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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

John makes the best of it, struggles to keep Moriarty in place long enough for the daft bloody genius in front of them to run. Moriarty is still supercilious and aloof. He doesn't even look at John, talking to Sherlock like John's not there and calling him a pet.

Then he is talking to John. "You've rather shown your hand there, Doctor Watson."

A red dot appears, dead centre, on Sherlock's forehead. John looks into Sherlock's eyes and goes stone still. There's a split second, a flicker around his thoughts-...and John lets Moriarty go, stands back despite Sherlock's head shake. Moriarty threatens Sherlock like he's forgotten John is even there.

"I'll burn you, Sherlock. I'll burn the heart out of you."

"I've been reliably informed," Sherlock answers coolly, some of his familiar hauteur creeping back in. "That I don't have one."

"We both know that's not quite true."

Sherlock looks at John, just one tell-tale flicker of a glance then back to Moriarty. John's heart gets snagged somewhere around his Adam's apple. He doesn't even dare to breathe. Sherlock can't just let Moriarty go, of course. Too simple. He has to threaten Moriarty right back. Moriarty doesn't even bat an eyelash, half-daring Sherlock to pull the trigger.

"Ciao, Sherlock Holmes," Moriarty says as he turns to walk away.

"Catch. You. Later." Sherlock covers him the whole way out, crossing so he's closer to John again. He keeps the gun on Moriarty until the door clicks closed and the red dots wink out. Then he drops the gun, right into a puddle and he's tearing at the coat/the bomb/John himself like a madman.

"All right? Are you all right?" He demands and the tension floods out of John like a tidal wave.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," John manages as Sherlock strips him and hurls the coat away from them. "Sherlock, Sherlock!"

Sherlock bolts after Moriarty. John gets an instant of respite. Then his leg buckles and his head explodes with images and thoughts and visions. He has to grab for the wall of the cubicle, staggering under the sudden deluge.

It's back, with a vengeance.

"Oh, Christ!" John's leg is still agonizing, thigh burning with pain but he barely feels it under the crushing weight of the visions. The clock is still ticking, not as fast as it was but still counting down. He pants for breath and Sherlock comes back in an explosion of fretful energy.

"You all right?" Sherlock's pacing, John can't even look at him without getting motion sick. He nods though, waves the gun around like he's forgotten it's there. He stammers a little, relaxes after forcing out the most awkward thank you John's ever received.

"That thing that you tried to do...that was...good."

John nods and cracks a weak joke about Sherlock stripping him, just to see Sherlock smile. He feels punch-drunk, hazy with the psychic residue of the whole thing. He tugs at his cardigan and tries to stand. The dot is stark against the dark wool and John looks up in horror.

Sherlock goes blank and Moriarty throws open the doors. (never left, Sherlock only had time to check the outer door, not the door to the family changing rooms) "Sorry, boys! I'm so unpredictable!"

Sherlock looks at John, then up to where the snipers are waiting. (same place, they didn't move even though they should have.) Moriarty is still running his mouth and John breathes in deeply.

"You can't be allowed to continue," Moriarty says fondly. "You really can't. I would try to convince you but everything I have to say has already crossed your mind!"

Sherlock looks at John. He waits for John's slight nod before he turns to point the gun at Moriarty. "Probably my answer has crossed yours."

Then Sherlock aims at the bomb. John's leg gives an agonizing pulse of pain. Moriarty is smiling and John's mind kicks into gear at last. Sherlock will pull the trigger (won't regret it, won't hesitate now that John's given his consent) and the bomb is real. They're all going to die here.

John's eye flicks to the clock on the wall. Three minutes. He just needs three minutes. John glances at Sherlock then back to Moriarty. He's known that this was coming. He's done everything in his power to make sure this worked out properly.

What's one last sacrifice?

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

No you cant leave it there I hate cliff hangers.(Goes to cry quietly in the corner)

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

Apologies! I was trying to pull an all-nighter to finish this but my body quit on me.

All finished now. =D

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

Dude, you have me on the edge of my seat, NOT BREATHING. This is amazing I'm so sad it's almost over!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

Apologies for the cliff-hanger. ^^;;;

All finished now.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

arg! this is crazy, and crazy good. loved the part about the postscript to beat some sense into sherlock. ;) still loving this. thanks for writing.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

Thanks for reading! Hope the end lives up to your expectations.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

Nonononononononononooooooo!! What a place to end! I'm camping here.

Aside from the cliffy, I love this story and your John-voice. It's so real, and it fits so well. Thank you for taking the time to write all this out.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

Apologies - I had hoped to get the last bit done before I went home but need-for-sleep overwhelmed me.

I'm really happy that my John!voice worked and thank you so much for reading!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

omg omg omg omg ooooommmmmmmmgggg. this is so good im almost sobbing from how good this is!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 22(/23)

Hopefully the ending lives up to your expectations.

Thank you so much for reading!

Shadows on the Wall 23(/24) [stupid sodding character limits]

Sherlock's finger tightens around the trigger. John doesn't have time to think, much less plan. He simply reaches out for the voices and for the second time that night, his lips shape the words of the voice in his ear.

"Jimmy More-y-farty," John's voice comes out a pitch higher and in the taunting sing-song of a child. "Teacher's pet. Going to cry, Jimmy-boy?"

The effect on Moriarty is electric. The smug expression cracks and peels away. He's looking at John now, Sherlock forgotten, eyes wide with horror like he's seeing a ghost. (Not that he's looking in the right direction. Carl's standing behind him, eyes alive in a bloated, rotting face.)

"Shut up!"

"Mori-arty, always late to the party," John mocks, not looking at Moriarty (or Carl who is starting to get angrier and his anger is as cold and bitter as rotten lemon juice, souring on the tongue), "Always laughing, always trying to be one of the big boys."

"Stop talking! Shut up!" Moriarty is pale and sweating already. In the tiny kernel of his mind that is still him, John is surprised at how fast Moriarty is breaking. The price of genius, he supposes. All that brilliance is dazzling but crystalline and every crystal has its resonance frequency.

Less than a minute and Moriarty is shaking with the resonance of shared memories. John wants to throw Ruth in his face, tear and worry at Moriarty until he comes apart in bloody chunks, but Ruth is too much later. Ruth was killed by a man without a conscience, she's no use against the boy who couldn't even kill a goldfish.

"He laughed, so I stopped him," John repeats, Carl's contempt curling his lip. "But you didn't do it, did you, Jimmy boy? Too cowardly, too frightened."

"I killed him! I did! ME!" Moriarty sounds unhinged, now.

"Liar," John snaps back. (curly hair and a frilly dress. She wasn't a girly girl but her father wanted her to be.) "All the blood on your hands, James Arthur Moriarty but not this, not Carl's. You wanted to do it, you planned to do it but you didn't have the balls to do it.."

"You're LYING!!"

"She had to do it for you, didn't she?" John mocks. "You brewed up the cream but you couldn't kill Carl. Your da would have had your hide if he'd known so she had to and you messed it up."


"Did you cry, Jimmy," John's trembling now, shaking with the chill and his breath comes out in clouds of vapour. "Did you cry into your teddy bear while your da beat her? Did you cry when he left her to bleed to death on the floor?"

Sherlock is watching them, gun forgotten in his hand. He doesn't react in time and Moriarty snatches the gun out of his hand and points it straight at John.


John stares up in the gun (angle's all wrong. He won't die cleanly, he'll feel the gaping hole, the blood draining out and the pain) and his leg twinges. John focuses on the pain, uses it to drag his mind back under his own control. His vision greys out (Carl wants revenge more than he ever wanted anything while he was alive) and John is looking at the clock when his eyes open.

12:18 and John looks up, past the black hole of the gun bore, past the mad rictus of Moriarty's face to meet ghost-pale eyes and he smiles.

"Out of time again, Jimmy," he says. His own words in his own voice and his smile inches a little wider. "Allow to to introduce you to the most dangerous man in London."

"My blushes, Doctor," Mycroft. Right on time, thank God. The smarmy bastard just strolls in, umbrella swinging casually. His eyes are hard and intent. John's seen eyes like that before, usually over the barrel of a gun and a shiver runs down his spine.

Moriarty is distracted for a crucial split-second and Sherlock does something complicated and vicious that breaks Moriarty's wrist (.clean fracture of the radius and ulna, depriving blood flow to the scaphoid) and the gun falls to the tiles.

John is already lunging up and he catches Sherlock around the waist just as the (last) sniper pulls the trigger. Pain explodes up his left leg and they hit the water like an express train. John tastes chlorine as he sucks in a lungful of water.

Then everything goes black.

Shadows on the Wall 24(/24)

The sound of his heartbeat, echoed back by an electronic monitor and thumping steadily in his chest, drags John back to the light. He can smell antiseptic, bleach and the thousand little smells that add up to 'hospital' in his mind, even around the cannula's stream of oxygen. He's hazy, floating in a grey-black limbo and he's afraid to open his eyes.

He can't feel anything below his shoulders, recognises the haze of really good drugs. He can't tell if he still has his leg (53.4% chance he still has his left leg, 32.8% chance of regaining limited mobility, 6.1772% chance of regaining full mobility)

"John," and John digs deep and tries to claw his way back to conciousness. Sherlock wants him.

He manages to open his eyes, wincing at the too-bright lights and he definitely has his left hand at least because Sherlock's griping it so tightly, John's half-afraid something's going to break.

"John," Sherlock breathes and when John manages to get his eyes open long enough to focus, Sherlock looks relieved. His hair is still soggy and he's wrapped in an obnoxious orange blanket.

"M'croft called L'strade then," John slurs. "G'd"

Sherlock frowns, hands tightening around John's as John peers fuzzily around the room. There are five IVs: two of blood, three of saline and drugs. John's right arm looks like part of the plumbing. Bugger. Must have nicked the femoral artery after all.

"How did you know that?" Sherlock demands. John must have said that out loud. Double bugger.

"Knew it was a possibility," John says honestly.

"How could you have known that?" Sherlock snaps, frustrated. He doesn't let go of John's hand. "And if you knew it was a possibility, why didn't you avoid getting shot!?"

"My other options were through the heart," Sherlock's hands tighten again," The spine and the heart," Sherlock goes chalk white "Or through your head. Figured a consulting detective without a brain is a bit of a lost cause, yeah?"

"How could you possibly know-" Sherlock stops, head tilting as he thinks. "You knew how to find the drowned man's flat. You knew exactly where Professor Cairns was,. Lestrade thanked me for the anonymous tip-off that Oskar Dzundza would be hiding a shipping container heading to Gibraltar which I didn't send him..."

"-but you left the encryption program on my phone," John says. "Password is your mother's birthday in year-day-month format. I didn't realise that until I found out that Mycroft's password is the same date."

"How do you know what Mycroft's password is?" Sherlock looks equal parts frustrated, intrigued and worried. "How could you possibly have been in a situation where you could learn Mycroft's password?"

John hesitates. He knew complete confession was the price of saving Sherlock's life. He can't regret that but it's not easy. Sherlock leans in closer.

"John, you must see how dangerous your position is! Mycroft did not rise to his current position by being kind and he-" (is smarter than Sherlock, even if the knowledge burns like hydrochloric acid. He can do what even the escaped and vengeful Moriarty can't. He will take John who is wonderful, kind, friend? blogger, companion, comrade. Loved.)

John blinks then blinks again. It might take Sherlock another year to figure out what he's feeling. It might take another ten years after that before he shares that revelation with John but John knows. John will know and he doesn't care if Sherlock never says, never acknowledges it outside these private terrified moments because John will always know.

Sherlock is in love with him.

Heart so light, it feels like it's floating, John clears his throat. "It started in basic training...."

Shadows on the Wall: Author's Notes

The lines marked with an asterisk in part 12 are the Physician's Oath which is the most likely oath, I think, for John to take.

Secondly, apologies for the length of time this took to finish. I did originally intend that it should only be 3-5 parts, I swear. =D

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who read and especially thank you to everyone who commented. ♥

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Re: Shadows on the Wall 24(/24)

Totally, completely fantastic! I enjoyed every moment of this!

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