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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 5a/?

A/N: Thank you to everyone who commented. You guys make me feel happy inside! Anyway, some good news/bad news. My vacation from my RL job ended yesterday, so going forward, I will probably only be able to update two or three times a week, rather than every day. But on the plus side, I decided to combine what I originally intended to be parts 5 and 6, so this is twice as long as my previous fills.

Part 5: Epiphany

“John, could you answer a question for me?”

“What?” His tone was skeptical.

“Why is it that whenever someone insinuates that you may be attracted to men, your knee-jerk reaction is to insist that you are ‘not gay?’”

“Perhaps,” John replied in an aggrieved tone, “because I am, in fact, not gay.”

Sherlock held up an index finger, “but, you never say, ‘I’m straight.’ Instead your standard response is always, ‘I’m not gay.’ So the question is: do you identify yourself as straight?”

“Of course I’m straight. I’ve shagged women. If all you are going do is carp at me about being gay, consider this conversation finished.”

Sherlock’s heart was about to beat out of his chest. He could not mess this up. He tried another approach. “When was the last time that you shagged a woman?”

“I don’t see how that is relevant. You know my life was interrupted by the war.”

“Other men seem to make it work. Tell me, has a woman ever left you as a result of your ambivalence toward intimacy?”

John lurched to his feet and took a step toward Sherlock. “Shut up! Shut the fuck up! I am fucking sick of your manipulative psychobabble!”

Sherlock felt sick with fear. Step 2 of the revised plan was officially a failure. It was time to move on to Step 3 and hope for the best.

He kept his voice calm, but couldn’t school the nervousness from his features. “I propose an experiment that will settle this argument permanently.”

John eyed him with suspicion, but sat down again. “Okay, I’m listening.”

Sherlock felt like he was about to throw up. Never in his life had so much been riding on his next words. “We kiss each other, right here, right now. If you like it, you have to admit that you are attracted to men. If you do not like it, I will admit that you are right and we will never speak of it again.”

Sherlock watched in horror as John’s lips began to form a rejection. John looked at his face. He must have seen something in Sherlock’s expression that caused him to change his mind because he buried his face in his hands and mumbled, “Fine.”


“Fine, I’ll let you try to turn me gay. It’s obviously important to you, so have at it.”

This was not exactly the response Sherlock was hoping for, but it would have to do. He now had permission to execute Step 4.

Re: Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 5a/?

BEST line so far:
“Fine, I’ll let you try to turn me gay. It’s obviously important to you, so have at it.”
/oh john/

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