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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.


  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.

  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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According to Wikipedia the Hero syndrome is:

A phenopatiënton affecting people who seek heroism or recognition, usually by creating a desperate situation which they can resolve. This can include unlawful acts, such as arson. The phenomenon has been noted to affect civil servants, such as firefighters, nurses, police officers, and security guards. Acts linked with the hero syndrome should not be confused with acts of malicious intent, such as revenge on the part of a suspended firefighter or an insatiable level of excitement, as was found in a federal study of more than 75 firefighter arsonists.[1] However, acts of the hero syndrome have been linked to previously failed heroism. The hero syndrome may also be a more general yearning for self-worth.[2]

John never meets Sherlock. Instead he starts to hurt patients to heroically save them because he is bored

Moran/Moriarty - Mr and Mrs Smith AU

Exactly what it says on the tin!

"We cool, bro?" - Sherlock/Mary friendship

So His Last Vow kind of ruined the view I had on S3 at that point that Sherlock and Mary were BFFs. I get that she had her reasons for shooting him and did try to undo what she did by calling the ambulance. But I felt there wasn't really much there to justify her actions for for her and Sherlock to really clear the air.

Basically can someone write me a scene with Sherlock and Mary, post His Last Vow, where they have a proper moment between them, Mary is really regretful of what she did as well as grateful for the lengths he was willing to go to in order to protect her.

Re: "We cool, bro?" - Sherlock/Mary friendship

Definitely in need of this, I wasn't satisfied with what we saw on screen either. :(

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Mystrade, sub!Mycroft, toys

Mycroft has a huge submissive streak when it comes to relationships and sex, and when he gets home from work he wants nothing more than for his lover (Lestrade) to take over completely.

Lestrade thought he'd be uncomfortable having the final say in pretty much everything, but he hasn't, in fact, it's pretty damn nice and hell, none of his previous partners have been willing to indulge his kinks before.

Anything goes, but Lestrade must not be cruel, or dark.


+ for Lestrade ordering for Mycroft when they go out, and picking meals that aren't on Mycrofts 'approved diet', because he knows Mycroft will eat it then and the man needs more food than the apple he had for a late breakfast.
++He has Mycroft put on a cock ring and then finger himself or use toys until he is hard and aching, forbidden to touch his cock or remove the ring, until Greg is ready to fuck him, and only after he cums does he romove the ring and let Mycroft.
+++ He has Mycroft wear a plug, one with a portruding end and a chastity device, and takes him for a long drive to a little out of the way place so he'll be all flush and hot and bothered, then make him go see some sights, or go for a nice country walk before going home, so that Mycroft is a mess by the time they get home and begging for Lestrade to take him to bed and make love to him and let him cum.
++++ When Mycroft brings his work home with him (because sometimes the man forgets that when the door closes he's at home and not the office) Lestrade cuffs his hands, blindfolds, gags and earplugs Mycroft (or uses a sensory deprevation hood) and bends Mycroft over his knee and spanks him till his ass is red, before settling in to a night of the telly, (and teasing Mycrofts cock and nipples) only removing the gag for dinner and bedtime. Super bonus for Mycroft apologising for being a bad partner/boyfriend/thing, and Lestrade telling him he really isn't by giving him a long, slow blowjob while Mycroft's still unable to see or hear.

So... yeah... anyone wanna fill this? I'd be very grateful.
Any toys and kinks welcome.

Re: Mystrade, sub!Mycroft, toys

They're not even my OTP but OMG is this hot!

Mary and Irene

Mary understands that Sherlock and John have a... complicated relationship. John worries that she puts up with his extramarital adventures out of guilt, but Mary's got secrets of her own.

AU where John and Mary are married, Sherlock and John solve crimes (and sometimes have kinky sex)- and Mary Morstan and Irene Adler commit crimes (also kinky sex). Bonus points if Mary tops Irene.

Re: Mary and Irene

Hehe this could be great!

Dark!John/Dark!Mary make Sherlock their pet

Dark!John had been in a relationship with Sherlock, but when he'd gone John met and equally Dark!Mary. Anyway, Sherlock comes back and John wants to continue having sex with him, because he enjoyed seeing what humiliating things he could make Sherlock do.

Mary suggests they make Sherlock their pet and John thinks this is a wonderful idea, and the two begin some extreme training to turn Sherlock into their egar little puppy, complete with choke chain for quick correction, paw mits, a muzzel and a tail plug.

Bonus points.
1. they reward Sherlock for good behaviour by letting him service them sexually, bad behaviour is dealt out swiftly and harshly (and usually involves threatening to nueter him).
2. they use a humbler to keep Sherlock on his knees (as standing in one is pretty dificult by all accounts)
3. When outside the home John and Mary frequently use an obediance shock collar substitute (around Sherlocks cock) to keep him in line.

Make it humiliating and degrading, and if you have Mary having the baby, I want Dark!baby growing up believing that Sherlock really is just the family pet, and treating him as such (when they move out of the city to a more private place, the child has Sherlock play fetch like a dog, and other things). John and Mary design some clothes he can wear that still allow his tail out and the humbler to be worn, but cover him.

Yeah... pet Sherlock.

Re: Dark!John/Dark!Mary make Sherlock their pet

O_O Want.

Mycroft is Actually Sherlock's Father

When he was in his late teens, Mycroft got a girl pregnant and she gave birth to their son, Sherlock. The Holmes' parents believed it to be disgraceful for their young seventeen-year-old son to have already sired a son out of wedlock, so he was raised as Mycroft's younger brother. Sherlock never found out the truth.

Sherlock doesn't understand why Mycroft is so protective of him. He doesn't understand why Mycroft gets so upset when he calls him his 'arch enemy', or insults him, or refuses his help... it's all because Mycroft is his father. And even if it hurts and that love is never returned, Mycroft will *always* love him.

Re: Mycroft is Actually Sherlock's Father

I love this idea. Seconded!

Mycroft needs a caregiver

Mycroft suffers an illness or injury that leaves him unable to take care of his own needs, but he's far too proud to admit it and just shuts himself away pretending he can handle things himself. Sherlock keeps dropping by to help him out while acting like he has completely unrelated motives every time.

Re: Mycroft needs a caregiver

+1. Not sure what 'needs' are implied, but I'd definitely read this!

Massage therapy between friends forces them to address existing intimacy

So I was thinking something where John (or Sherlock) have either the usual aches and pains, muscle groups they've had a history of flare-ups with, or recovering from a specific injury and they mention the pain to the other.

If it's John mentioning that he might start seeing a masseuse, Sherlock could be like "I'm clearly very adept at that already since I'm great at a lot of things, so I insist that I'll do it." You can focus on their thoughts while they're not talking but touching each other, whatever--I think it could be really intimate.

If it's Sherlock mentioning that he's having pain, I would expect him to complain about it and have John suggest professional massage therapy. Then Sherlock would have whatever reasons for not wanting someone to touch him or just having a distaste for it in general (insert condescending comment about people going to massage parlors that offer "happy endings"), and John could be like "well, I've actually had some training. If you want, I could do it..."

I tend to prefer stories that take it slowly so that the developments are subtle and believable, but this could go quickly or slowly. As I'm sure you could guess, John and Sherlock could both get turned on by touching or being touched, but they could also both be very professional about it, too. You could write the development toward intimacy any way you wanted and it would probably work out well!!

Got the idea because I have chronic pain and use massage tools and my partner to manage it and keep the costs down. There was an article in the NY Times in 2012 about a study that found that massage reduces the production of cytokines (which seem to bring about the inflammation associated with muscle soreness) while also stimulating mitrochondria, and the end result is that you experience pain relief AND heal faster. Kind of a big deal, because if Sherlock were going to take NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen for chronic pain, John could point out that while they do reduce the pain and inflammation associated with muscle soreness, they slow the healing process.


Re: Massage therapy between friends forces them to address existing intimacy

Seconded! This could be very sweet, and also potentially very hot....

Irene as Sherlock

Irene Adler is roleplaying Sherlock for a client- blue scarf and Belstaff likely. Sherlock interrupts [for some contrived case reason], not expecting to see her, and certainly not like this. Irene refuses to break character. Hilarity ensues.

Re: Irene as Sherlock

You truly are one of the great minds of our time.

Any/any A is for...(spoilers for HLV)

Spoilers for season three, particularly HLV

AGRA. Her last name was Anderson.

Re: Any/any A is for...(spoilers for HLV)

Great, Anon, now I'm picturing her as being Blaine's from Glee's aunt.

The Bathroom Situation

i'm new to livejournal which is confusing enough but i'm dying to be a part of this
prompt: johnlock navigating awkward bathroom situations as flatmates who may or may not be in love/lust with eachother and not quite realizing it yet possibly leading to some smut and/or fluff?

Doing it right

You're doing it right. <3 <3 <3

Sherlock/John - Where would John be in Sherlock's mind palace?

I find it interesting that we've been shown so many people appearing in Sherlock's mind palace - Mycroft, Molly, Irene, Moriarty, even Anderson - but not John. Sherlock heard his voice inside his head in TEH, so we know John's got to be in there somewhere. But where does Sherlock keep him? And when does John come out to play if not to help Sherlock survive from a mortal wound?

Take this anywhere you want - to a lush sex dungeon or a secret treasure vault hidden in the deepest reaches of the palace. Just make me feel. :)

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Sherlock, boarding school and spanking secrets

Sherlock begins his detective career at boarding school, dobbing his fellow students to the principal anonymously, but not to appease his sense of justice.

Oh no, Sherlock does this because he is quietly obsessed with spanking, and likes to hide in the broom closet adjoining the principals office and listen to the students being punished with the school strap.

He doesn't just listen though, he furtively masturbates and fantasizes to the sound of their exclamations and crying.

This year, Sherlock gets a new room-mate. Will he be discovered by this unassuming new boy?

How will Sherlock cope with close proximity to such a handsome room-mate, given his appalling social skills and repressed sexuality?

Will he finally explore his own fetish, and determine if he is meant to be the one dishing it out or receiving it?

Re: Sherlock, boarding school and spanking secrets


Mycroft whump. HLV

When watching His Last Vow, after Sherlock had drugged everyone and tells John about his 'deal with the devil', for a moment I really thought he was going to take unconscious Mycroft to Magnussen.

Please can I see that. I'd love some good Mycroft whump.

Outcome is up to author. Bonus points for Lestrade.

Re: Mycroft whump. HLV

All the YES for Mycroft!whump... Especially when Magnussen is involved.

+ 1

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