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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 3a/?

A/N: I forgot to mention earlier that this is set post Season 1, but pre Season 2 (in case that wasn’t obvious).

Part 3: Sherlock makes a lot of lists, one of which involves gay porn

Sherlock left John, but kept the door cracked just in case. He had lied about being alright, just as he’d been lying for months now. Well, not actively telling lies per se, but rather allowing one very important truth go unsaid.

He’d felt the zing of physical attraction early on. He ignored it, assumed it was a passing thing. John’s insistence that he was ‘not gay’ in spite of clear evidence to the contrary was another deterrent for Sherlock. There were few things on this planet that annoyed him more than sexually confused men. Most people had their preferences figured out by the time they were thirteen. John wasn’t a complete idiot. He was sure to sort himself out eventually. Sherlock wasn’t given to introspection, but he had enough self-awareness to realize that he wasn’t the best person to guide John through a sexual identity crisis.

The problem began when his attraction for John didn’t go away. Instead, it cemented into a consuming infatuation. After the pool incident, he realized that the disturbing tenderness he felt was love.

Sherlock spent weeks scrutinizing John’s body language, but observed no indication that his feelings were returned. So, he hid his emotions behind the usual façade of narcissism and tactlessness. He sublimated his anguish into his work, doing what he could to move on.

But today, when he’d seen John’s body tumbling through the air, and thought for a second, well, closer to 500 milliseconds that he was going to see his friend die, he felt terror. As though, not just the man he loved, but the part of himself that made Sherlock human, that kept him from becoming a monster was going to end in a splatter of blood and crunch of bone on the pavement.

That had been bad enough, but the moment he saw John, alive, breathing, and with no injuries that wouldn’t heal in a few weeks, he felt the words push against his lips. I love you.

When he’d seen the blood that soaked the front of John’s shirt, he had to swallow the words again. Sherlock remembered the knife wound, long and shallow, surrounded by a number of small scars. They were faint and old, just slight discolorations, but he recognized them as burns.

The words came again as John struggled up the stairs, as he stared in befuddlement at the offering of tea and toast on the bedside table. Sherlock knew that they were bound to escape. They would wait for an unguarded moment and rush past his lips.

He flopped onto the sofa and slapped a nicotine patch on his arm. He needed to distance himself from this problem. If he could solve a murder with only a shoelace and a pen cap as evidence, surely he could solve his unrequited love for his flatmate.

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