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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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anal beads - for a case! [John/Sherlock]

Sherlock needs to know how much (stolen drugs, stolen jewelry, whatever) can be hidden up someone's ass, brings home anal beads, measures/weighs them, then asks John to help him put them in him, counting everything and testing it. Of course, they both end up enjoying the whole process.

Re: anal beads - for a case! [John/Sherlock]

This. For serious.

FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.1

“Appears that the objects found were being smuggled by the victim.” Anderson looked distinctly uncomfortable, and Sherlock already knew why. But he kept the eyeroll to himself, for now. “He had concealed them in, er, in his rectum. We still have no idea why they were removed postmortem, and yet not taken by the killer.”

Sherlock eyed the bin of contraband on the lab table. “How much can the human rectum hold?”

“It's not the sort of thing we test that often.” Anderson's permanent sneer became even more so.

“Indeed.” Sherlock was already jotting down a list. “Thank you.”

He wouldn't call himself a regular at this sex shop, but then again, all the clerks do know him by name. All his visits are, of course, for the purpose of experiments. “What're we looking for today, Mr. Holmes?” asked the girl at the counter, leaning over her prodigious bosom.

“Thank you, Thea, I'll know it when I see it.” Striding past, Sherlock zeroed in on the couple aisles dedicated to anal toys. It was a large store with varied selection, hence why he patronised it the most. It only took a minute or so to find out the sort of thing he needed, and another to find just the right kind. A set of solid metal anal beads, neatly spaced on a strong cord. He grabs two sets, just in case.

“You wouldn't happen to have a set of scales here, would you, Thea?” Sherlock inquired, placing his purchases on the counter and fishing out some notes.

“Sorry, no,” with a regretful shrug, she rang up the toys, and the bottle of lube Sherlock threw in last minute.

“No matter.” Sherlock took the shopping bag as it was handed over, “I've my own at home. Thanks very much!”

Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.2

When Sherlock gets home, he puts the extra set of beads away, which basically means leaving them on the dining room table still in their bag. With the other, he gets it out of the fiddly packaging, digs up his scales, and sets to taking notes on size and weight.

Maybe twenty minutes later, John arrived home from wherever he'd been. Work, apparently. “Sherlock,” he said by way of greeting, sounding rather upbeat. “What's...that?” he got about five steps into the room before freezing, eyes fixed on the string of beads hanging out of the scale. “Sherlock. What are you doing?”

“Experimentation for the case. What do you think I'm doing?” Sherlock glanced up to cock an eyebrow at John's gobsmacked face.

“Well, I think you're weighing a set of anal beads.”

“Ah, so you know what they are.” Sherlock didn't allow himself the pleasure of looking up, but John's sputtering as he crossed the room was good enough. He made a final notation about the cumulative weight of the beads. “So glad you're here; would you mind helping me with something?”

Halfway out of his jumper, undershirt dragged up his stomach, John looked over with no small amount of wariness. “What?”

Sherlock lifted the beads out of the scale and held them aloft, demonstrating their heft to John. “Let me put these inside your rectum.” Then, in the face of John's incredulous expression, he added, “oh, please. Considering all the other things we've done to each other's bodies thus far, this is just the next logical step. Besides, we've already established you're familiar with how these are used.”

“Did we?” John felt himself going on the defensive. Thus far the most they'd done included most everything two people could do with their hands and mouths, and nothing further. And now Sherlock was shaking anal beads at him, asking to use them for the sake of science. It was a bit much. He took a deep breath, and then another. “Just because I know what they are doesn't mean I've ever used them. Which I haven't.” He hasn't.

“Perfectly fine. I would use them on myself, but the maneuverability is a bit inconvenient, especially considering I have to take notes.” Gesture to the notepad.

For a second, John imagined that; imagined Sherlock crouching in the shower or laying on his back in bed, looking so concentrated and flushed as he fed bead after heavy bead into his own ass, hands, toy, everything slick with lube, trying so hard to keep up observations until the feeling of all the beads inside him became too much. Imagined Sherlock doing that to him. “Right, fine,” he said, shrugging with feigned nonchalance, “I'll do it.”

Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.3

OKAY I just noticed that I misread your prompt and you wanted the beads to be inside Sherlock D: I'M SO SORRY omg. ermm but i'm going to post this anyway. and then hide.


Sherlock stripped him and arranged him; kneeling in front of the couch and bent forward so his head, arms and chest lay on the cushion. The rest of John was fully exposed, ass waving in the air a little when he drew up his knees for better purchase.

“Good,” Sherlock hummed. “Legs spread a bit wider, please?”

Complying, John felt the blush heating his ears begin to creep down over his face. He could feel his heartbeat resonating against the cushion beneath him, and beginning to throb through his cock. Sherlock was moving around behind him and craned a glance back over his shoulder. John saw the naked slopes of his own back, and Sherlock in his shirtsleeves, very focused. He set the bead string and bottle of lube close at hand along with his notebook, gave everything a once over, remarked “ah, yes,” mostly to himself, and leaned up to give John a kiss.

“Can't forget that, of course.” Sherlock hadn't yet pulled away and the fabric of his clothes felt different against John's naked back. “Now, are you ready?”

“Yep.” John stole one more kiss.

At first it was just fingers, slippery and a little cold, pushing into him one at a time. He'd done as much to himself, by himself, but it was entirely different to have Sherlock's long, long fingers inside him, to feel the more pronounced knuckle against the skin of his ass. Those fingers pushed deeper, crooked, and suddenly found the spot that John had failed to locate so many times on his own.

“Shit,” he hissed, twitching and whining when Sherlock circled that spot with gentle pressure. “Oh, god. Oh.”

With every added finger, Sherlock murmured a quiet heads-up, until there were four fingers slowly pumping in and out of John, who couldn't help the way his hips squirmed backward, or the gasp that escaped every time the tip of his cock bumped the edge of the couch. With another warning murmur, the fingers were slowly removed, leaving John feeling remarkably empty.

“All right.” John was pleased to hear that Sherlock sounded slightly strained. “First bead.”

The metal was warmed slightly with Sherlock's body heat, and slipped in easily with a bit of pressure and weight. Free hand warm and slightly sweaty at the small of John's back, Sherlock watched the ball as it was swallowed by John's ass, disappearing inside with a reflexive clench. It was small, and its tickling lightness was slightly frustrating. John stayed quiet, waited, breathing slowly with his forehead hot against his wrist.

Scratch of pencil on paper as Sherlock made his first note. Click and sigh of plastic as more lube was dispensed. “Now the next.” It was larger, heavier, making John huff out a sigh as it was pushed in. The two beads knocked and rolled a little inside him, maddeningly near his prostate. “How does that feel?”

“Good. Comfortable. Like I want more.”

Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.4

“I was asking from more of a practical standpoint, but that's still good to hear.” Sherlock sat back, staring at the string of beads and feeling slightly overheated. He took another note about weight. “Right. Next one.” It went slowly, rolling in the stretching ring of muscle as it was slowly taken in.

Now John felt the heaviness of his insides. When he clenched around the beads they jarred against one another and rolled across his prostate, making a surprised little cry break from his throat. He tried to do it again, shifting his weight, but couldn't get it right again. “God. Ah, fuck,” the words came out before John fully knew what he was going to say. “Feels full. Heavy. Really...still good.” Ducking his head between his arms, he saw the cave of his arched body, down to where his cock hung heavily and the puddle of precome gathering beneath.

“I'm going to give you the last two, now.” Sherlock lifted the string to apply more lube, clamping down on the slight tremor in his hands. “Is that all right? You can touch yourself if you like, but I'd prefer if you didn't come just yet.”

John didn't take him up on the offer, just dug his fingers deeper into the couch. He didn't want to get any closer to coming than he was already. All he wanted was more of this feeling. “Please. God, yes, Sherlock. The rest.”

Perhaps too hastily, Sherlock lubed the last two beads, viscousness dripping down his arm and making the metal almost impossible to hold. Moving closer until the fabric of his trousers pressed john's skin he pushed the bead in, absorbing every jerk and gasp and moan it drew out of the fast unraveling man before him. “Last one,” Sherlock said, only partially mindful of how rough his voice sounded. As he pushed the last and largest in, he felt it knock against the previous one. He throbbed in time with the long moan John muffled into the sofa.

Sherlock took a deep breath and dug his fingernails deeper into his palms. “Right. Now that the weight is substantial, I'd like to test something else. Do you think you could stand up and walk with the beads in you?”

Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.5

The jolt that traveled through John was unexpected, making him snort and his heartbeat thump between his legs. “Christ. Uhm. Ah, god, I'm not sure but--I probably could.” Every muscle felt weak. He could see his arms and legs shake just from the effort of pushing himself up. Slowly, John gained even footing, upright.

“Reckon I make quite the sight,” he laughed weakly.

Sherlock's eyes flicked up and down, tongue darting out to wet his lips. Naked flushed skin, heavy eyelids, sweat starting to stick John's hair to his head, tremors in his thighs and belly, and the glint of the string's handle when he carefully turned. “Yes. You do.” He had to swallow to wet his throat before he could continue. “Now, if you would. Walk across the room and back.”

John obeyed, stepping gingerly at first. “It gets easier as I g—nnh.” One misstep and the beads rolled over his prostate and stayed there, making him wince and lock up as his knees tried to buckle. “Well, it did. It was. Oh god.” He sank to his knees on the carpet, Sherlock there to meet him.

Sherlock knew he had other questions, something about maneuverability and comfort and weight. He looked at John, who still hadn't touched himself and was dripping all over his thighs, who was staring at him with a glassy, pleading, ecstatic look in his eyes, and forgot everything. “Back to the couch,” he ordered. “Crawl.” John obeyed, taking his former position.

Moving up behind him, Sherlock pressed his palm over a hot, trembling back, and smoothed it down to join the other in cupping and spreading John's asscheeks. Just beyond the handle he could see the glisten of the last bead, visible where John was stretched around it. “I'm going to pull it out now, slowly. Jerk yourself while I do it.”

Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.5

With a whine, John gave in, though he still waited for the first tug of the toy's handle. It felt like the beads were rolling against every nerve in his body as they retreated, smooth and heavy and filling him up, and as he started to come the feeling of his hand on his cock was only a secondary sensation. “Fuck,” he gasped, “fuck, Sherlock!” and came with three aching pulses, clenching around the last beads.

Unable to stop his hands from shaking now, Sherlock dropped the toy onto its plastic shopping bag. John looked dazedly up at him from where he was still slumped on the couch, still panting, took in the aching, ignored bulge in his trousers and and his strange, intense expression.

“C'mon, Sherlock,” John shuddered, an aftershock catching him by surprise. “Fuck me.”

Sherlock's hands were already at his flies. His knees hit the floor behind John, and he pulled the other man's hips backward onto him, thrusting forward in a smooth surge. “You're so open,” he heard himself say, hips working. “So wet, I can just slide right into you.” He's losing himself. He's gone. Maybe afterward he'll regret the power these baser urges have over him, but right now it's just John and tight and wet and fuck.

He comes quickly, explosively, finding himself shaking and panting over John's back, still-clothed body sticking to sweaty skin.

“God,” Sherlock groaned expansively, moving away with a wince from both of them and leaning back against the couch. “That was one of the best experiments I've ever conducted.”

One of the best?” John had dragged himself up onto the couch and lay there naked and exhausted. “What were you trying to prove, anyway?”

After a long moment of thought, Sherlock answered, “I can't remember at present.”

--the end--
anon goes into hiding now

Re: FILL- part six^^^

supposed to be headed part six up there, whups.

Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.5




this was so hnnng the entire thing dlshgflkdsafsa really I don't have words <3

Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.5

*points to above comment* I concur...
I'll be in my bunk *vanishes*

OP here

Dude, that was great! I could care less about positions, really, and your explanation for why it had to be John was perfectly plausible to me. So no need to hide, it was excellent! I wasn't expecting established relationship, but I LOVED it - and it makes sense too; I mean, first time with anal beads? LOL. I'm so glad you took the prompt in your own way. It was really hot!

Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.5



Re: FILL - it's not the sort of thing we test that often - pt.5

Oh, that fic is so terribly hot - yikes! I could read that sort of thing all day, I swear. Can't believe I didn't find it til just now. Testing sex toys = win!

Totally late to the party (Anonymous) Expand

Re: anal beads - for a case! [John/Sherlock]


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