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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Dirty Talk with Dom/Sub

I want the dirtiest, filthiest, talk you can come up with. Seriously, the dirtier the better! I prefer Sherlock/John living in an AU where Dom/Sub relationships are not only the norm but are required. I prefer Sherlock as the Dom, but let's just say that John isn't exactly a wilting flower and definitely keeps Sherlock on his toes.

Bonus points for collaring, mentioning that Lestrade was trying to make John his Sub too but clearly Sherlock one. Mega bonus points if you can mention Mycroft Subbing for Lestrade.

Re: Dirty Talk with Dom/Sub


HLV Spoiler - John hitting CAM

John hitting Charles Magnussen
Either punching him at Baker Street after he peed into the fireplace
Or headbutting him when Magnussen is flicking him in the face.

Nothing sexual between John and CAM

John!whump, non-con, gangbang, unsafe sex

Johnlock, established relationship

Sherlock arranges for John to be gangbanged. Why is up to author. Sherlock intended to just watch, but is so aroused he ends up participating. Forced orgasms are love.

Up to author whether John forgives Sherlock or leaves him, or some other resolution entirely.

Can be either oblivious!Sherlock doing it for science or because he believes John would like it, or dark!Sherlock.

Many, many bonus points for oblivious!Sherlock turning in to dark!Sherlock, and/or

Bonus points for Sherlock felching John after multiple others have fucked him, and/or

Bonus points for Sherlock slapping John with his dick before making him choke on it.

Re: John!whump, non-con, gangbang, unsafe sex

I prompted something similar to this a while ago so: seconding!

John and Mycroft

I don't know if a passing comment from Mycroft in TEH is classed as a spoiler so sorry if it is and mods, you're welcome to delete this.

Mycroft mentions that he and John meet up every Friday for fish and chips; obviously joking but I'd love to see a story about them doing that.

Maybe Mycroft is worried about John and John is thankful of the company? Maybe John knows more about what's been going on than Sherlock expected so Mycroft has gone to cause a distraction? Or perhaps John is the one worried about how Mycroft is handling the death of his little brother.

It's all up to the author really but I would prefer it if Mycroft and John were just friends. RTYI's are more than welcome.

Please and thank you!

Re: John and Mycroft

Great prompt!

Re: John and Mycroft (Anonymous) Expand
Re: John and Mycroft (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

OC/Sherlock, noncon, John forced to watch

Someone violently rapes Sherlock and they force John to watch. Bonus points if it's a whole group of someones. Even more bonus points if you write the aftermath.

Fic rec?

archiveofourown dot org/works/1130572

Mother's love

John sitting behind Mary, embracing her, as she nurses their baby at one breast and Sherlock at the other.

Re: Mother's love

Seconded! I need this in my life

Fill: Normal (1/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Fill: Normal (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Normal (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Normal (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand

unusual kinks (any characters, any pairings)

I'd love to read porn with (for this fandom) rare kinks. I don't care who you team up with whom, how many people get it on with each other as long as it's creative and hot and centers around unusual kinks. (I was thinking maybe pony play, shaving, chastity devices, piercings, marking, fisting, object insertion.. but doesn't have to be either if author prefers other)

Re: unusual kinks (any characters, any pairings)


Dunno which kinks you'd necessarily call "unusual," but this series has a bunch of them and hopefully something will tickle your fancy :-)

Sherlock/John injuries.

I've seen a lot of fics asking for John seeing the scars/injuries on Sherlock, but I would love to read Sherlock seeing battle wounds on John (he was in Afghanistan after all).
Gunshot wound, maybe injury wounds on his back from being whipped etc.
No Established relationship please.

Re: Sherlock/John injuries.

Op here: Like maybe John showers at Sherlock's (after a case) comes out with only a towel around his waist and Sherlock sees his scars and traces them with his fingers asking John where he got them.

Gen or Sherlock/Moriarty, Moriarty is Sherlock's Imaginary Friend

Ever heard of the saying "If you love something enough, you can make it real"?

Sherlock didn't have many friends as a small kid. He dealt with his fair share of bullies and those that simply thought he was strange because of his above-average intelligence. To counteract this loneliness, he spent much of his time in his Mind Palace with his imaginary friend - Jim Moriarty.

Moriarty was the extension of Sherlock, literally completing him. He was intelligent, charming, quick-witted... he was the social butterfly that Sherlock craved to be. Jim was Sherlock's best friend (really, his only friend). But Sherlock soon realized that the kids made fun of him more, for talking to 'someone' that they couldn't see. If he ever hoped to live a 'normal' life, he'd have to let Jim go... so he did.

Now, twenty-odd years later, Jim's back. Only now, everyone can see him. And he's pissed off and hurt, only wanting Sherlock to *want* him again. After all, that's what he was made for - to please Sherlock. And he's willing to do anything to get Sherlock's eyes back on him... even if it means committing murder.

AU, Mycroft Hires Pastry Chef!Moriarty to Fatten up Sherlock, Moriarty/Sherlock, Food Play

The ultimate just desserts for all of the 'diet jabs'.

Jim Moriarty is Sherlock's live-in chef (specializing in pastries, but he's a fantastic cook as well), hired by Mycroft to fatten Sherlock up. His cameras catch them using the food in a less-than-sanitary, but undeniably delectable, manner.

Calling John 'darling'

During a case, Sherlock accidentally calls John "darling".

And then he just keeps doing it... And John doesn't want to tell him to stop.

Re: Calling John 'darling'

Seconding!! This is just beautiful

Johnlock, Alpha!John, Omega!Sherlock, Mummy Knows All, TW: Drug Use

Cocaine stunts heats, either making them incredibly short or stopping them in their tracks. The negative side-effect is that stunting heats is bad for an omega's body, and every time it is injected, they run the risk of death or seriously debilitating injuries. Before meeting John, Sherlock used this to hide his natural omega scent and stunt his heats.

Sherlock can sense his heat coming in the middle of the wedding and has to leave. John is furious, thinking that Sherlock can't even give him this one special day, but then he is confronted by Mummy Holmes, who seems to be near tears. She can sense Sherlock's heat and knows what he's about to do, and is fearful for her son's life. She begs John to help him and, feeling like an ass for jumping to such awful conclusions, he does.

Sherlock is found, and he's shaking so badly he can't even inject the needle properly. John arrives and finally claims him properly, promising that Mary (no-one else, either) will ever come between them.

Re: Johnlock, Alpha!John, Omega!Sherlock, Mummy Knows All, TW: Drug Use

Clever mixing here... I love it

Series 3 Spoilers

So in His Last Vow, after Sherlock collapses in 221B and goes back to the hospital, Mummy Holmes is saying, "We are here because Sherlock is home from hospital..." So, he must have just gotten out.

But Mary is further along in pregnancy and John hasn't seen her for months, so Sherlock was in the hospital for a few months.

Give me the h/c in the hospital. Why did he have to stay so long? If John wasn't with Mary, was he at Sherlock's side every moment?

Warning for homophobia - Friendship.

Sherlock knows John is just a little bit homophobic and that's why he's never told John one way or the other if he's gay or not, which he is.

But John knows, maybe he finds out somehow, and deals with his homophobia before Sherlock says anything to him about being gay.

Kills the shout 1/? TW: Homophobia

A/N: Okay, so this is my first fic ever, so wish me luck! The other parts will be longer, and tI changed canon dialogue (just slightly!) for this part. Un beta-ed or Brit picked. Title from "Storm Inside" by Aric Beers which really relates to John's emotions in this fic.


It wasn’t the drinking. Sherlock cursed himself, saying he should have seen it right away. IT was obvious from the look of poorly hidden disgust that he gave the gay couple walking into Angelo’s, John didn’t talk to his sister because she was gay.

“Sorry,” John said, returning his attention to the conversation at hand, “You have a girlfriend?”

“No,” Sherlock gave his automatic reply, “not really my area.” He watched as John comprehended what he was saying.

“You have a boyfriend?” John asked, clearly trying to sound like he didn’t care. “Which is fine, by the way.”

“I know it’s fine,” Sherlock snapped. He wasn’t going to let anyone tell him what was fine and what wasn’t.

“So, you have a boyfriend?” John asked. If he told John, there was a high probability of him leaving. He’d probably try to convince himself that it didn’t matter for a couple of weeks, but around then, he’d come to term with his homophobic thoughts, and move out.

“I consider myself married to my work.” He said, and watched as John’s entire body relaxed, as if he’d been expecting Sherlock to pounce on him until that moment. Because that’s what gay men did, they made moves at straight men, right?

That night, John lost his limp.

That night, John chased down a criminal right by his side.

That night, John shot a man to save Sherlock's life.

Walking away from the crime scene giggling with the army doctor, he knew that he could never tell John Watson.

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OP (Anonymous) Expand

Just some good old Mycroft angst

And you thought we were safe since nothing happened to Mycroft's life in HLV? Not hardly.

Mycroft is kidnapped from his office at the Diogenes Club, by none other than Moran and his sister, "Mary Watson."

What does Moran want in order to release Mycroft? Simple. Sherlock Holmes, or rather, his head, on a platter.


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