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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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John cheats on Sherlock. Maybe he's a bit drunk, is stressed from living with a partner that crazy, depressed over Afghanistan and doesn't want to burden Sherlock, idk. But Sherlock deduces what happened immediately.

He knew it would happen eventually, he just didn't realize it would hurt so much.

Fill (angsty, I apologize)

John walks tiredly up the seventeen steps, holding his coat over one arm and wiping sweat from his face with the back of his hand. It's May in London, an uncharacteristically warm afternoon.

Sherlock is waiting-- not for him, ostensibly, but John knows otherwise. He should have been home hours ago. Sherlock has draped himself in his dressing gown, and he lies with an arm dramatically thrown across his eyes.

"What's wrong with you, then?" John asks good-naturedly, by way of greeting.

Sherlock takes his time to drag the arm off, peeking up at John standing over him with a stony face. "Let's dispense with niceties, John."

John's stomach drops. He'd known Sherlock would be able to tell, had fooled himself thinking he'd be able to hide it, maybe even deluded himself to cover some deeper wish to be caught. He collapses against the wall, knees buckling. "I--"

Sherlock sits up abruptly, flinging his gown in a flourish and resting his chin on his steepled fingers with a sharp exhale. "No, don't speak. You can't possibly have anything to say. I, on the other hand, have a great deal of words springing to mind. It's--" he takes in a breath as if something somewhere in his body suddenly aches. "Surprising."

After several protracted minutes, John opens his mouth to speak. Sherlock doesn't even look at him, but holds up a pale hand to silence him. "No, John. No. I'm not ready."

"Look," John stammers, trying anyway. "I'm-- sorry. I'm so sorry, Sherlock. I... ran into an old friend..."

Sherlock cocks his head to one side, as if hearing a note that's wildly out of key. "No, no, that's not quite right, is it? Unless you 'ran into' this friend without your trousers."

John bit his lips and tried to keep quiet. Apparently Sherlock needed to be cruel about this.

"You doubtlessly wish to know my methods. Fine. You are some two hours later than expected. There are any number of things that can delay someone's arrival two hours, but you appear flushed and overheated. The weather outside is warm, leading me to believe you've just walked home from somewhere reasonably close by. Your socks show me that you have taken your shoes on and off at least twice since you left this morning. And why wouldn't you have texted if you were running late? You wanted to keep something secret. You're not known for such pettiness, especially since you know how difficult it is to keep this sort of thing from my attention, which means it's something that would hurt me.

"There are very few things in the world from which I would draw... real, psychological pain. You being in danger is one of them. The other is, though I had not known it... you sleeping with someone. Else. Therefore, you've spent the past two hours in the arms of another lover. Most likely someone you've known for an extended period of time, probably someone with whom you have slept before, a long time ago, in which case it would likely be a woman, and not someone who knows me or your current living arrangement, hence the need to return home quickly to cover your infidelity and as an excuse, regrettably, to not spend the day in bed with this person, of whom you are no longer enamored. It was therefore possibly a trifling passion, perhaps the need of a... female companion. I don't wish to speculate further, nor for you to tell me which of these might be true and which a shade off."

John closes his eyes, the pain and vulnerability emanating from his often cold-faced friend's countenance almost too much to bear witness to.

Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2

"That, and the fact that your shirt is inside out, which leads me to the conclusion that it was tender enough that it was an old friend. A secondary school girlfriend, most likely."

Sherlock was too good. It had, in fact, been John's primary school friend Eliza, with whom he hadn't spoken since university days. But she had been beautiful, the years only growing her beauty, and at the time, it had seemed like the most natural thing to go to her flat for coffee, and fall into her bed for comfort, and familiarity, and the spice of something new yet familiar. John had always fancied her in school, and fucking her had been delicious, all the old years of longing flooding back, her womanly form a revelation to his starved hands and mouth.

"I can't say it's unusual," Sherlock added, speaking from beneath fingers holding his face now. "I knew that you preferred women when I seduced you, John. It is... partially... my fault. I might have avoided--"

"What could you have avoided?" John exploded, hands on his hips, feeling a well of anger open up inside of him. "It was my choice, Sherlock, it was my-- fucking-- unfaithfulness, all right? You can't-- knowing what happened or predicting it doesn't exculpate my doing it!"

"I might have avoided falling in love with you," Sherlock finished, eyes finally meeting John's, face frighteningly blank. "It's my fault, John, that I didn't."

Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2



I love the way you showed Sherlock's reaction, you can really feel his hurt.

;_; That was horrible, but exactly what I wanted. I didn't think anyone would fill this!!! Thank you so much!

Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2


Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2

Man, that hurts...

Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2

Uh, that one hurt.
I find that your fics have the slightest fault - they are too freakin short. But then again, no more is needed to say.
And brilliantly in-character, now that you pointed it out in your Index Journal.

Also, great skills in writing deduction! :D

Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2

Thank you!!! I wish I could say something more, but THANK YOU. It's so validating to read that someone out there is still finding my fills and enjoying them!!

They ARE too short. Would that I had days at my disposal explicitly laid aside for the writing of Sherlock porn... Alas.

Thank you again. <3

Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2

You are WELCOME. (they are found pretty easily when someone sends you a list of all of them, don't you think? :D )

Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2

OMG, that was heart-rending and beautiful!

Re: Fill (angsty, I apologize) 2/2

Argh, it hurts so much.

Poor Sherlock!

The only thing that comforts me is that I really don't see John cheating >>
So I will act as if this would never happen in the hypothetical world of Sherlock/John/Sherlock XD

It was beautifully written as usual though, and you nailed the angst just right, I can totally relate to what Sherlock is feeling, the logic being logical and rational, he understand the motives, how it happened, what it means, but still that pain he can't control, and regret for being weak, exposing himself in his weakness with that last sentence..
I might be a sociopath myself, I would have done the same >>

Now I need someone to write a fic where Sherlock is sure John has cheated on him, but he got it all wrong (been framed or something?) and John is adorably in love instead and would never do anything like that... *looks into how to do prompting*

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