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Spoiler-Friendly Post - Series 3
Giggles at the Palace

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Re: What have been revealed so far...

- We don't learn why Sherlock had to make John believe he was a fraud.
- There is a bonfire involved.
- Sherlock doesn't seem cold. He's more human than ever before.
- The tea Sherlock and Moriarty drink have nothing to do with how Sherlock faked his death.
- Sherlock gets hit a lot.
- There are a lot of twists in the beginning that don't affect the storyline. There's a big, kinds funny twist towards the end.
- John's face, Lestrade turning around, and Mrs Hudson yelling are actually part of the reunions.
- Bit of Molly dialogue:
- John/Mary dialogue:

- Apparently, Gatiss and Moffat have obviously been reading tumblr.
- The Sherlock&Moriarty bit doesn't include any dialogue.
- Sherlock and Molly have scenes on their own. Together.

Re: What have been revealed so far...

You're my favorite person on the internet! Have some cookies!

I'm very excited to see a more human Sherlock, but at the same time I'm nervous. The last thing this Sherlock needs if more woobie!Sherlock.

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