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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Father - son relationships.

Sherlock's father wasn't a clever man. But he was a good dad Sherlock loved him. Even enjoying his company best and the lack of intellectual pressure that accompanied his mother and brother.

Johns Dad on the other hand...

I'd like to see a discussion between them about their relationships with their fathers that challenges their preconceived ideas about one another.

Sherlock needs comfort. Anderson is happy to oblige.

Sherlock needs comfort/reassurance and with John gone off to live with Marry he has no one left to turn to. Anderson comforts him.

I just really need some Sherlock/Anderson h/c right now.

Re: Sherlock needs comfort. Anderson is happy to oblige.

Yes please.


I'd like to see the adventures of Sherlock and Redbeard where they meet the new boy in the neighborhood: John Watson. They solve kid-sized mysteries while avoiding Mycroft (who likes to tell them what to do all the time.)

Any other characters making a kid appearance is up to you.

Mystrade, Les Mis

Les Mis can be a rather enjoyable (still emotional) performance, if one enjoys is with the right person.

How He Really Did It: The Sherlock/Moriarty Answer Was Right

Remember that possible scenario that the girl in the Empty Hearse group was mocked for? As it turns out, it was actually right.

Re: How He Really Did It: The Sherlock/Moriarty Answer Was Right

Title: Pure, Part 1 (link:

Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty

Tropes: First Time, Loss of Virginity, Virgin Sherlock

Summary: There are thirteen possible ways this could pan out. Sherlock just wishes it didn't have to be option number ten.

Johnlock, The Language of Roses

Instead of the failed waiter-gig, Sherlock leaves John hints about his return in the form of roses. I'd love for John to be amused, maybe slightly creeped out, and not understanding the full meaning of the roses. Sherlock then proceeds to profess his love through explaining the colors and their meanings.

Please, no Mary or John/Mary.

Re: Fill: 1/? Johnlock, The Language of Roses

The graveyard is dark. It’s dark enough so no one can see the grief etched in John’s features. The wind is whipping through his greying hair, encouraging him to make this quick. Get it over with. He’s always visited Sherlock on nights like these.

John kneels in front of the grave, the freshly cut grass prickling his knees. He closes his eyes briefly, and opens them again.

He notices something next to the grave. Bundled in plastic and tissue paper, is a bouquet of satin petaled roses. Not the ordinary kind of roses, either. These roses are vibrant and bright and...yellow. For God’s sake, it isn’t even spring. Why would someone bring such radiant flowers to a grave?

Sherlock would hate them. He didn’t even like the color yellow, so why the hell did someone put them there? John hates how happy they look, the way they contrast completely to the dull grey slab of the headstone.

He picks up the flowers and stands up. His limbs feel like they’re tied to bricks, but he forces himself to keep moving. He drags his feet passed the rows of stones and wrought iron fence. The flowers in his hands feel like stolen jewels, but he refuses to leave them at the graveyard.

By the time he gets to 221B it’s quieter than a ghost town, and every creak of the steps makes him wince. John glares at the bouquet of flowers in his grip. The only place they would look suitable would be in the rubbish bin. He holds them over the rubbish bin, tissue paper crinkling, before a scrap of paper flutters to the ground. John pauses to examine the piece of paper, squinting as he scans the meticulous square writing.
It reads,

"To my truest friend, you'll always be my conductor of light. -Yours"

The card crinkles in his fist, and he clenches his jaw.
Who considers Sherlock his truest friend besides himself? No one. Sherlock was his best friend, and as far as John knew, Sherlock didn't have anyone else. His stomach churned as he thought of the possibilities. Wouldn't Sherlock have mentioned him or her to him? Irene Adler was dead, and Molly Hooper had moved on. Nobody else would sign it, “Yours.”

John lets the flowers drop in the rubbish bin with a satisfying thunk. Sherlock had called him a conductor of light.

“You'll never be the most luminous of people, but as a conductor of light, you're unbeatable!”

John had supposed it was his way of saying sorry at the time.

He scrubs a hand over his face, leaning against the counter. Damn yellow roses and Sherlock Holmes. For the sake of his sanity, he’ll go on believing he was Sherlock’s only best friend.

He’ll go on pretending he hadn’t made the most important man in his life jump to his death.

A!A: This turned out to be a bit more angsty than I intended. I promise more fluff and happiness in the future. This is just a short snippet for now, I'll be doing a few different rose colors. I hope you enjoy!

John is closeted as fuck.

Because this is the only headcanon that makes sense to me anymore.

Almost from the beginning of S1, every once in a while John would pounce on Sherlock and fuck him. They never talked about it. John continued to date women and claim he wasn't gay. Sherlock was too desperately in love with John to protest.

When Sherlock came back from the dead, John picked up where they left off, without acknowledging that he was cheating on Mary, and again, Sherlock let it happen. Write me the scene where Sherlock finally says no, makes John stop and realize that yes, he is gay, and no, this arrangement is not good and not fair to anyone involved.

Re: John is closeted as fuck.

Good god, yes. Seconding.

Johnlock, domestic discipline

When Sherlock fails his drug test, John decided to resume maintenance spankings. Sherlock is somewhat dismayed.

Re: Johnlock, domestic discipline


Monster Hunting Bamf!John

John comes from a long line of monster hunters and wants out but despite his best efforts he just can't seem to make that happen. Every time he tries he ends up in an even worse situation than before. Even enlisting in the army just lead to him becoming a hunting legend in Afghanistan.
Things seemed to get better after he moved back to London, thanks to it's resident hunter, but it's hard to fight a calling.

The monsters could be anything really. Vampires, demons, ghosts, shades, a combination of them, etc.
Bonus points for:
finding a way to tie Johns wounds into it,
having Sherlock be aware of the events in Afghanistan but not knowing that John was involved, or
having Sherlock be completely unaware of the monsters

Super Mega Bonus points for John calmly handling a monster to Sherlock's amazement

Re: Monster Hunting Bamf!John

was totally thinking about the video game series Monster Hunter *facepalm*

Monster Hunting [1/?] (Anonymous) Expand

Son of Satan

Moriarty has always been fascinated with the occult and has spent most of his life studying/practicing it. He thinks he's ready now and has been working towards summoning the big one, the son of Satan. Imagine his surprise when he gets John.


John used to be married to the devil, key word being used. Although Satan still loves John and John has some lingering affecting for Satan, they could not reconcile on some personal differences and had a divorce. Their son, Moriarty, is not handling it well.
(+10 points if Moriarty being upset by his mother's and Sherlock's relationship is used as the reason for Moriarty's actions within the series)

Could be from either Moriarty's or John's pov.

Deal with the Devil (spoilers for season 3)

The reason Sherlock's solution to the Fall still leaves gaps (as Anderson points out at the end of TEH) is that it's all a fabricated excuse.

What actually happened is that Sherlock fell, and Sherlock died.

He was a ghost when he saw John at the cemetary. When he says to John "I heard you," and refuses to answer how he survived the Fall, it's because he didn't.

Instead he made a deal with the Devil. In order to get back to John he sold his soul for another 10 years of living, after which he's going straight to the hot place for an eternity as a demon's chew-toy. (Which explains his miraculous recovery after being shot in HLV. His time wasn't up yet so he got punted straight back into his body. it's also why he wasn't overly concerned about being sent off on a suicide mission by Mycroft.)

Go as angsty or not as you like. Maybe Sherlock sold his soul to be with John only to find John had moved on. Or maybe Sherlock worked so hard to help Mary because he knew John would need someone after Sherlock's time was up and he wanted to make sure that he left no unfinished business.

Re: Deal with the Devil (spoilers for season 3)


Translock, Mystrade

Greg and Mycroft have been dating for a while but every time Mycroft tries to start something, Greg stops him. This is because Greg is FTM trans and while he's well into his transition but he's never had the time or money to have bottom surgery, which is why he's hesitant to sleep with Mycroft. When Mycroft finds out, he makes it his personal mission to make Greg feel comfortable with his body.

Bonus points: Mycroft gives Greg oral.

Double bonus points: Riding.

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day :3

Re: Translock, Mystrade

Second this

Re: Translock, Mystrade (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Translock, Mystrade (Anonymous) Expand

Molly-centric, all the HLV spoilers

So the last few minutes of HLV made me most concerned for dear Molly. One of the other characters (idc who) shares my concern and goes to see her, to offer reassurance and comfort ("Don't worry, you're gonna get through this. You're stronger than him, and you helped Sherlock beat him once, remember?").

Wouldn't mind some Mollstrade, but pairings not necessary otherwise. Friendship fluff, comfort, and reassurance is what I'm really after here. <3

swimming lessons

Sherlock thinks knowing how to swim in theory, is just as good as knowing how to actually swim. And it isn't.

I'd like to see Sherlock finding that out the hard way (dip in the thames, maybe?) and then John teaching him how to swim.

Re: swimming lessons

Yes! This reminded me of Sheldon learning on the floor how to swim.

Re: swimming lessons (Anonymous) Expand

Moriarty and Mycroft are siblings. Moriarty wants him back.

The Holmes brothers are not biologically related to each other. They both know this - they were adopted by the Holmes family at separate times. Jim Moriarty is Mycroft's biological brother, who was adopted by the Moriarty family long after Mycroft left with the Holmes parents.

Jim is the only one who remembers that they're actually blood relatives, and he wants what is his back. Namely, he wants Mycroft. The whole 'get Sherlock to commit suicide' thing was done from jealousy, because Sherlock gets to claim Mycroft as his brother every single day.

Jim faked his own suicide, but didn't anticipate Sherlock doing the same. This prompts him to take more drastic action. And this time, he won't stop until Mycroft accepts his true name of Moriarty.

Re: Moriarty and Mycroft are siblings. Moriarty wants him back.

Ooh, with Sherlock there trying to pull Mycroft back on the "side of the angels?"

WANT. So badly. :)


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