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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Anon posting is not required, but most definitely allowed. If you think you recognise an anon, keep it to yourself and don’t out them. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.

  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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i have a headcanon where mycroft was a skinny child and sherlock was more on the chubbier side because mycroft used to have a fast metabolism and sherlock had a slow one. but mycrofts ended up slowing down with how much he was eating and sherlock started eating less and healthier foods, even though he has a total sweet tooth
and i would really like to see a fic that has to do with that or maybe that john or lestrade or molly start making sherlock eat or he's not allowed to go to cases/the morgue and he never did anything to speed up his metabolism so its still slow and yeah

Sherlock--world's worst hooker.

"You wanna party? 500 for kissing, 10,000 for snuggling. End of list."

Crack or not.


Re: Sherlock--world's worst hooker.

Ha ha this is great! I'm onto it!

John's prostate is ticklish

Because I want more sexy!John with a huge dose of adorableness with it...

Whenever John's prostate is stimulated, John giggles. Which, to his partner (preferably Sherlock or Moriarty or both), is the most adorable thing to happen during sex.

Re: John's prostate is ticklish

Omg this is so cute!

Cabin Pressure crossover

In which Sherlock did die. For a minute.

The moment he landed on the pavement, so did a Lockheed McDonnell 312 slam onto the runway and a flying piece of debris into the Captain.

But some well-meaning deity/god/mythical feature intervened because it wasn't their time to die yet.
So they came back to life.

A week later, Molly Hooper had to deal with a frantic man named Martin Crieff trapped inside the detective, and the MJN crew with a twat named Sherlock Holmes inside their captain.


Re: Cabin Pressure crossover

Oh my god yes seconded

And he thought it was bad the first time around.

Going through puberty as an adult is a bitch.

Mark Hooper is hornier than he has ever been in his life.

Mycroft obliges.

Re: And he thought it was bad the first time around.

Yeah, transsexual male Mark Hooper!

de-aged/sexy age play

John is de-aged-- can be by magic or science gone awry-- to a pre-puberty or early-in-puberty age.

While he appears physically younger, mentally and emotionally he is still the same. Including his sexual appetite.

Sherlock is put off at first, but John talks him into using his temporarily altered physical state to indulge in some fun, sexy age play scenarios. John-convincing-Sherlock to indulge may or may not include John seducing Sherlock.

Daddy/boy roleplay, incest roleplay, "underage" consensual non-consent roleplay-- the works.

Re: de-aged/sexy age play

Ugh *squirms* ... I want this!! Can I throw in a request for some spanking, too? ;)

Re: de-aged/sexy age play (Anonymous) Expand

Demisexual Sherlock

I often see Sherlock portrayed as asexual but still romantically interested in John in fics, which is great. But I've come across quite a few fics were he is asexual but when he becomes interested in John things change, or it's described that he hasn't felt sexual attraction to anyone like he has with John. This strikes me as Sherlock being demisexual, not asexual. With that said, could one of you lovely writers please write a demisexual!Sherlock who is interested in John, but John has no idea because everyone has told him/he assumed Sherlock was asexual. Sherlock tries to subtly let John know, but he just isn't making the connection. John has given up the idea of pursuing a sexual relationship with Sherlock, thinking it couldn't happen. Since his attempts at flirting aren't working, Sherlock decides he needs to make it undoubtedly clear to John that he wants him both romantically and sexually.

TL;DR Sherlock isn't asexual like John thought/has been told, but is demisexual. Sherlock makes sure to get the point across that he is VERY interested in a sexual relationship with John.

Re: Demisexual Sherlock

Seconded! I can totally see John assuming he is asexual because of how he relates to others.

Re: Demisexual Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Demisexual Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand

Lestrade/Tentacle Monster, TW: Non-con, Body Horror, Mpreg-ish

In this world, tentacle creatures are a known and fairly widely documented form of marine life. Tentacle creature attacks are even less common than shark attacks, so humans rarely worry about them. Mostly because they're largely peaceful creatures, and are only known to bother other animals when they're reproducing- the tentacle monsters are unable to carry their own offspring to full maturity, so they implant them in other animals to be carried to term. The other animals are rarely harmed by this process, unless something goes amiss.

Enter Lestrade and his terrible, horrible luck. He happens to take a holiday to the ocean at the same time one of the creatures has come to shore to catch a carrier for their egg. As a result, Lestrade becomes the (not-at-all) happy father of a bouncing baby tentacle beast. After the implantation, he goes to the doctor to see what can be done for it, but it can't be removed without a highly invasive, dangerous operation. The doctor recommends Lestrade just leave it and let it come out "naturally". Lestrade is disgusted, appalled, then eventually resigned. Yep, in the next couple of months he's going to be delivering a tentacle creature out of his ass.

Bonus points if during the course of the "pregnancy" the little baby beast secretes a chemical which "bonds" Greg to it, so when it's born he actually feels some amount of affection for it and cares for it until it's big enough to be put out into the ocean.

And then he never, ever goes near a body of water again.

(Sorry for the prompt being so specific. I usually try not to dictate things like that, so if there's anything a potential author wants to change, you're more than welcome to do so!)

Mycroft/Female!Sherlock Riding, Incest, Love.

Mycroft and Female!Sherlock have been in a relationship since they were eighteen, and fortunately, or unfortunately Female!Sherlock likes an audience. Lestrade or Watson will be fine :)

Extra Points - If it shows Female!Sherlock riding Mycroft into next week, and showing her kinky side. A.K.A sucking on his nipples.

Re: Mycroft/Female!Sherlock Riding, Incest, Love.

This is my prompt, <3 Livejournal keeps logging me off for some reason..

rimming, multiple orgasms

John loves rimming Sherlock. He loves burying his face between those lush cheeks, making Sherlock's hole all wet and loose and ready for him with nothing but his tongue, until Sherlock is incoherent with pleasure. He especially loves that Sherlock can come from just this, but it turns him on so much that one orgasm simply isn't enough, and immediately after coming he's desperate to be fucked hard until he reaches his second climax.

Re: rimming, multiple orgasms

UNF - seconding so HARD!

Re: Brilliance 4/4 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Brilliance 4/4 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Brilliance 4/4 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Brilliance 4/4 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Brilliance 4/4 (Anonymous) Expand
John tries to persuade Sherlock to sit through the latest episode of QI. It is about killers after all....

S/J, demisexual Sherlock knows he's demi

Most demi!Sherlock stories Sherlock has discover he's demi not asexual when he realizes he has feelings for John.

In this one, Sherlock knows he's demisexual already, after that whole embarassing affair with Victor Trevor years ago. He's determined not to sink to that emotion again and destroy another friendship with awkward advances. You, dear filler, know where this is going, right?

Re: S/J, demisexual Sherlock knows he's demi

Love demi!Sherlock and I like the ideas that he's well aware of that fact.

something like the Story of the Eye

Something kind of crazy inspired by Georges Bataille's the Story of the Eye

I'll call this an open prompt

Basically, make it what you want, but it has to go about like this:

In which John has no clue, then the does. "It's fine, it's all fine. Brilliant, really" (quote should be used & bonus points for sweet smexiness).

Thanks you!!!

Johnlock sub/dom play mistaken for abuse

John and Sherlock are in a safe, sane, and consensual relationship. One is a sub, the other is a dom (you get to choose who). They use a safeword. They communicate before and after trying anything new. They do after-care. And they're madly in love and very happy with their life.

One day, someone notices bruising on the one who is the sub, and grows concerned. They contact the police (or perhaps it's one of the Yarders who notice), and they decide to hold an "intervention," wherein John and Sherlock are spoken to separately.

What follows is the most embarrassing conversation of John & Sherlock's lives. It's eventually revealed that yes, they're fucking, and yes they're in fact kinky as hell, what's it to you? They're grown adults and they had an adult conversation about it and their safeword is "cabbage," ffs.

If the sub is John, please have the characters automatically assume "of course Sherlock would abuse him! He's a freak!" and have John be super embarrassed over not only being outed as gay, but also a sub.

If the sub is Sherlock, please have everyone be horrified at themselves for possibly me-reading John so badly.

Re: Johnlock sub/dom play mistaken for abuse