlock? *unf*
I love this and can't wait for the rest :D

FILL: Flying tackles! (2/2)


In all fairness, John should have known better. There were no cases and Sherlock had been bored so it seemed like a good idea at the time. He just wanted to go on vacation.

How was he supposed to know that Mycroft would send them to Disney World?

From the very moment they arrived, Sherlock hadn't stopped scowling at everyone and everything. There was no way to salvage this trip, so John simply chose to get his kicks any way he could.

The Mickey ears weren't that bad, all though it was an amusing look on Sherlock. He wasn't trying to take them off so that must have been a good sign.

It wasn't until one of the many costumed people had taken notice to the grumpy detective that it all went to hell.

John had seen the tan dog with black ears, Pluto was it or something, slowly walking their way, but had ignored the costumed man. There was a soft 'Oof' as Sherlock was enveloped in a bear hug and spun about before the dog walked away.

They stood in shocked silence for a moment before the taller turned on his heels. Sherlock had just been about to punch off the worker's over sized head when John had knocked him down, almost taking the third man down in the process.

The nice security guards had escorted them from the theme park and told them not to come back.

Turns out the whole occurrence had been caught on film and posted on YouTube. Later, the link had been posted on John's blog.

(Does this double for the Disney World prompt? :D)

And 1:

When John Watson had finally gotten home, he was tired and annoyed. It had been along day of both his official job and his assisting Sherlock on a case. Once again, he had been left behind after it was solve. What had bothered him the most though, was that it had been his birthday and it hadn't been noticed by one person who should have.

He gently rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands before entering the flat. It was oddly dim inside as he removed his coat and shoes.

"Sherlock?" No answer was normal, but he always felt nervous when there was no noise. Tonight, he couldn't care less as he went up to his room.

He flicked on the bedside lamp, working off both his jumper and T-shirt. It was as he began to undo his trousers that he felt someone's gaze on him. Before he could properly react, something collided with his chest, forcing him against the bed.

"Hello, John." The doctor let out a relieve and content sigh as he felt soft lips press against his own. There was a hand raking through his hair as the other massaged in scarred shoulder.

"Christ, Sherlock. Were you trying to give me a heart attack?" His own hands sliding up to grasp at pale hips. Relishing the current state of dress Sherlock was in, or not in case in point.

"Despite the occasionally experiments I perform on the dead, you're being alive would be more beneficial for my purposes." The hand on his shoulder had made it's ways southward, slipping beneath his waist band.


"If you like that, then you'll love this." Sherlock gave the blonde's ear a playful nip. "I've already prepared myself for you."

John groaned breathlessly, switching their positions, sealing their lips in another kiss. He hoped his birthday was like this every year.

Re: FILL: Flying tackles! (2/2)

N'awwwwwwwwwww! Awesome! *big grin*

Heee! That up there is how big my grin is. Thank you sooooo much anon! I especially love 2 and 4. Of course Sherlock would try to go out even when sick. And a Lestrade tackle too XD. Lovely touch with John putting the youtube link of the Disney fiasco in his blog. Lol XD. I enjoyed every minute of this, thanks again!

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