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Giggles at the Palace

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In the original, when Holmes comes back, Watson mentions that he said something appropriate about "my sad bereavement" (presumably something that showed his empathy while allowing Watson to remain all stiff and manly) and then invited Watson to come back to 221b to live; in one of the later stories, when ACD was experimenting with trying to tell one from Holmes's point of view, Holmes mentions that Watson had married and moved out... something like eight to ten years after he'd been widowed, and in a context where Holmes clearly is still a little snippy about the marriage and Watson hasn't cut Holmes out of his life or anything (but still wasn't invited along for that particular case).

Some of the fans have cheerfully given Watson up to six wives and shipped him with several of the women mentioned in other stories, but then these are often some of the same people who ship Holmes/Irene Norton and deal with Godfrey by making him an abuser or something (whatever happened to good old killing the romantic rival off?), so.

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