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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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AU, Lesbian!Fem!Sherlock/Harry, BFFs with John

The first (and for many years, only) time John Watson met Sherlock Holmes, it was at her wedding to his sister, Harriet. She made quite an impression. Not long after, he was shipped off to Afghanistan, and she embarks on a relationship that, although very loving (Harry is, in fact, the only person she has really loved, the only one she feels such strong sentiment for, until the other Watson sibling comes along), consists of two recovering addicts (maybe they even met whilst in rehab) with self-destructive tendencies, and slowly implodes to the point of separation and divorce... which point, invalidated home and now a war hero, John runs into Mike Stamford at a park, and ends up becoming flatmates with his ex-sister-in-law. It isn't very long until they become total best friends forever, even through Moriarty, Reichenbach and John's own marriage.

What changes, and what doesn't? Does Sherlock give Harry an engraved phone, which Harry gave to John? How did Harry cope with loving the world's only consulting detective? Were Mycroft and Lestrade also at the wedding? Hell, half of Sherlock's and John's conversations in ASIP would be completely different, for a start. And how does Harry now feel, considering her ex-wife lived with her brother, went on cases and became best friends with him, died, came back, and then was John's best woman at his wedding, forgived and all fine again?

TL;DR: Sherlock is John's former sister-in-law. They are still them and forever friends.

Johnlock, Pre-Afghanistan Relationship

John and Sherlock were together pre-Afghanistan, and a younger!Sherlock had almost a twink-like look about him. He was a little thinner, less muscular, and all around more feminine looking - in fact, one of their favorite role-plays was him as a woman (cross-dressing welcome too, but not required).

However, while John was away, Sherlock stopped sending him updated pictures. Because he was getting older and more mature-looking, he was losing that twink-like appearance and was afraid John wouldn't want him anymore. John, completely oblivious, is none-the-wiser to Sherlock's distress.

John returns home to find a stranger in their flat, which is actually Sherlock. Cue Sherlock anxiously trying to keep up the charade by any means necessary... and it all coming out in the wash.


If anon choses the cross-dressing route...

+100000 if Sherlock attempts to fit into one of the outfits, only to be dismayed when it rips because he's taller/muscles have gotten larger/etc.

Johnlock, Mpreg!John, Unintentionally Callous!Sherlock, Slight Mystrade w/ Mpreg!Lestrade

John is four months pregnant and looking for a way to tell Sherlock. He decides to try and broach the subject by asking Sherlock his opinion on ever having kids - Sherlock's response? He wouldn't want to taint the gene pool. (In reality, he's really worried he'd make a lousy excuse for a father, but refuses to speak his insecurities aloud for fear of validating them). Needless to say, John is devastated.

Not understanding why John has suddenly become so withdrawn, Sherlock turns to Mycroft for their version of helpful advice - banter and deduction. After all, who better to turn to then the man who married a reproductive machine?

Bonfire Burns hurt/comfort

Sherlock burned his hands/arms pulling John out of the bonfire and covered them up instead of treating them (too preoccupied with the case). Later, John notices and helps treat them.

Gen or shippy is fine.

Re: Bonfire Burns hurt/comfort

Yes! I need this.

Sherlock/John, Gun target

Even though John's not supposed to have his gun, I imagine he's fairly responsible about it and therefore goes to practice at a range once in awhile to make sure he'll hit what he's aiming at. I just googled 'gun range targets' and quite a few are vaguely shaped like people, and have a scoring system based on what would do the most damage.

Now, it's hard to tell where exactly Sherlock got hit, but it's definitely a 'high score' for most of those targets.

So, what if John goes to practice, sees his target, and realizes that Mary wasn't 'performing surgery'. She didn't kill Sherlock then and there, but she didn't spare him either. Up to you what happens next but I'd love it/prefer it if Sherlock hadn't figured it out (yet).

Preferably Johnlock but not necessary. No Sherlock/John/Mary though, if possible. Thanks in advance :)

Re: Sherlock/John, Gun target


The Wind in the Willows Crossover

I just watched the thing with Mark Gatiss and can't get that out of my head. Sherlock is sleuthing Ratty and John is Mole. Lestrade is Badger. Any rating is possible.

Re: The Wind in the Willows Crossover

If you don't mind Sherlock/Lestrade, I did write a fic where Mrs Hudson tells their child a bedtime story which is basically the crossover you've described.

TEH spoilers, Sherlock/Jim

Laura of the The Empty Hearse group may not have been right about Sherlock faking his death to escape John and presumably elope with Jim, but she was more on the right lines than anyone ever realised.

The kiss happens as we saw and they end up having sex on the rooftop. It's a case of 'you annoy me so much sometimes but damn it, you're interesting', with Sherlock all frustrated and Jim delighted at his unexpected luck. Bottom!Jim, pretty please.

Mycroft whump. Punishment.

Some of the characters (both Holmes brothers, plus anyone else author wants to include) are captured and being held prisoner. Escape is practically impossible, but Sherlock and company try anyway.

The kidnappers have given them two rules:
1) If anyone, excluding Mycroft, attempts to escape or acts out in any way, Mycroft gets punished for it.
2) If Mycroft attempts to escape or acts out in any way, everyone else gets punished for it.

Mycroft is the only person that has been told these rules, and if he tells anyone else of them, someone will be killed. Now, the rules wouldn't be that bad, except that Sherlock sure does like his escape plans...

Bonus if Mycroft manages to hide it all, until someone starts noticing his deteriorating health.

Re: Mycroft whump. Punishment.


Mycroft and Sherlock GEN, Thunder

Little!Sherlock is afraid of thunder. Mummy Holmes gets scared that she can't find her boy, and sends Mycroft looking for him.

Mycroft finds Sherlock hiding in the closet in his personal office. Comfort and cuddles ensue.

John/Sherlock- Enjoyment

Sherlock's never enjoyed sex. He's had other partners but always considered sex just a way to get what he wants. When he gets together with John, he decides to have sex with John just to make John happy. And is surprised to find that he actually likes it.

It's not that John or Sherlock do anything vastly different from anyone else. It's just that having some form of emotional connection makes things so much more meaningful to Sherlock that it makes sex pleasureable for the first time.

Re: John/Sherlock- Enjoyment


John/Sherlock, Mycroft- One Way to Quit Smoking

Mycroft has Sherlock signed up for a salon because he worries about the toll that the amount of stress in his brother's life will take on his health. Should Sherlock so choose, he could receive daily massages, facials, foot rubs, etc. However, since Sherlock doesn't want to feel like he's dependent on his brother for anything, he rarely goes (maybe every once in a while, but not much).

When John finds out, he asks Sherlock if he can use his pass every now and then. So as not to waste it and not seeing why not, Sherlock gives it to him and John absolutely raves about it. So much so that Sherlock just has to try it. And soon, he sees what John's talking about and Sherlock starts to go with John.

Eventually, a really stressful case comes, one that would usually have Sherlock smoking (or maybe there're just no interesting ones and he's just bored). However, instead, he goes to the spa.

Basically, instead of using cigarettes, Sherlock starts using the spa to ease his boredom/stress.

Irene/? forced orgasm

Irene with any female character, tying them to a Hitachi wand and making them come over and over. Consensual only. Aftercare included would be great!

Re: Irene/? forced orgasm

Oh yes! There's not nearly enough steamy girl on girl action in this fandom!

Re: Irene/? forced orgasm (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Irene/? forced orgasm (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Irene/? forced orgasm (Anonymous) Expand

John+Sherlock: Hurt/Comfort, Five+One style

Five times Sherlock claimed he wasn't crying, but John comforted him anyways + and the one time he admitted it.

Re: John+Sherlock: Hurt/Comfort, Five+One style

T.T seconding, yes please

Someone's not-so-nice about Sherlock's scars TW: self-harm

Why yes this is a pity prompt.

Some people are truly awful upon seeing self harm scars. From jokes to rude comments, people are just rude.

After encountering one of these people today, I'd like to see someone crack jokes and/or make rude comments about Sherlock's self harm scars and then all of the sudden BAMF!John steps in and defends him.

Thank you!

Bonus: John punches the person
Double Bonus: Lestrade sees the commotion and comes over to help defend Sherlock
Amazing Super Bonus: Sally and Anderson help defend him to because dammit, he may be a freak, but he's their freak.

Re: Someone's not-so-nice about Sherlock's scars TW: self-harm

I definitely need this. Especially all those bonuses.

Anthea/Mycroft, stress relief

To keep her work efficiency up, Mycroft now and then concedes to pleasuring Anthea, because he keeps her so busy she doesn't have time for sex otherwise. He ties her to one of the office chairs, slips on a pair of gloves and slowly, torturously fingerfucks her until she's writhing and begging for it.

How quickly he finishes her off depends on how much work they still have to do.

Re: Anthea/Mycroft, stress relief

Fuck yes!
Someone,please,fill this


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