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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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CAM kills Mummy Holmes

Sherlock is the one to discover the body, and is absolutely mortified and inconsolable. John does his best to comfort him - friendship preferred, but no romantic intentions.

Bonus for:

Sherlock/Moriarty, where Moriarty has been waiting for the opportune moment to make his return, and *he* is the one that kills CAM b/c Sherlock is just *done*.

Holmes brothers bonding. B/c who better to comfort each other than the two people least accustomed to comfort in the world?

Mystrade, Emotional!Mycroft, Comfort & Cuddles

After Mary shoots Sherlock, Mycroft refuses to leave his bedside - even to the point of physically making himself sick (like, the doctors threatening to put him on an IV). Mummy Holmes, afraid of losing both her sons, calls Lestrade.

Lestrade takes care of business, even if Mycroft is incredibly hesitant to accept his help.

John/Sherlock, "About Time" trama

So you saw that movie with the lovely redhead and Bill Nighy?? Ok
So my promp is this: With a wife that just can't get into a 'normal' life and runs away with the baby and every not healed wound John got very drunk and have a mortal accident.
Sherlock, out of frustration and impotence got very suicidal until Mycroft told him of this condition that Mummy, their older brother and maybe Sherlock have to travel in time; if they get in a dark place and that.
So Sherlock tries to save John from the accident, and then from having to fake diyng himself, from meeting him, from get shot, from get into the army.
Maybe none of these time travels works or maybe one works, but Sherlock's happiness is in game too.

HLV: Sherlock confesses

Some spoilers below.

So this has been on my brain for a while now but right before Sherlock gets on the plane (being exiled and all,) he confesses to John about his feelings (instead of a handshake) because he doesn't know when he'll see him again.

Cue problems when Mycroft calls him back.

Pairing doesn't matter as long as it doesn't end in angst.

Bonus: Ends up with Johnlock or John/Sherlock/Mary.

Re: HLV: Sherlock confesses

I'm really surprised that I haven't seen this prompt yet.... Seconded!

Mycroft spoils Sherlock financially

Mycroft feels horribly guilty when Sherlock tries to stay off drugs. Mycroft knows it's for the best, but knows it isn't easy and tries anything to make it better.

Sherlock wants new clothes? Only the best, Mycroft pays.
He wants something very expensive? No problem with Mycroft's credit card.
He ruins something belonging to other people? Mycroft pays the bill.
This goes on for years and Sherlock does't even think about it until someone (John?) makes a comment.

Suit's Worth of Comfort [1/3]

A/N: Hmm... this turned into a bit of a character study of child!Mycroft's neuroses and how they grow with him into adulthood. Felt compelled to fill this because I relate -- caring for an almost-normal but still mentally ill brother. Anyway, a little dark, but enjoy.

Mycroft was tired of asking Sherlock the same question: "Why did you do that?" He asked after Sherlock stopped doing his homework, after he refused to talk for days on end, after he threw Mummy into a panic by bringing a dead bird from the garden and dissecting it on the kitchen table in an attempt to understand what had killed it. Mycroft knew there was something wrong with his brother. He laid under his covers at night, when the house felt like it had too many rooms, and thought about it. How had he ended up with a brother like this? His mother would never admit it, but she loved Sherlock a little less. It wasn't anything about Sherlock. There was simply nothing like the first child. That was the kind of love settles down and crushes. Her love for Sherlock was a little bit lighter. Maybe if Sherlock had been born first he would be better. Of course that couldn't happen. It was impossible. But, it didn't stop him thinking about it. Don't be ridiculous, Mycroft scolded himself. Irrational. Nonetheless he still wondered, What should I have done differently?

When the school counselor called to say Sherlock was having problems in class the family wasn't surprised. His parents took her reference to a local clinic. Sherlock began to receive monthly sessions of psychotherapy from a middle aged woman, Dr. Snow, who consulted the International Classification for Diseases and made a diagnosis: F90.9 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It made his parents feel better. Something was being done. The outbursts would pass, she told them, by the time he finished puberty. She'd seen it many times before. He was a good kid. She looked at her notes. They didn't have to worry. Mycroft did worry. Dr. Snow was wrong. His chest filled with an ache that would have liked to spill out through his eyes and nose had he not been blessed with the self-control his brother lacked.

When Sherlock was an infant, Mycroft felt compelled to touch him. He found Sherlock fascinating right down to the way he smelled, a scent so clean and full of hope it made him dizzy with frustration that his brother was already far too bright and far too stupid to cope with the suffering of mankind's inability to face what it does not understand. How deep and sticky this desperation was in Sherlock: pure, savage, unrestrained. When Sherlock cried Mycroft felt it too, the gut hollowing terror of a mind cannibalizing itself in the face of a world just slightly too complex to structure neatly. "Shut up, Sherlock!" he would snap. "You'll upset Mummy. Idiot." Idiot, what a word, he thought. "Stupid." The incitements fell from his mouth almost by accident. It always took him a moment or two to recover from saying them. But, no matter what he said, Sherlock did not shut up. He never shut up. Mycroft filled the hollow with recipes from his grandmother's cookbooks which inevitably began with a stick of butter.

Grown ups could deal with tears from scraped knees, dropped ice cream cones, and lost dollies. Big, soft arms and deep voices in the dark said, "Tell Papa, tell Mummy, and we'll make it alright." How wrong the were. How feeble adult awareness, dulled by the convenient cushions of age and its civilizing anesthesia. Did they comprehend just how small a toy bear or lollipop's worth of comfort was? Of course not. If they knew what really made Sherlock cry they would throw him from their arms in terror. It was bitter for him to see what awful innocence adults grew into. Could they really blame him for resenting their fantasy of largeness, and control? When he grew up, he would be different. He would know everything. He would organize the world and he would be big enough to protect people from it. Mycroft was certain.

Johnlock, A Different Reunion

I'd like to see a Johnlock reunion, in place of the reunion where John beat the crap out of Sherlock. No Mary, just lots of fluffy Johnlock angst.

"Mikey, my head hurts."

A concussed and confused Sherlock gets all clingy with his older brother. And then stubbornly denies it ever happened after he's recovered.

Re: "Mikey, my head hurts."

aww!! I was going to ask for some brotherly fluff, but you beat me to it, hahaha

Sherlock and dogs (HLV spoilers)

So, now we know that Sherlock likes dogs. I want to see him get caught making a fuss of one after pretending to be aloof and disinterested. (Maybe it's a police dog he's "borrowed" for a case or something?) Bonus points if everybody's rushing back to rescue the dog from him because they're afraid he'll have done something horrible to it.

Meeting the parents (minor S3 spoilers)

Okay, so we've finally met the Holmes parents - now I want everyone else to as well! I'd love to see some scenes of other characters' encounters with Mr and Mrs Holmes. Molly? Lestrade? Anthea? Sally Donovan? Anyone! I just want to see what they all make of Sherlock and Mycroft's parents.

Johnlock, Only Human

"I'm only human, and I bleed when I fall down."

Many people believe that Sherlock is a man that is trying to be a god, but he's not. He's just a fragile human... and during one of his danger days, in a particularly severe moment of weakness, he confesses this to John.

Re: Johnlock, Only Human

What an intriguing prompt, I'm surprised that no one's caught it yet. Seconded.

Sherlock/Molly + John

I'd prefer this be set while John and Sherlock still live together. Sherlock has embarked on a sexual relationship with Molly, his first, and it turns out he's pretty loud in bed. I'd love to read a fic that alternates between what Sherlock and Molly are doing in bed (maybe a long, slow blowjob that has Sherlock writhing) and John's reaction to all the noise outside.

Re: Sherlock/Molly + John

I can't promise it will be good but I'll try my hand at this.

ps. That's what she said,

Re: Sherlock/Molly + John (Anonymous) Expand

Johnlock, Pain - and Not the Sexy Kind

Sherlock was shot. Bullets mean large holes in the body... large holes mean the monstrosity known as 'packing'... and the removal of packing leads to unimaginable pain.

Packing - basically, they stuff a bunch of gauze into an open wound (usually created during surgery) to staunch blood flow and keep the wound from healing too quickly. Sometimes, its a thin ribbon of material, but usually sterile gauze pads/balls.

John knows how bad packing is, and that the deeper the wound, the worse it gets. Sherlock is trying to act like it's nothing, but it hurts like hell and tears of pain are streaming down his face.

John holds his hand and helps him breathe through it.

anon is depraved and thinks this is sexy


Angry Myjohnlock

The arm-twisting scene in His Last Vow gave me a mighty need, particularly John's 'he could break you in half' comment. What if instead of being a peacemaker, John takes Sherlock's side and they decide to teach Mycroft a little lesson?

While a bit of roughing up is decidedly encouraged it would ideally a lesson with positive reinforcement in the end, once Mycroft has been persuaded around to their way of thinking about CAM.

Molly/Sherlock hurt/comfort, HLV spoilers.

Spoilers for the ending of HLV!

The evening or so after his short exile, Sherlock, John and Mary are in Baker Street doing what they do, plotting against Moriarty, and it dawns on Sherlock that he needs Molly there. Right now.

She was there during the fall, and supported him through injuries, and danger nights, and he has a moment where he realises that oh god i can't do this not again not moriarty oh god please dont make me leave again i thought they were safe from the snipers was it all for nothing i can't go through those two years again

Bonus points: When Molly arrives to help calm Sherlock down, John and Mary are shocked that Sherlock saved John/Lestrade/Mrs Hudson from snipers they had no idea about, having assumed Sherlock was only concerned with destroying Moriarty's network. Super bonus points for a metric shit ton of fluffy Molly/Sherlock hugs and general comfort.

Fill: Anything You Need, Anything at All

A bit belatedly, but here's a fill for you :)


Reading a lot of Sherlock smut and I'm starting to get a little freaked out that I'm almost never seeing any mention of foreskin, even though it's a pretty big part of the penis and everything else is described in great detail. Given that Sherlock and John live in the UK and aren't Jewish--it's extremely likely that they'd both be intact.

I am intact myself, and the lack of foreskin in divsstands out to me. I'm not even talking about a fetish here--just that it be acknowledged and used appropriately when you write about oral sex and hand jobs.

Thank youuuuuuu

Re: Foreskin!

I've had this thought before, but I wouldn't now how to accurately describe, because as an American, I've never seen/experienced an uncut penis in the flesh :(

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