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Spoiler-Friendly Post - Series 3
Giggles at the Palace

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Holmes Boy's, Lestrade

To prevent myself going into Lestrade withdrawal after seeing the miniepisode, I have to ask, is there much Sherlock/Lestrade interaction in the episode. I'm a big fan of their father/son vibe that shines through occasionally(ie, Study in Pink).
Also, for my inner Mycroft fangirl, does Mycroft show any genuine emotion in this episode, to anyone? And do he and John have any interaction at all?
Feel free to ignore these queries if they're too spoilery : )

Re: Holmes Boy's, Lestrade

There isn't much Lestrade in the ep, but what there is is exquisite...

And yes, there is some nice Mycroft and Sherlock scenes to be had. Some emotions - and a bit of BAMF!Mycroft too!! (Can't really think of any John and Mycroft, though.)

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