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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Irene didn't just change one ringtone on Sherlock's phone.

But as the others were ringtones, and he prefers to receive as well as send texts, it took him a while to properly note them.

He had a good laugh over Lestrade's being the Inspector Gadget theme before changing it (the music quality annoyed him), quickly changed Mrs Hudson's from "I'm called Little Buttercup" (the lyrics annoyed him), and decided to leave Mycroft's as "Marche funèbre d'une marionette" even if it is trite.

He doesn't quite have the background, though, in either sense, to realize why Irene went back to the days before she acquired a British accent (if not a British name pronunciation) and more-or-less sincerely chose a melodic jazz song with an American gentleman pleading for a neighbour as a theme for John.

(Even if she is reiterating her point about the nature of disguises.)

How Magnussen is Blackmailing Mary - S3 spoilers!

Mycroft constantly worried about Sherlock, so when the file of army doctor John Watson crossed his desk, he saw the perfect bodyguard for his wayward brother. Cashing in a favour, Mycroft indirectly hired "Mary" to set things up to make it seem as if Dr. Watson was injured in the frontlines.

Magnussen was using this incident to blackmail "Mary".

Re: How Magnussen is Blackmailing Mary - S3 spoilers!

Yes... Just yes. Seconding hard...

He wasn't supposed to be like that (spoilers for HLV)

Mary loves John, she really does. But it turns out that he's not the man she thought he was. She was going to marry a nice, friendly doctor who wears cuddly jumpers. A calm and reliable person. She craved to forget her past. She wanted a quiet life with him, a lovely little house, and a baby of course.

But sometimes John frightens her. He suddenly goes violent when he finds out that Sherlock is alive. He talks about his military past and his military friends, constantly, and with such awe like he'd choose them over Mary if he only had a chance to join the army again. In a few weeks of his happy married life, he starts getting bored. He eagerly goes to a drug den to find a lad he barely knows - just because he needs adrenaline, he needs a fight.

He wasn't supposed to be like that! In the course of her career, Mary had seen injuries and violent death and a lot of trouble too - enough for a lifetime. She's not sure she wants to see some more.

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Re: He wasn't supposed to be like that (spoilers for HLV)

That would be a brilliant set-up for no-fault Johnlock or angst. Mary actually being pregnant might make all the difference. So rather than danger bringing the now-equally-dangerous married pair together, she's moving slowly apart from John, while he's hoping they can bond over a hot gun. And he's gone through a lot to trust her, even managing not to read her file as a gesture that she's the most important one in his life and he trusts her even though she lied to him. Oh the FEELS!

Janine is Moriarty's sister, up till now she's been protected by CAM. Once she sold her story and went against CAM, she knew he'd out her so she plastered Moriarty's picture all over London. She wants safety, protection and obviously revenge on whoever it was that killed her brother.

Irene Adler

Sherlock is sitting in 221B and he receives a text. His phone makes a noise. THAT noise. It hasn't done that in years.

Mycroft faints

Sherlock and Mycroft are having one of their usual snitty arguments when Mycroft abruptly collapses in the middle of it. (Hidden injuries? Flu? Blood sugar? I don't really care what the reason is, I just want to see Sherlock dealing with his always-collected big brother suddenly passing out on him.)

Re: Mycroft faints

Yes! Seconded!

Mind palace!Mycroft gives directions to Sherlock

Let's have a Mind palace!Mycroft giving Sherlock directions to do other things. Things more... pleasurable.

Re: Mind palace!Mycroft gives directions to Sherlock


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Sherlock is not a drug addict

Sherlock is has complete self-control over his drug use, as HLV showed. Bit his misguided friends keep treating him as an addict and he has to convince them otherwise.

Re: Sherlock is not a drug addict

I definitely didn't take the drug scenes in HLV to mean that he had any sort of control whatsoever. After all, even if he was putting on a show he wasn't clean. He was high, and who knows how long he'd been that way?

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Inspired by a prompt above

John in Sherlock's mind palace telling ordering Sherlock to pleasure himself and talking him through it.

Bonus if he makes Sherlock drag it out until Sherlock is begging.

Sherlock is unexpectedly affected by porn

Sherlock has to watch some gay porn for a case. He's not expecting it to have an effect on him, but he starts imagining John doing these things to him and has to take a few minutes to calm down. He goes about the rest of his day determined to focus on the case, but John keeps brushing against him or touching him or just getting close enough for Sherlock to smell him, and Sherlock is getting increasingly aroused and frustrated as the day wears on.

It ends in enthusiastic, rough sex. (Bonus points if it's somewhere inappropriate.)

Mystrade, Matchmaker!Sherlock... with a Twist

Mycroft isn't out of the closet yet, but it's very clear to Sherlock (and the Yarders... and the family... and just about *everyone* else) that that is where his orientation lies.

Sherlock also knows about Mystrade (and has given Lestrade the appropriate shovel talk that Mycroft never needs to know about) and the fact that they've had a fight over Mycroft's coming out and broke up.

Basically, I'd just like Sherlock realizing how perfect Mycroft and Lestrade are for one another, and proving this to Mycroft by setting him up with a bunch of lackluster people to 'help him forget' Lestrade.


+10000000 if anon can somehow include Mycroft stumbling in on Lestrade crying.

Re: Mystrade, Matchmaker!Sherlock... with a Twist

I'm thinking about filling this and wondering if OP wants Myc and Lestrade to be fighting because Greg wants Mycroft to come out or because he doesn't want him to?

Mary's baby is born

with dark, wild curls and dazzling blue-green eyes.

John is not amused.

Re: Mary's baby is born

Do you want Sherlock actually the father or just a hilarious circumstance of recessive genetics?

I ask only because my oldest as a very young toddler looked eerily like his godfather. Flowing blonde hair, as if from nowhere! But both his dad and I are brunette. It was an ongoing joke for years that his godfather actually reproduces by spore.

(For the curious, his hair eventually went brown and he's now the dead spit of his dad, but for people of a suspicious nature who didn't know us well enough to know better, we got the side-eye for MONTHS.)

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The Sign of Three, Ageplay Fic

I felt really bad for Sherlock when he said "You won't need me any more" when he told John and Mary that Mary was pregnant. I was imagining a scenario where John and Sherlock, and maybe Mary had been involved in an ageplay relationship with Sherlock as the little, and Sherlock really thinks that they won't need him around any more now they have a "real baby".

John and Mary convince Sherlock that they still want him to be their little, and that he has a place in their lives.

All aspects of ageplay/infantalism very welcome. :)

Sherlock/Mind Palace!Moriarty, Major Character Death

After being shot, Sherlock enters his mind palace one last time. It is there that he meets a familiar face, who, for the first time, takes all of the pain away....

fill: "a seance down below", Sherlock/Moriarty (kind of) [major character death]

"All this running away, running around in circles, what are you going to do when it catches you? Mm? You don't have to fear it. You don't have to run away. I won't hurt you, no, not now, too late..."

Vital systems shutting down. He feels himself beginning to go cold, the chill seeping in through the walls and between the bricks, twisting its way up his arms and legs like vines. Blood pressure bottoming out. Pulse failing; the heart tries its best, but it just can't make it all work, he doesn't have time...

"Too late."

His hands fumble with the straps; they aren't shaking any more, they've stopped trembling and now they're just stiffly failing to respond. But the buckles open up readily, belts snaking through when they're loosed. Sherlock had given escapology a great deal of thought while in school; it was a worthy diversion and had made him feel better-equipped to deal with being tied up in his own coat-sleeves and locked in the gym closet. Helping someone else escape, even James Moriarty, is strangely therapeutic. It requires him to concentrate on something besides himself and lets him martial his mental powers to the service of setting something loose. No more gnashing teeth and lunging. Jim's singing to him, stay, stay, stay. It's no longer a question of staying alive.

His enemy shakes himself loose from the stiff cloth of the straitjacket, working out a kink in his neck with one sinuous motion. His eyes glint with sudden lucidity; for a flashing moment he's not Moriarty the madman, nor hapless Jim, underneath all of it he's the man he was the day he unfolded his plan, his problem, his game.

Sherlock is dying. Moriarty is winning. His abrupt smile is white in his grimy face.

"Thanks for that, mate. Much appreciated."

"You're very welcome," he mumbles. Somewhere, a dozen floors above them, his bloodless lips are trying to form words and all that will come out is damp rapid breathing.

All that's left is the ugliness. And the crying, of course.

"Now, then, you promised, no more running and no more fighting. Stay with me and let it happen, let it pour down over you. It won't even hurt."

"This is the end for both of us, isn't it?" Sherlock emits a weak spasm of a laugh. Out of everything in the vast vaults of his dying mind, it's Jim he comes back to when he needs it most badly. He sinks down beside him and gives up, lets his mind palace do the work of arranging itself around him.

The oxygen isn't reaching his heart, isn't reaching his brain.

Jim's raw-scraped hands are gentle; they take his pulse in his neck, or else they're cupping his face, he isn't sure. His thumb brushes against his mouth, in a moment of sentimentality that ends with ruffling his dark curls and pushing him down against the dirt floor of this oubliette.

"You know me, Sherlock," he says coyly, "would I really want it any other way?"

Sherlock's body grows slack and heavy; his arms are much too heavy to lift, but Jim raises one of them just a little and lets it fall bloodlessly against the dirty floor. He works his grip underneath him and lifts him up. Madonna and offspring, how original.

"Ssh, ssh, ssh. I lied, it's going to hurt. I'm sorry. I really am. But you don't have to let it bother you," he says, with the sardonic loopiness of a bullied child.

Vision is failing him; the dark is tugging him under, insipid and inescapable, and he knows resurfacing is just a dim dream, more than his strength will allow for him. His head falls back and the last thing he sees before the flood of blackness surges over them both is that face, those drug-calm dark eyes surveying him.

He has been kissed, but never like this. He offers himself up to the touch, ghost-lips against his own and a bruisingly dedicated locking of mouths, as if he's making to draw forth his soul. It isn't a comforting kiss as such, as Moriarty's arms tighten around him and draw him up closer, but it connects them.

He tastes swimming-pool chlorine and Semtex, comes up out of it blinking tears from blind eyes. Jim's hands worry through the curls on the back of his head.

"Won't be long now. Carl Powers, that boy, remember him? You be good now and sit tight, and I'll tell you how I really did it..."

I'm in the mood for some gloriously hot, amazing passionate jaw dropping love-making between Sherlock and Sally.

Oh my god, if someone doesn't write it I will.


+ There's amazing imagery between Sally's skin tone and Sherlock's skin tone.
+ A bit of dirty talk in Sally's ear.
+ Something about 'The Coat'
+ Steaming hot sex: preferably vanilla, because classic flavours are just what people need sometimes.

Re: Sherlock/Sally

Plus One!

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