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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sunday 2/3

AN so maybe they did a bit of whoring. I guess I'll leave that up to you to decide. Its boarding school, everyone is insane in English boarding schools.

“Pass it here.”
Its Sunday afternoon and they’ve been blowing smoke rings through the rounds of their lips, tilting their heads to watch them begin to dissipate. The smoke continues through the window, swung open an hour ago to air the room.
“Get your own,” John ignores the lazy curl of a long hand, pale in a blur of smoke, that hangs, expectant under the cigarette between his lips.
“I’m all out,” comes the reply. Its consonants are sharp, vowels round between the bow of his lips. It pouts.
“That’ll be you and your bloody chain smoking.”
Sherlock frowns at the accusation, even as John laughs, shuffling his weight a little from where it rests slouched against the wall. He hands the lit cigarette to Sherlock, who takes a long drag and watches John. Sherlock exhales, bottom lip curling out to blow the smoke in a screen over his eyes.
The pack of cigarettes emerges, victorious, from the folds of the slouchy army jacket, sleeves pushed up around John’s forearms. John waves it in front of him in case Sherlock missed it, and eventually fumbles a cigarette out. He giggles as his fingers slip.
Sherlock, who is watching, giggles too, he can’t help it. The high is soaking in the back of his bones and making his breaths new. “You are completely incompetent.”
“You’re completely incompetent,” shoots back John. There is a pause. Sherlock leans to stub the lit cigarette out. John, leaning against Sherlock’s slide slightly,turns his head to the side and becomes preoccupied with the curve of Sherlock’s neck as he leans. He drags a curled finger down the side of it until he finds the spot that makes Sherlock gasp a little, and leans fully to press his mouth over it.
Wet lips and hot tongue make Sherlock sigh and bare his neck completely, curls pressed against the wall, head tilted back. Wanting.
John pulls back after a moment, the slick sound of his lips parting next to Sherlock’s ear the only prelude to John nudging up the side of his neck to sneak a bite to his earlobe. Sherlock jumps and pushes John’s head away halfheartedly, laughing. John tries for it again, lazy, cheeky grin tugging at his reddened lips. He snaps his teeth together as Sherlock employs both hands tangled in the bright blond of John’s hair to keep the bites at bay.
John wrestles the hands from his hair and relaxes a little, cigarette still between his fingers. Sherlock does too, leaning back against the wall again, slow smile lingering as he watches John carefully.
John, Sherlock’s hands still tangled with his, strokes his thumbs slowly over the captured palms, pressing a kiss to the base of Sherlock’s left thumb.
And then a slow bite. More of a snog, eye contact kept completely.
Sherlock watches him, smile now a smirk.
John lets one of the captive hands go, and it falls to Sherlock’s lap, eye contact kept, as John pushes up one wide sleeve to press another kiss to Sherlock’s wrist. He reaches down to pluck at the other sleeve, distracted to staring at it faintly, confused.
“This is still ridiculous. Who did you get this from again?”
“I took it off Barry Sherwood,” Sherlock’s head is tilted against the wall still, but he watches John’s lips with dark eyes.
John makes a noise that shows he’s listening, as he tugs Sherlock’s arms lightly and Sherlock moves until he is straddling John’s lap comfortably. “He’s the tall one, bit of a dick, yeah?” clarifies John.
Sherlock nods, and John plays with the hem of his shirt.
“I recon we should take it off you then.”
Sherlock nods.

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