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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Something went wrong...

...and Sherlock (or John) wakes up, finding themselves to be genderswapped. The other person approves and since returning back to their original body is a tad time-consuming (but possible, thanks to a ridiculous flower that grows in the mountains in Bolivia or something), they'll enjoy the time that they have to explore the new body. It's all fun and games until PERIODS. Because holy fuck the thing can be painful and they had literally no idea. I'm talking 'bout aches, cramps, nausea, fever, vomiting, you have it.

tl;dr: Johnlock, other person genderswapped, having to experience periods.

Re: Something went wrong...

Yes! Every guy should experience this and sometimes I like my boys to suffer XD

John is arrested for Sherlock's (attempted) murder

So, Mary doesn't shoot Magnussen because she's afraid John will be a suspect. But she does shoot Sherlock. Considering:

1) People are far more likely to kill a loved than a stranger

2) John has a history of diagnosed PTSD

3) John has been seen physically attacking Sherlock in public (TEH)

4) Many people have seen him acting with pent up violence just that morning (Billy etc)

the police arrest John for the attempted murder of Sherlock in Magnussen's office. Sherlock can't help him, either because he's still unconscious, actually did die, or due to trauma can't recall the event (take your pick). Mary can't tell the truth without revealing what she did and losing everything. Show me what happens!

(If you want to go dark and angsty, maybe John starts to also believe he did it...)

Re: John is arrested for Sherlock's (attempted) murder

Seconded. Oh Lord. Seconded.


John is a doctor. He knows all the risks and dangers associated with drug use. He has spent years of time and effort steering Sherlock clear of them. He hates that Sherlock has a drug use history...

He realises one thing when he sees Sherlock in that drug den... Sherlock has never looked so beautiful.

Fic in which John comes to realise that Sherlock is even more gorgeous when he's high - the stubble and the unkempt hair and the unpolished appearance... That combined with his behaviour...

John comes to the conclusion that he is now biased towards a high Sherlock and realises this may be a problem in future.

Would prefer Johnlock and (although I do actually against all odds like Mary) no Mary. Take this in whichever direction you see fit - John actively giving Sherlock drugs, not being quite so thorough in his checks in the hopes Sherlock will use again or sticking to the professional doctorly response and denying himself high!Sherlock for Sherlocks sake.
If you go for either of the last two options Bonus for Sherlock deducing that John wants him to use despite his protests and the reason why...
Further bonus Steamy high!Sherlock sexcapades!!

Johnlock, Omegaverse, Stag Night

Surprise! The alcohol (especially the shots, maybe?) interferes with heat suppressants / birth control. The result = they needed to get home ASAP and don't even make it in the flat before they are fucking in the stairwell / on the stairs.

Either way is fine, but I tend to prefer Omega!Sherlock.

Angst, crack, smut (obviously), Mrs. Hudson is amused or not amused, Mary cares or doesn't care (but please don't be too mean to Mary, I don't like Mary hate) - whatever is fine. Mpreg or not - doesn't matter.

Re: Johnlock, Omegaverse, Stag Night

Strongly considering filling this prompt! I've been experiencing bad writer's block for the past three years, so I'm going to play in my sandbox of rough drafts before I make any promises. I hope something wonderful turns up out of it! Thank for the wicked idea!

D/S, bathing

Dom and sub bathing. I don't care what pairing, slash/hetero even asexual, it's all good. Nor do I care if dom bathes his sub or the other way around. I only have two conditions:

1. No age play please.
2. The focus during bathing is actual bathing, not sex. Sex can happen before or after the bathing, but not during. (Of course if it is only about the bathing itself that's great too). It should still be experienced as erotic/sensual/intimate by both parties.

Fill: "Care to Lend a Helping Hand?" - Johnlock, Injured!Sherlock, Sub!Sherlock, D/s - 1/?

"You don't have to do this, John." Sherlock's voice is hoarse and dry, his tone reflecting (much to his shame) the soft flush that danced across his cheeks.

John hummed dismissively, submerging his hand in the lightly scented water to test the temperature. "Its ready. Strip down and climb in, would you?"

Sherlock raised his hands, nimble fingers pausing momentarily on the buttons, before he continued softly, "Why did you come back?"

John rolled his eyes, patience wearing thin. "You're hurt."

"I thought I had taught you to be more observant than to simply restate the obvious." Sherlock murmured, fingers slowly pulling the buttons from their home. "You know as well as I do that that is not an answer."

A sigh, before the ex-soldier crossed his arms over his chest. "You were shot, Sherlock. Excuse me for actually caring and wanting to take care of you."

"You left." Those two words were so filled with pain that it made John pause.

After several tense moments of silence, John returned, "I'm back now."

Making his way over to Sherlock, he made quick work of the taller man's coat and scarf. Beneath, he was instantly accosted with painful reminders of those tortuous weeks spent sobbing at Sherlock's bedside, hoping and praying and crying for one more miracle, while silently coming to accept that maybe he didn't deserve one. He'd hurt Sherlock. Hurt him in a way that could not be forgiven. Sherlock had come back to find him engaged to another, to a female submissive that he knew next-to-nothing about (the proof was on Sherlock's chest... it always came back to the bullet). Stifling down these feelings, he unbuttoned Sherlock's shirt, cast it aside... and stared at the gauze on his chest.

Sherlock must've caught him staring, because he was steadfastly looking anywhere but at John. Gently, John traced a finger over the edges of the gauze covering, watching as the sensitive skin around it rippled. His chest and stomach areas were dangerously ticklish, and upon seeing this, John drew back. Hooking his fingers under the tape, he gently removed the gauze covering and tossed it into the waste basket. The stitches underneath were red, angry, sensitive. A good soak in the tub would do him wonders. Quickly ridding the taller man of his trousers and underwear, he helped him up and led him over to the tub. Hesitating only for a moment, Sherlock stepped into the tub and sat down.

"Is the water too hot?" John asked.

"No. The water is fine." He eased back, stretching out as much as the confines of the tub would allow. The sweetly scented water was soothing to his aching muscles, and he closed his eyes, letting out a long-suffering sigh.

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3-way marriage - Sex life with an asexual?

Mary 100% accepted that marrying John meant marrying Sherlock (whether there are literally two grooms at the wedding or she just knows Sherlock is part of the marriage in every way but on paper).

They live together and all seems well at first, except Sherlock is weird and apparently uncomfortable after Mary and John have sex. Sherlock, Mary correctly realizes, feels left out but he's also asexual and has zero interest in actually having sex. How does John and Mary make Sherlock feel included without Sherlock having sex?

Re: 3-way marriage - Sex life with an asexual?

How does John and Mary make Sherlock feel included without Sherlock having sex?

I don't know, but I need to find out immediately. Seconded!

Mary dies and a grief-strickened John moves back in with Sherlock. Sherlock does his best to take care of John.

After a few days it becomes apparent to John that Sherlock is not alright and probably hasn't been since he returned. Sherlock was able to play okay for his friends but it's a facade he can't maintain during the duration of living with someone (please have John discover by something other than a nightmare.

Both focus on helping the other. Neither are really equipped for the job.

oh yes, seconded so hard.

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Irene/Sherlock d/s dancing

When it all gets to be too much. Sub!Sherlock goes to Domme!Irene to dance. Domme leads of course.

Anderson becomes Billy Wiggins' John. :p

Mycroft is acting like an uptight prick, so Lestrade pulls his pants down, bends him over his desk and shoves his cock into him. The British Goverment is rendered incoherent and decidedly weak-kneed.

Mary is in her third trimester and Sherlock is freaking out over it just like he did for the wedding.

Crack! Sherlock is overly helpful with the honeymoon

Inspired by the prompt above. Sherlock is way too "helpful" to Mary and John during their sex holiday.

Hate then Love

As far as I know, there aren't enough fics out there where Sherlock and John start off hating each other (not in the "oh you annoy me" kind of way, but the "you are a horrible person and I loathe you" kind of way) but eventually fall in love.

It would be especially great if there was some big dramatic event that pulls them together.

Re: Hate then Love

There was a really good fic with them hating each other (John working at Bart's,) as well as another one with John and Sherlock meeting after Sherlock hurt himself, (with arguing and cursing and the whole nine yards.)

There's probably a few if you interested until someone writes your fill.

Sorry for the long prompt - Sherlock kills someone in self-defense, but is assumed to be Dark

So Sherlock ends up killing someone and John finds out(as do whatever other characters the filler desires). No one that finds out is okay with it, and even though they try to protect him, they don't treat him like the used to.

The only problem is it was all in self defense. Whatever the person he killed was trying to do to him is up to the filler, but he did't just kill someone to kill someone. No one else knows this, but he assumes that they do and still hate him for it.

Cue Sherlock saying something about what the person was trying to do to him or something along those lines, and the others realizing they were wrong. And, of course, some h/c from the people who just assumed that he'd gone bad.

Either Gen or S/J please!

tl;dr: When Sherlock kills someone everyone assumes that he's gone dark, but it was really self-defense.

Re: Sorry for the long prompt - Sherlock kills someone in self-defense, but is assumed to be Dark


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Molly/Sherlock: asexuality & masochism

Can I see Molly being masochistically attracted to Sherlock because he is asexual? Wanting someone who will never give it to you makes longing so hot, IMHO. Think the first 30 pages of Venus in Furs. :)


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