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Spoiler-Friendly Post - Series 3
Giggles at the Palace

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Not sure if it belongs here (This episode 2 for season 3)

What happened so far

-Sherlock's the best man at John's wedding
-Sherlock solves two cases in one
-Sherlock is officially forever alone due to the ending
-Mary is pregnant
-Everyone knows Sherlock is lonely and/or pinning
-Trolling (Sherlock hangs out with a woman then she ditches him at the end, Molly the only person noticing Sherlock alone/leaving, Hints of Sherlock/John and Sherlock/John/Mary that were pretty much killed by the ending, etc.)
-BAMF John
-More about John's military past, sort of
-Sherlock and John getting drunk and making fools of themselves
-Sherlock when drunk can't deduce worth crap
-Some Greg BAMF moments
-"How's the diet Mycroft" with Mycroft working out and still having a tummy.

I was kinda surprised with this episode. It ran from funny, to dramatic, to depressing at the end.

Re: Not sure if it belongs here (This episode 2 for season 3)

"Sitty thing" is the best thing ever.

Re: Not sure if it belongs here (This episode 2 for season 3)

sleeeeeeeeep <~ another good one

Re: Not sure if it belongs here (This episode 2 for season 3)

OA here.

Favourite parts:

-Elephant in the room
-John asking Sherlock does he make a good looking woman/what he sees in a woman (he was so drunk that I couldn't make out what he said.)
-Midget guy trying to kill them.
-Them getting slowly drunk/being drunk and starting bar fights
-Greg laughing at them hung over in a jail cell
-BAMF John

Least favourite parts:

-Dat ending with Sherlock leaving alone while everyone else is having a good as hell time. It gave me a lot of bad feels.

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