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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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Okay, I need some Donovan/Anderson where she's totally on-board with the dinosaur thing.

And Mrs. Anderson knows of the affair but is coo', because now she doesn't have to deal with dinosaurs and can have 'normal' sex with her husband.

... I love that Anderson's dinosaur fetish has become fanon. (At least on this meme). It makes me smile.

Actually, I think this fic would be great. Especially the Mrs Anderson part, becuase, y'know, it makes sense! :D

Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (1/2)

I absolutely cannot believe that I filled this. I actually really enjoyed writing it! (Not sure what that says about me ...)


Anderson stood in the bedroom door, staring into the room in open-mouthed disbelief and horror. Sally was standing by the wardrobe in her underwear – black, lacy, sexy as hell – with one hand on the wardrobe door and the other holding Abby. Abby was a stuffed Apatosaurus. (She was not a Brontosaurus. Anderson was up to date with paleontological discoveries and the corresponding name-changes.) Sally looked over at him, her mouth slightly open and an expectant explanation on her face.

“What’s all this?”

Not even his wife went in that wardrobe. She had known about his odd proclivities – her words, not his – and let him have them, so long as they were kept tidied away in the spare room wardrobe, which could be locked and the key conveniently lost when they had visitors staying. He swallowed hard and tried to think of a plausible excuse. The rather explicit drawings on the inside of the wardrobe door ruled out the ‘it’s stuff we bought for our future kids’ argument.

Sally turned to look into the wardrobe again. “Is there a dinosaur costume in here?”

“It’s not what it looks like?” he tried desperately. If this got out at work, he was ruined. No one would ever take him seriously again. He would be branded a freak, no better than Holmes, and there was no way he wanted to be put in the same group as him.

“Really?” Sally asked, turning to look at the drawings. Anderson cringed; he really didn’t need her to see those. Lack of artistic talent aside, the subject matter was embarrassing when he knew she wouldn’t accept his kink. She pulled one off the door and turned around, holding it up in front of her and looking over the top of the paper at him. “’Cause it looks to me like someone likes the idea of fucking dinosaurs.”

“It’s –” he whimpered. “I –”

She started to smile. “Is it the power thing? They were the biggest, strongest creatures ever to exist, right? You want to be in control of that sort of power?”

“Er,” he said as she started to walk towards him, swinging her hips in a way she knew he found sexy. He shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. He was sure that he was seconds away from ridicule. He swallowed hard as she flipped the paper around and held it in front of his face.

“You want to try that?”

The picture was bordering on obscene and featured Anderson himself – a rather disproportionately muscular Anderson – and a female Stegosaurus. He looked up into Sally’s face and saw that she was smirking. He folded his arms.

“You don’t have to make fun of me.”

Her smile faltered. “I’m not. I’m serious. You want me to pretend I’m a dinosaur, I’m good with that.”

He couldn’t stop the frown of disbelief from screwing up his face. “Oh, come on, Donovan – I know you’re just waiting for the right moment to bust up laughing.”

“I am not!” Sally snapped. She turned and strode across to the wardrobe, carefully setting Abby and Apatosaurus down on her shelf alongside her stuffed friends (Tina the Triceratops and Sally the Stegosaurus, named coincidentally before he met Sally Donovan) and underneath the Carnivore Shelf (on which lived Terry the Tyrannosaurus Rex and his companions, a trio of small plastic Velociraptors called Velma, Vern and Vera).

Sally then opened the other side of the wardrobe and pulled out an outfit he had once had custom made to fit his wife’s measurements – with her consent, though she had never agreed to wear it. It was basically a Stegosaurus costume made of leather straps, tooled so that they felt like scales, which held the dinosaur’s signature double rows of leather plates upright from the wearer’s back. At one end there was a collar that ensured that the plates would reach up to the back of the head, and at the other there was a long, solid tail with characteristic spikes at the end. Between the two rows of plates was a panel of leather scales, adding to the dinosaur effect.

Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

“You want me to put this on?” she asked, then before he could say anything, she turned the outfit around and pulled the shoulder-straps on. She grabbed the collar over her shoulder and pulled it up, cinching it tight around her neck before moving on to the buckle between the shoulder-straps, then the belt around her middle. When she bent to pull the straps around her thighs to secure the tail, she spotted something else in the wardrobe and grabbed the objects: matching shoes and gloves to complete the Stegosaurus effect. She pulled on the shoes, which Anderson knew were almost painfully high high-heels to ensure the correct shape, then the gloves before turning to look at him.

Anderson’s mouth watered. The outfit looked just as good as he had envisioned, and Sally had the inner strength and power to pull off the perfect fusion between human and dinosaur: the closest he could come to the real thing.

“Is it how you imagined?” Sally purred, strutting towards him again. After a couple of steps, she reached down and picked up the heavy tail, swinging the spiked end around in one hand. “Do I look good to you?”

“Yes,” he replied tersely, still not convinced that this wasn’t a joke. Sally smiled and reached out, running a gloved finger down his cheek. He could feel the fake dinosaur nail against his skin and shivered involuntarily. Sally leaned in and kissed him full on the mouth, taking hold of his hands and placing them on her body, pulling them around her until he could feel leathery scales.

The sensation drove him wild. He growled and pulled her against his body, unable to contain himself any longer. She moaned into his mouth and he pulled back suddenly.

“You seriously don’t mind?”

Sally grinned wildly. “It’s not the weirdest thing I’ve ever been asked to do by a bloke,” she said. “You have any other requirements?”

“No more talking,” he demanded. “Just dinosaur noises. And on your knees.”

She winked and got down on all fours, presenting her black knickers, which were just visible beneath the thick base of the tail. He knelt behind her, caressing her skin with one hand and the scales across her back with the other. This was his dream: all he had wanted for so long, everything he had been denied with his wife. Sally was the only woman he had ever met who was prepared to indulge him. She looked over her shoulder and crooned at him, tossing her mane of black curls. The message was clear: take me.

Anderson obliged willingly.

“I cleaned the guest room today,” Anderson’s wife said as she kissed him on the cheek to welcome him home the day after her return from visiting her sister in Yorkshire.

“Oh, yes?” he replied, peering into the pans on the stove to see what was coming up for dinner.

“Yes. I see that you’ve found someone to wear The Outfit,” she said calmly, the capital letters falling audibly into place, as they had every time she mentioned it from the first time she saw it. Anderson froze completely. He felt her hand on his shoulder. “I’m happy you’ve found someone to share your proclivities with.”

Anderson still couldn’t quite move. “It’s … OK?”

“So long as I don’t have to see it or listen to it and it stays in the guest room,” she said smoothly, moving past him to stir the carrots. “I made your favourite for dinner, and then I thought maybe we could get an early night?”

She turned and smiled at him in the way she had on their wedding night, just before he carried her over the hotel room threshold – a ‘come hither’ look, if ever he saw one. He had missed it. Since admitting his desire for dinosaurs to her, she had always seemed a little afraid of sex with him in case he whipped out his personal, kinky sex aids from the guest room. Apparently, now he was working out his dinosaur-related desires with someone else, she could sleep with him without fears of being asked to roar like a Tyrannosaurus (which, for the record, he had never ever asked).

Anderson smiled and kissed his wife on the cheek. “Thank you.”

She gave him a brief smile, then gestured in the direction of the living room. “Go and put your feet up for a bit. Dinner won’t be ready for half an hour.”

Grinning contentedly to himself, Anderson went to do just that.

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

...I don't know what it says about me that I really enjoyed that.

It was just so lovely to have Anderson be accepted when he didn't expect it, and Sally being so sexy and in control and... WHAT?

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

Whatever it says about the pair of us, I'm glad you did. :) Thanks!

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

OP has melted into a satisfied primordial puddle. ILU.

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

I'm very glad OP enjoyed it. :D Thanks for posting such a great prompt!

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

This was fabulous! I've heard of furries, of course, but scalies? Heeeee. I kind of love this pairing and thier kinky sexy life!

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)


I just. Uh. I think this proves that any kink written well can be hot.


Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)


I have been waiting so long.


Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

I am hugely impressed that you somehow took this prompt and made it realistic, cute and actually made me like Anderson! Very well done to you!

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. It's not a kink I understand, but it's so sweet and oddly touching.

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

brilliant headcannon

Could this qualify as fluff?

Re: Fill: Sally the Stegosaurus (2/2)

I read this twice. I cried, but it was good tears.

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