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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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There's a few Monsterlock fics out there where Sherlock is monster under the bed and John is the sweet kid who befriends him. I'd like to see those roles reversed please.

Re: Monsterlock

I'm on this. You don't mind if John is a demon type of monster do you?

Not at all. Eagerly awaiting this!

Fill: Grimm under the bed 1/?

Writer anon here. This is my first time doing this. It's beta by me sadly. I will attempt to post this on A03 and hopefully find a beta here or elsewhere.

What took so long was the fact that I couldn't figure out what monster/demon John should be. I didn't want to be cliche with Lucifer/etc. but I didn't want to use a demon that didn't him fit either. After doing research I decided to make him Calvik.

Also happy Halloween. Its still the 31st as I post this.


Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant young man at the age of eight, isolated himself from society.

He became a pariah for several reasons but the main one had been at the time is his 'gift' to sense other worldly presences.

Sherlock would see spiritual apparitions; ghostly pale spooks in houses during parties that his parents took him to for flaunting. Strange animals with three sets of eyes that nobody would see but him when he walked.

Usually he would 'delete' these events from his mind, a defensive mechanism he contrived after witnessing first hand horrors and cruelties of the real world. It didn't bother him per say; he could get stimulation from experiments as well observations.

One incident in particular he couldn't ignore though. It happened one night after he had a row with his brother Mycroft. His father condemned him to his room so the boy protest by turning up the radio as loud as he could. When that didn't work he 'practice' his violin; a screeching noise that caused his teenager brother to have another spat with him.

Eventually Sherlock wore himself down; tired of throwing tantrums. "Bored!" He yelled in the open at nobody particular. He had no classes tomorrow but he was dreadfully bored.

Grimm under the bed 2/?

Sherlock stared at the ceiling; his young mind active and still clad in his day clothes of suspenders, a white woven shirt, and breeches. He turned off the lights ages ago and was now looking at his black and white glow in the dark pirate stickers.

'11:30 am.' He could go out back and gather up nocturnal bugs for observation and decomposition. His father hated when he ventured outside but if he remained near the manor it would be fine. The boy pondered this until a low rumbled rang out from under his bed.

Sherlock didn't believe in preposterous things such as monsters under the bed but after the event of the annoying cheek pinching woman who looked suspiciously like Hecate and would give his brother cakes out of thin air he had his suspicions and wasn't taking any chances.

The boy wiggled off of the mattress and crawled under the bed. Nothing but beakers as well as dust mites greeted him back. He sighed, frustrated, until something black fly out in a rush.

Sherlock gasped; falling back. He searched around; hoping it was a cat or another small animal but instead the creature revealed itself to be a type of small bird.

'A Thrush?' Sherlock identified; eyes wide with wonder.


Sherlock is describing Hecate the Greek goddess of witchcraft.

Re: Grimm under the bed 2/?

Interesting, can't wait for the next bit.

Re: Monsterlock

I'm also working on a fill for this. My beta might look over it first, but then I'll post it.

Re: Monsterlock (Writer anon here)

The more the merrier is what I say!

I'll de anon once I finished. So far I'm not having luck on the beta part. I might request one here on the livejournal.

Fill: Quarter to Three

Here's my fill. Hope you like it, OP

Fill: Quarter to Three

Looks like it marks links as spam. Fill is on AO3 at archiveofourown(.)org/works/1049244

Re: Fill: Quarter to Three

Oh! Lovely fill, thank you so much! I adore your wee!Sherlock, and John is still himself even with a different shape.

Re: Fill: Quarter to Three

I'm SO glad you like it! You give great prompts. No promises, but your May-December prompt has also caught my eye ;)

Re: Fill: Quarter to Three

Here's hoping!

*discreetly camps out*

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