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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

The papers are all blotchy, dull grey and John has to work to focus on the words. There's a suicide (Rachel Caine, 15, taking the only escape route her bullies hadn't closed off. For the last few seconds of her life, she was flying free and that was enough to make it worthwhile.) which Sherlock dismisses out of hand.

"Two kids stabbed in Stoke Newington," John says dully. (Michael Brady and Mohammed Bartholomew who played football together and died when a pack of chavs with too much cheap cider and meth frying their brain attacked them because they were walking down the street together.)

"Man found on the train line, Andrew West," John looks up from that one. Andrew West is going to be important; just like Carl was (is) and he's hoping Sherlock will see it now that Mycroft isn't hovering over him.

"Nothing!" Sherlock spits as if he's reading John's mind (he's not) and calls Lestrade.

John looks down at his pile of papers and isn't surprised when Sherlock's impatient phone call gets results; Lestrade may not like Sherlock a lot of the time but he respects Sherlock's instincts. John doesn't listen to Sherlock's side of the conversation, just stares down at the newsprint and waits for Sherlock to fuck right the hell off.

It will be...not better because nothing is going to make this better, but easier if John has time to recover. He just needs the time to rebuild the mask, to sort out what Sherlock wants John to be when he needs someone to send scurrying off to do the boring, necessary work that the great Sherlock Holmes can't be bothered to do himself. He needs time to collect himself, time to hide and he's not going to be able to keep a lid on his hurt unless he has some time.

"John?" Sherlock is hovering by the door with his coat on and his scarf tucked into the collar.

"Lestrade's found you something then?" John says matter-of-factly.

"Yes, weren't you listening?" Sherlock's frowning a little now and John closes the papers and steadfastly refuses to look up.

"I try not to listen to conversations that aren't my business," John replies carefully.

"Useless niceties," Sherlock huffs, coming a little closer until he's towering over John. It would be intimidating if John hadn't had his whole life to get used to being the smallest kid in his class and later his unit. "If you had listened, you'd have heard that he's found it!"


"The body, John," and now Sherlock's exasperated and John breathes in even and slow. He will not be responsible for what he does to Sherlock if Sherlock has the fucking gall to lose his temper at John now. "Do keep up!"

"I wouldn't want my 'caring about him' to disrupt your case," John snaps and Sherlock rears back like John has slapped him. "Don't feel the need to hang around on my account."

Sherlock is staring at him, hands twitching and eyes narrowed as if John is being perplexing again. John isn't sure what Sherlock expects him to say here but he's damned if he's going to be the one to break the tension suddenly thrumming between them. He looks back down at his hands, watching them curl into fists as the skull starts to whistle the theme from Jaws. Badly and out of tune.

"The police have found a body," Sherlock says again. "This is what he wants me to solve. Moriarty."

"Still not seeing where I come in," John points out coolly.

"John," Sherlock says, all exasperated tone but his eyes are fixed on John with the sort of intensity that he normally reserves for crime scenes. "Stop being childish and get your coat."

John has to bite back a completely inappropriate giggle. Sherlock wouldn't know a pick-up line if John tattooed it on the back of his hand which really only makes it funnier. Sherlock loses some of the nervous tension and the corners of his lips rise a little.

"Do hurry up, John, or Lestrade will have to let Anderson start working on the scene and he'll destroy all my evidence."

John blinks up at Sherlock who is holding out John's coat and for once not commenting on the patches or the frayed inside pocket. He has the feeling, barely discernible under the hurt and amusement, that there's another conversation here he's missing. John sighs and pushes himself up.

"Oh, all right."

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

so glad you updated so soon ^^
yep, it definitely was worth the wait! <3
curiouser and curiouser;)
i really love your john, the way you portrayed him and his emotions... awesome.

and sherlock, such a smug bastard!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

I'm hoping to get this finished by the end of the month (assuming it doesn't stretch too much longer than I guesstimated it would).

I am a big fan of John so I'm glad you think I'm doing him justice. Sherlock is indeed a smarmy git.

Thanks for reading!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

Getting another piece of this really makes my day. :D

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

Glad you're enjoying it!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

I can't say it enough - I *love* this. (Watching the numbers expand from 3 parts to upwards of 19 makes my day, too. Hee!).

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

/o\ I swear it's not going to be too much longer. I really did think it would just be the three pieces once.

Thanks for reading.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

ouchouchOUCH. /joins the worshipping-this-fic bandwagon/

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

Poor John gets no appreciation.

Glad you're enjoying it!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

Holy crap, I need more. That -- that's all I can really say.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

Working on it, I promise!

Thanks for reading!

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

Need a minute. Absorbing that last scene into head canon. *whirring noise*

DING! Done now! :-D

No, seriously though, that was awesome. I loved how Sherlock is totally not going to apologize but he absolutely wants John to come with him and also to stop being mad at him. Glorious. And the skull singing Jaws. XD He's one of my favorite OCs (does he even count as OC? I'm confused) ever.

Ha, and I just realized (via anon's comment above me) that this was originally supposed to be 3 parts. How happy am I that it's now 19 with the potential to go up even more? :D :D :D :D :D

Re: Shadows on the Wall 13(/19?)

I admit, I'm going to have such a hard time adapting to the next bits of canon. ^^;;;;

Sherlock is still socially inept, poor John is still in for a hard time. John's getting rather battered, the poor pet. The skull and Joe are a lot of fun. We'll see them again before the end.

I swear, I really, really thought I could get this done in three parts but I was foiled by LJ's comment limits (most of the pieces are within one or two characters of the limit already). Still, hopefully only a third of the fic left to go. ::crosses fingers::

Shadows on the Wall 14(/19?)

The taxi ride passes in an odd silence. John is watching through the windows. He doesn't like taxis, stupid big black boxes that feel like some nightmarishly fragile APC and John is watching for snipers, prickly with the awareness of how exposed and vulnerable they are. (Moriarty will escalate, has to escalate to prove that he's better/smarter/in control. It's his weakness.) Sherlock doesn't even look at him and John tries very, very hard not to let that bother him.

The body belongs to Alex Woodbridge, who is glumly resigned to being dead and the brisk, invasive scrutiny Sherlock subjects him to. He's not bitter; one of life's 'keep calm and carry on' types, John thinks. He was a security guard, tumbled something he shouldn't have and he's certain it's the curator's doing. John feels that he should be congratulating Alex on how well he's taking it all.

"Suppose it's to be expected," he confides in John who stares down at him while Sherlock spins his web of amazing deductions and Lestrade thinks longingly about his warm (and decidedly occupied) bed. John almost congratulates him before remembering that he's not supposed to know about Rafael. Alex is still talking. "Tell you what though, like something out of Frankenstein he was. Did my best but, well, you should have seen the size of the bastard."

Lestrade is rubbing his hands together and John smiles distracted, feeling the expression freeze when Alex says "Here! He just swiped me bloody tickets! I could get in trouble for that!"

Sherlock's too fast for John to see it happen but Alex is sputtering indignantly and John hasn't met a corpse who can lie to him yet. (And, Christ, isn't that a depressing thought?)

John looks frantically for a distraction, the crime scene is turning into a minefield of things he shouldn't know and can't talk about and it's a relief when Sherlock spins away to play with his phone. John gets Lestrade's nod of approval and a chance to practice sorting out what he can admit to knowing from what he shouldn't mention.

Alex Woodbridge for normal people; mid-thirties (actually only 33 but between his obesity and the incipient diabetes, he looks older), not in the best condition (he's only been going to the gym for a fortnight, barely scraped the surface of the diet) and he was choked to death (by a man that looked like a waxwork monster and didn't feel even the most casual interest in him as an individual). John thinks he's doing pretty well when Sherlock interrupts with his wild prediction and even Lestrade's benevolent (well-shagged) mood isn't proof against Sherlock's unthinking arrogance.

John hasn't seen the painting but Alex's contemptuous snort tells him Sherlock is, however aggravating it feels, once more on a winner. So he steps in, breaking up the looming fight just before Lestrade actually snaps.

Old habits die hard and John was never much of a drill instructor; too soft. Still Sherlock responds, unravelling the whole thing, step by step. He directs the flow of genius towards John, dismissing Lestrade almost completely. It's bloody marvellous and John tells him so.

"Meretricious," Sherlock shrugs it off, eyes flicking away and they both startle when Lestrade chimes in.

John looks down at Alex Woodbridge and promises silently that this Oskar Dzundza is going to pay for this.

"Tell Meg," Alex hesitates and John gets a flash of what he means, (Meg who was sweet and funny and who persuaded him to go the gym and take that astronomy course he always wanted to. Meg who is synonymous with love and good things) and feels the borrowed euphoria drain away. He looks at Alex and remembers why he's doing this and why it's never going to be enough. "Poor sod."

Sherlock shoots him a split second glance before Lestrade starts the wheels of officialdom rolling. (The Golem already has his ticket booked. A quiet, no-fuss exit where no-one's looking.)

"Pointless, but I know a man who can," Sherlock beams, bright and cruel. "Me."

He sweeps away, leaving John to follow. He looks at Alex and hurries after him. Sherlock's used to John falling behind so he doesn't notice when John pulls out his phone or the way his left hand is so absolutely still while he taps out the text.

Re: Shadows on the Wall 14(/19?)

<3 Cliffhanger-y.


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