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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Four horsemen

In which Sherlock is the Horseman of Death and John is the Horseman of War (and I have strange thoughts after watching Sleepy Hollow and Sherlock back-to-back). If you want to add the other two Horsemen (Famine and Pestilence/Conquest ) in there too, go right ahead.

What happens when two Horsemen of the Apocalypse run around London solving crimes? WHY are they doing it? As the Horseman of Death, does Sherlock have *magical* powers that tell him when people die and how, and he needs to connect the dots for us lowly mortals? As the Horseman of War, does John automatically know how to use anything and everything as a weapon? Do others know that they're the Horsemen? Where do they keep their horses?

Re: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Four horsemen

Suggest Mycroft as famine :) Seconding...

Sherlock/Janine fake relationship

I just want some Sherlock/Janine "will you be my beard?" fic.


Slightly too desperate for this kind of fic!

Your Way...

Your Way
Allways your way.

For me those two lines show us just how much John gives himself to Sherlock, allways his way even when it hurts so much.

Just give me feelings.

Johnlock + Molly, An Outsider's Intuition

The night before John's wedding, after the failed stag party, Molly confronts John with her suspicions that Sherlock is in love with him. Citing the "You're sad when you think that he can't see you." quote.

John's wanted to believe that Sherlock loves him for a long time, so long, in fact, that when he hears this, he can't believe it. He decides to go through with the wedding anyhow, but when the minister calls for any objections to the union, and John turns to see the pained look on Sherlock's face.... well, he just can't hold back his feelings any longer.

Re: Johnlock + Molly, An Outsider's Intuition

So sweet. Seconding

Holmescest, Accidental Daddy!Kink

Daddy Holmes used to travel a lot when his kids were little. Sherlock was incredibly young and never really formed a connection with him - instead, he took to his significantly older brother, Mycroft, and started to think of him as 'Daddy'. It did bad things to Mycroft.

Now, twenty-odd years later, it still does. And Sherlock milks every moment of it.

Re: Holmescest, Accidental Daddy!Kink



Lestrade sleeps around. Instead of calling out the name of his partner, he always shouts "YOU BASTARD!" when he comes.

Hilarity ensues.

Re: Greg/Everyone

A+++ I laughed a lot.

S3 Wholock

Mary is a fobwatched Romana and the baby is definitely not human.

Re: S3 Wholock

Ooh, I like it!


He appreciates her varied skills.

Today's top hits!

Mr and Mrs Anderson host a conspiracy talk show.

When Sherlock is bored, he calls in and debunks everything, but ever so often he gets something wrong. Usually something about the A's sex life.

mind palace sex!

Sherlock/mindpalace!Moriarty have rough sex in Magnussen's mind palace.

Either during Magnussen's death or while he's flicking John's face.

Sherlock's Mind Palace

I'd love a fic where someone finds out about the Mind Palace version of them. Mycroft preferred, leading into slash and/or brotherly feelings.

Re: Sherlock's Mind Palace

Seconded! =D

Bill Wiggins/Molly Hooper

I don't know why I want this but I do. Maybe Bill comforts her over her failed engagement. Maybe Molly really does have a specific type. Anything with this pairing, really.

Re: Bill Wiggins/Molly Hooper

This is super cute! I'd love to see more of Bill and I love Molly so much. Seconded!


To combat all this angst I want some dirty sex! Mycroft eats pussy like a fat kid eats cake. He simply can't get enough of fem!Lestrade's pussy, he will literally go down for hours until she's crying for him to hurry up a fuck her. Bonus points for her wearing a skirt with no panties. Super bonus points for Mycroft referring to her cunt as "his". I'm picturing fem!Lestrade as mid thirties who went prematurely grey. However she's super bad ass and died it a beautiful silver grey that matches her complexion. That's not super important to include but I'd figure I would mention it.

Sherlock, baby Watson, adventures in babysitting

I'd love to see Sherlock babysitting John and Mary's daughter (at any age) and the hilarity and adorable fluff that would undoubtedly ensue <3

Re: Sherlock, baby Watson, adventures in babysitting

“But I’m in the middle of a time sensitive experiment! I’ll have to start over if I leave now. Just ask Mrs. Hudson to do it.”

“You agreed to this last week. This is the first night out Mary and I have had in almost a year. It’s the last day of the Historic Firearms exhibit, we can’t reschedule.”

“You went out to dinner two months ago.”

“No, we made reservations, then you called and said there was a case. I agreed on the condition that next time we had a date night, you would babysit.”


“But Daaaaaad, I’m fourteen and you’re only going to be out for a few hours. I don’t need a babysitter”

“Of course you don’t. Besides, Mrs. Hudson visiting her sister and can’t come over any way.”

“Huh? Then why is Sherlock here?”

“Well, we figured you were old enough to watch him by yourself this time.”

“I better get paid extra if it’s just me.”

“Double, plus a bonus if there’s nothing decomposing in the kitchen when we get back.”



Sherlock/Molly H/C with brutal molly!whump, please? The worse the better as long as things turn out relatively ok in the end.


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