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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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S3 HLV Spoilers! - Sherlock Doesn't Trust Mary

Sherlock doesn't befriend people easily. He doesn't trust easily. Mary had his trust, and she broke it. Even when he found her holding a gun to Magnussen's head and she threatened to kill Sherlock, he still had trust in her that it was an empty threat. Mrs. Watson, Mary - his friend - wouldn't shoot him. He had faith in her and he took that step forward...

And she shot him.

She lost his trust that night. She lost a friend.

Sherlock plays nice for John's sake. He wants John to be happy, and knows that Mary genuinely loves John...

But he will never trust her again.

Mary notices.

Re: S3 HLV Spoilers! - Sherlock Doesn't Trust Mary


Mycroft Addresses Sherlock's Insecurities (Series 3 Spoilers!)

Throughout series 3 it is made quite obvious that Sherlock has insecurities that Mycroft planted in him. Sherlock feels stupid compared to Mycroft, because Mycroft always called him stupid. Even in his Mind Palace, Mycroft constantly calls him stupid. Sherlock also feels like he's unworthy, like he'll never be good enough. Mycroft planted this by constantly telling Sherlock that the East Wind was coming for him. Sherlock feels like an inferior, but hides it behind his bravado and abrasiveness.

Mycroft realizes that he really was a rubbish big brother and that he made Sherlock develop these terrible insecurities that simply aren't true. He tries to fix it.

Re: Mycroft Addresses Sherlock's Insecurities (Series 3 Spoilers!)


Sherlock The pornstar

John is innocently watching some porn, until he stumbles across a VERY interesting video of sherlock and some twink

Re: Sherlock The pornstar

Hell yes!

Re: Sherlock The pornstar (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Sherlock The pornstar (Anonymous) Expand

Past abuse, safewording, D/s

Sherlock and John are in a happy sane, safe , consensual D/s relationship (preference for Dom!John Sub!Sherlock). One night during a scene (could be something new or something they've done before a hundred times) Sherlock safewords.
John instantly stops, is completely understanding and checks Sherlock is ok.
Sherlock however almost instantly tries to go back on safewording, trying to say it's ok, constantly apologizing to John, saying they can go ahead anyhow despite the fact he is still clearly REALLY not ok. Like he's practically bordering on a panic attack.

Turns out Sherlock's previous dom would make him feel like crap for safewording, calling him pathetic, useless, frigid etc, going against his wishes anyway, perhaps being even more harsh and he just accepted that.

TLDR; Sherlock safewords, tries to go back on it, John discovers he has had less than healthy past relationship(s) where safewording made the situation worse. Cue hurt/comfort and caring and fluff.

Re: Past abuse, safewording, D/s

I need this like air!

HLV AU (Spoilers), J/S/M


There is no televised message after Sherlock's plane takes off and no magic fix-it recall. 6 months later, Mycroft pays John and Mary a visit to inform them of Sherlock's death, either because a) he actually believes Sherlock was killed or b) MI6 has decided it's very convenient to have a ghost in the field and forces Sherlock to keep doing undercover work.

Several months later, Sherlock turns up on their doorstep, beat to hell and traumatized.
Now it's time for John and Mary to repay their debts. But can they trust Mycroft (author's choice) and do they dare get involved with their daughter to think about?

I want angst and I want serious H/C and if it happens to grow some politically plotty intrigue, that'd be fun too.

Re: HLV AU (Spoilers), J/S/M

Seconding all the angst and serious H/C, yes!

Frenemies Sherlock and Donovan

I have a thing for frenemies and therefore I want fics where these two help or save each other but still keep on snapping- because deep inside they do care. Sherlock/Sally also welcome.

Sherlock/Janie + Moriarty

I'd love a fic where Sherlock has actually feelings for Janie, she's a lot smarter than she lets on, understands that all the 'social cues' are dull and boring, and is determined, always going after what she wants.

He's never been so attached to somebody before, though of course he wouldn't call it love. Love was for idiots. Neither of them are idiots.

And then, the truth comes to light. Janie Major is actually Janie Moriarty, older sibling to Jim.

And Sherlock's never felt so betrayed or devestated in his whole life.

Cur h/c aftermath with John

Re: Sherlock/Janie + Moriarty


John/Sherlock, past noncon, Moriarty had Sherlock

Sherlock didn't fake his own death and disappear to bring down Moriarty's network, it was Moriarty who faked both their deaths and captured Sherlock, then disappeared for two years with him. During that time he raped and tortured him, systematically wearing him down and breaking him. Eventually Mycroft's people rescue Sherlock and he returns to London and to John. We all know what happened in The Empty Hearse when Sherlock contacted John again. The reason why he behaved like that, however, was because he was trying very hard to hide from John - and everyone else - just how broken and terrified he was.

Eventually they begin to work together again, even if John is still angry with Sherlock and thus he's exceedingly caustic in the way he treats him. At some point, however, Sherlock's mask begins to crack, especially when John is terse and sharp and angry with him, and he tries even harder to hide from John just how terrified and ashamed he is. In the end, however, they have a massive blowout fight, in which John lists all the ways in which Sherlock failed and disappointed him and in the face of all this rage Sherlock simply cannot pretend he is as he used to be - so he reverts back to the obedient, broken slave who is ready, willing and eager to please his master in any way possible, lest he be hurt more.

Bonus points for John initially thinking that Sherlock's mocking him and reacting with even more anger, perhaps even striking Sherlock, until he finally realizes that Sherlock's not acting.

More bonus points for John angrily demanding from Mycroft information on what was done to Sherlock and receiving a large and thoroughly disturbing medical file.

Massive bonus points for John being overwhelmed with guilt that he didn't notice earlier how much Sherlock needed comfort and help and for lashing out instead. Also, John going into full protective and caring mode over Sherlock in an attempt to comfort and heal him.

Epic bonus points of John does accept the role of a master - with everything that entails - with Mycroft's actual blessing and encouragement - because it's the only way he can help Sherlock function. He is, however, obviously nothing like Moriarty - he's kind, gentle and sweet and he never hurts Sherlock, who needs a long, long time to believe that John won't cause him any pain or humiliation. John obviously feels incredibly guilty that he has to do this, and he feels even more guilty that deep down he actually enjoys their new roles.

And finally, cosmic bonus points for Sherlock living in constant, overwhelming terror that John is bored, disgusted and disappointed by what he has become and that he would leave him, constantly obsessing over whether he's pleasing him enough.

tl;dr aka I'm sorry this prompt turned into a wall of text: Sherlock didn't disappear because he faked his death, Moriarty faked both their deaths and kidnapped him, then proceeded to break him. Eventually Sherlock is rescued and reunited with John, who doesn't know what happened. Sherlock attempts to act like he used to, but eventually he cannot pretend any more. John is left to pick up the pieces and take care of one very broken, very obedient Sherlock

Re: John/Sherlock, past noncon, Moriarty had Sherlock

Seconded, thirded, fourthed!

The Golden Trio of Sherlock - AU Torture Porn

Sherlock, John, and Mary-- no, a pregnant Mary (extra delicious) presented a tantalizing prospect for Magnussen. Their pressure points were so perfectly placed into an almost equal distribution among the others, creating an interlocking clockwork much too fun to simply ignore. Oh, how he wanted to tinker, and make them all cry out for one another, smashing their cogs and springs apart until they were broken and his to mend. Then he would own them all, rebuild them to his image, and lick them to obedience. Left drugged and bound in his cellars, the choice was his, wasn't it?

Focus - Sherlock/Molly

Sherlock found getting slapped by Mind Palace Molly surprisingly helpful, so he asks Molly to do it again when he's struggling. He finds it isn't the same when she isn't furious with him, however, and tries to goad her into really walloping him.

He's expecting the slap, yes, but not the hair pulling, scratching, and biting...or anything else in the angry sex that follows. It might not help him solve the case but it is surprisingly fun.

The death of their child drives the Watsons apart

John and Mary are two people who love each other deeply, but after the death of their young child (whether by disease or some tragic accident), they simply can't stand to stay together, living with the reminder of the child they lost.

Mary moves away (maybe becomes an assassin again? starts another new life?) while John returns to Baker Street.

Could end as Johnlock or strong friendship, whichever anon prefers. Just give me angst, and a realistic ending to their marriage.

Moriarty makes Sherlock choose between Mycroft and John

Moriarty puts Sherlock in a position where he has to choose whether to save Mycroft or John. He chooses Mycroft. (Which, thanks to Moriarty's setup, means that Mycroft is actually the one who gets hurt, but Sherlock and John manage to save his life.) Afterwards Sherlock feels awful and is sure John will resent him, despite the fact that John considers saving your brother to be a totally reasonable priority and really thought no more about it beyond the "Moriarty is a total shit" angle.

When Mycroft wakes up, he assumes that Sherlock chose him because he'd seen through all the layers of Moriarty's plan and knew that picking him would save John. Sherlock lies and lets him believe he's correct, even though, no, he really did think he was choosing to save Mycroft.

So basically just all the 'Holmes brothers fail at intuiting people's emotions' aaaangst.

Re: Moriarty makes Sherlock choose between Mycroft and John

Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. My heart. *sobs*

John defends Mycroft. (Slight HLV Spoilers)

When Sherlock practically slams his brother into the wall, John is not a happy bunny. But, instead of telling Mycroft he better leave or Sherlock will snap him in two, he demands Sherlock leave, else he will snap Sherlock in two.

Bonus points if John secretly adores Mycroft or is ridiculously in love with him and neither brother realises Mycroft is John's favourite Holmes until that point.

Yes, please. With sugar on top. I know John is loyal to Sherlock, but

I was majorly disappointed that John didn't stop what was going on in that scene.

All genetilia are internal.

All primary sexual characteristics are internal. All secondary sexual characteristics are diminished- so basically anyone could be any sex and you wouldn't necessarily know without taking a closer look.

Omegaverse welcome.
Johnlock preferred :P

Doctor Who Crossover. BFFs.

Doctor: "I like the British Government. He's a lovely man."

Re: Doctor Who Crossover. BFFs.

Awww. Yes. :)