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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

Sherlock brushes off the information which is good, fantastic because as soon as John steps in past the first archway, it comes roaring back. This is old London and John jolts as years of history boil up. It's a quiet, secret place. (Drunken prostitutes, desperate souls and all the flotsam of the city pass through here. The man in the corner, Jack Mills, used to be top boy at his school but there was no money for university and bitterness poisoned his life. He's dying of heroin; doesn't eat, doesn't sleep if he can avoid it. He's dying of pneumonia but he'll die of exposure first.)

John is astonished but not genuinely surprised to find that Sherlock can interact so seamlessly with the homeless. (It started in university, Sherlock intrigued and attracted to the outcast, those who didn't merely fail to live up to society's standards but were actually incapable of doing so. A reminder of how well he could choose to integrate and the price if he didn't.)

He turns to look, just as Dzundza stands up and bloody hell, Alex wasn't kidding. He looks like the master vampire off Buffy crossed with a giraffe. John staggers a little; just as he starts to move. The man taints everything he comes within a hundred miles of and why in God's name didn't John bring his gun? Sherlock could have waited three goddamned minutes because John is pretty much certain that going up against the Golem with a gun is going to get them both killed.

John gets them both flattened against the wall, feeling hopelessly for where his gun should be. Then Sherlock - infuriating, crazy, wonderful Sherlock - slips him his gun and you know, they might actually manage this.

They don't because Moriarty isn't willing to tip his hand just yet. It's one thing to surrender some petrified client but letting Sherlock get his hands on the Golem would be an entirely different matter. Dzundza's got minders, a whole team of gunmen. (Ukrainian with nothing to go home for. They aren't evil but their utter indifference to normal morals has made them invaluable to Moriarty. No trained snipers but they're all good shots.)

John knows - knows - that they won't be able to save Professor Abigail Cairns in the second that the red lights of the car vanish into the London night. He still tries because he's not Sherlock, mercurial and brilliant or Lestrade, jaded and intelligent but he's John Watson and as Harry used to say, he has stubborn where he should have common sense.

The fight in the planetarium is chaos; Dzundza isn't stupid and problems like Sherlock are serious problems. John lets his gun fall; Sherlock will miss, even this close where John wouldn't. Cairns is already dead, John can hear her voice wavering on the edge of hearing and John wants Dzundza to face the consequences.

The police arrive too late and John doesn't notice that Cairns' voice has faded until long after they have loaded her body into an ambulance.

Lestrade is distracted as Sherlock unravels the scheme, the latest hostage providing the countdown. (The boy isn't in danger. Seventy percent certain. Moriarty doesn't normally touch children but even his West London boss' kids aren't necessarily safe. Snatched from his mum's house, the kid's spent the last eleven and a bit hours playing games and sleeping and he's only now starting to realise something isn't right.)

Sherlock solves it, literally at the very last second and John's voice is breathless and funny as he and Moriarty's client are left staring at the painting. John leaves her to the uniforms and goes outside to find that Lestrade on the phone to Dover.

"Yes, Dzundza, Oskar Dzundza. Sounds like him all right."

John dips his head to hide the flicker of pride and relief. Lestrade got his text message, thank god and listened to it. Sherlock is pulling on his gloves, eyes intent on the woman being led out in handcuffs. He doesn't even look at John, waving him away before John can come up with a plausible reason for not wanting to come to the interview.

John gets home and goes straight up to his laptop. He opens Outlook and takes a deep breath before he starts to type.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

Oh! John caught the Golem! That's such an awesome addition. Oh lord, I love this story.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

Helped to catch, but Lestrade is used to following anonymous tips from unlisted numbers so John figured he was safe enough.

Glad you're enjoying it! Fiiiiiiiiiinally into the end game. =D!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

Yeeeeees, more of this! I love this story so much. :D

Re: Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

Thank you!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

I'm pleased to see your chapters numbers inching up. You've got such wonderful detail I'd hate to see you rush it at the end.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

I am trying to keep from rushing it but John's focus is narrowing as the last act looms. Glad you're enjoying it.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

thrilled with the update, and how sherlock is being pulled back into john's gravitational sphere just a bit. thanks for writing!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 17(/20?)

Glad you're enjoying it, thanks for reading!

Shadows on the Wall 18(/20?)

The only thing left to deal with after John's typed out the emails is Andrew West's murder.

Not for Mycroft because John doesn't have enough time left to be afraid. Even Big Brother needs some prep time after all. He's not even doing this for Sherlock. He's doing this because Andrew 'Westie' Westwood was a decent, loyal bloke and John might be able to help clear his name. There's a window of opportunity that is begging to slam shut and John sits on the couch as his laptop goes into standby and the skull sings 'Waltzing Matilda' like it's forgotten he can hear it. It's discordant, off-tempo and frankly, bloody pathetic.

John doesn't mention the singing; at least it drowns out the tick-tock of the clock running down. John has the mean little thought that the skull clearly learnt music from Sherlock's violin playing which is unfair. Sherlock can play and play beautifully. He just never does.

Perverse bloody wanker, John thinks affectionately as he shrugs into his coat and goes to bully the Transport Police into letting him view the crime scene. He's lucky and Hugh, the rail inspector who lets him onto the line, rants about suicides being selfish (not properly angry but when he was eighteen and his da and he were fighting every night and one night he looked at the trains flying past at the bottom of the hill and saw a way out that no-one could take from him). John ignores Hugh until he goes away and John fishes out his notebook and starts slowly trying to think his way through the crime.

Finally, John gets it, sees the whole bloody shape of it in one glorious moment...and Sherlock is there. The bloody great ponce has already solved it, of course and John feels just a little bitter. Then Sherlock is off and flying and John is sucked into his wake and they're hurrying down the road as Sherlock rattles off the whole thing in a breathless monologue. John interrupts once or twice and he only notices when Sherlock bounds up the stairs that he's been marching down the street.

John's already sinking into the cool battle-ready detachment of the trained soldier when Sherlock levers the door open and a tidal-wave of emotions and images come gushing out. They're incredible potent, like the whole flat has been hermetically sealed since West came charging through the door.

"Jesus," John breathes (So much anger/pain/betrayal-God, what will Liz think? Brother-friend—I TRUSTED YOU!) Sherlock sweeps into the flat ahead of him and John fumbles for the right questions. (Shame-pain-FEAR, can't find the words, can't stand the way you look at me, don't. Look. at. Me. Like. That.) and Sherlock's peering at a bloodstain on the windowsill.

John can't think past the burning question (West's furious, grieving need to know). "Then why'd he do it?"

They're interrupted by the rattle of keys in the door. He draws his gun without thinking, without hesitating as Raymond West's dying thoughts loop endlessly in the back of his mind and John could shoot this man, right now and never feel guilty. But that's West's thinking, his emotions and John pushes them away and he stands back and lets Sherlock flay the truth from this snivelling wreck of a man.

Sherlock whisks him away and John marches the whole way back to Baker Street with his back straight and his eyes forward while Sherlock watches and taps away on his mobile. It takes hours and a piping hot curry to purge West's memories but John is able to watch Sherlock, still bundled up in his coat and scarf yell at the TV and smile when he jokes about Connie Prince. It's domestic, pedestrian and...nice. John plays around on his computer, draws the moment out as long as he can. He looks at Sherlock, at the flat and thinks I was happy here and he smiles at Sherlock before he leaves for a fictitious date with Sarah (who's safely on a date with Tim from the x-ray clinic and it would have been nice if he could have said goodbye but she's safe and that's good enough)

Halfway down the street, he stops; just a split second before the gun comes to rest against the back of his neck. He looks up at the smirking, horribly familiar figure in front of him, All around them, the CCTV cameras are dark and dead. John breathes out, even and calm.

"Hello, Jim."

Re: Shadows on the Wall 18(/20?)

this is the best fanfiction that deals with the paranormal and telepathy. LOVE IT!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 18(/20?)

Delurking to comment...

Loving this! Got it bookmarked and check back every day for some more. Now I'm just hoping that John gets to be more awesome 'cause of his gift - not that he isn't already, but Sherlock always seems to get there first. Dammit Sherlock, you're wonderful but sometimes infuriating!

(And whoops, clicked the wrong post comment button and posted this to the prompt. Never mind!)

Re: Shadows on the Wall 18(/20?)

yes, yes, yes-- john is lining up the strands and taking action and initiative. i enjoyed his moment of appreciation at the flat, but am nervous about the certainty of his finality. can't wait for more, thanks for writing.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 18(/20?)

Oooooomigosh, amazing! I love the last sentence. *settles in to wait for the end*

Re: Shadows on the Wall 18(/20?)

F5 F5 F5

(Deleted comment)
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