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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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I've always see this AU with Sherlock beinging the vampire, while John is a human/werewolf/human-turning-into-vampire...I would really want to see an AU where John is the ancient undead and Sherlock the oblivous human...

...who eventually is perplexed with the concept and trying to test John's habilites like immortality, glamour, etc(something that in the end makes Jonh yelling like "FOR FUCK's SAKE, SHERLOCK! I'M NOT YOUR UNDEAD GINEA PIG!")

Cheers! =)

Re: Vampire!Lock

Maybe RTYI, but not like the typical vampires fics. John and Sherlock are BFFs and John´s a kind of adorable/dangerous if he needs to be vampire. http://archiveofourown(dot)org/series/59624

(If you didn´t want RTYI, sorry.)

Mycroft likes it anonymous

I like to think that Mycroft enjoys the services of a very discrete male escort agency.

So I'd like Mycroft getting a good fucking in an hotel room.

In the Closet

Mycroft isn't out.

Everyone knows he's gay but they're all patiently waiting for him to tell them. Sherlock has been trying to tell him it's okay to be different as a way of encouraging him.

I'd like something angsty & fluffy where Mycroft finally tells his parents.

Who needs rescuing?


John and Sherlock are working a case together, and the criminals du jour try to gain some leverage by abducting John's sweet, gentle, totally-not-a-semi-reformed-ish-assassin wife. Wacky beatdowns ensue.

Re: Who needs rescuing?

Who can say no to a wacky beatdown.

Re: Who needs rescuing? (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock/John - John is Magnussen's P.A.

Spoilery for His Last Vow

An AU where John is Magnussen's personal assistant and Sherlock fakes a relationship with him, all the way up through an engagement, in order to get access to Magnussen. Or at least the relationship is supposed to be fake, until Sherlock actually starts to fall for John.

I'd love it if:

- After John learns of Sherlock's deception, Sherlock sometimes gets distracted from the case because he eventually realizes that he really does have feelings for John and wants to try to win him back.

- The particulars of Magnussen's dealings had been kept secret from John, but once he becomes aware of them he agrees to help Sherlock take Magnussen down, even though John and Sherlock are estranged at that point.

Re: Sherlock/John - John is Magnussen's P.A.

That sounds wonderful! Yes please!

Great idea! (Anonymous) Expand
Giving this a go! (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Giving this a go! (Anonymous) Expand

During/Post HLV, John slowly realises that Sherlock is in love with him

To me, the goodbye scene on the tarmac showed a John who hasn't fully grasped the enormity of what Sherlock did for him - and, more importantly, the WHY.

So I'd like to see John's thoughts after the kill-shot. I'd like him to slowly realise that Sherlock's feelings might actually run much deeper than mere friendship, that Sherlock is actually in love with him. What does that mean for married/suburbian-based/expectant father John? Does he have the courage to face the fact that a tiny (or not so tiny) part of him might be into Sherlock too?

A little help from Mary is always welcome (because the boys can be so slow ...). No OT3 though, I'd like this to be pure Johnlock.

Re: During/Post HLV, John slowly realises that Sherlock is in love with him

Seconded so hard!!

Mary/John, Mary/Moriarty - Spoiilers for HLV

In response to her boss and lover's apparent suicide, Mary Moran goes after John Watson intent on revenge.

She never expected to actually fall in love with him.

And now Moriarty is back.

Re: Mary/John, Mary/Moriarty - Spoiilers for HLV


HLV spoilers, Holmes family history

His Last Vow spoilers:

So a line of Mycroft's may imply the existance of another Holmes sibling. What if Redbeard wasn't a pet dog at all? Instead, Sherlock has deleted his other brother (or sister?) and replaced those memories with the dog we see in the episode because it was the only way he could deal with their death. I'd love to see something about this with John/Sherlock or John/Sherlock/Mary but a gen exploration would be great too.

Re: HLV spoilers, Holmes family history

Genius idea! Seconded!

Magnussen/Mycroft, I own Mycroft Holmes

When Magnussen spoke about wanting to own Mycroft he didn't mean figuratively.

People don't say no to Charles Augustus Magnussen, he can have anyone he wants. In fact, there's only one person with enough power and influence to be out of reach.

Naturally, he's obsessed.

He's been waiting years for this moment, to have the mighty Iceman at his mercy... to fuck him, to debase him. Oh, the things he's going to do to Mycroft Holmes..

Bonuses: Magnussen taunting Sherlock about the things he's going to do to Mycroft.

TL;DR: Magnussen doesn't give a fuck about about state secrets.

He just wants to see Mycroft Holmes on his knees.

Re: Magnussen/Mycroft, I own Mycroft Holmes

Seconding HARD

Perks of Ownership 1/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Perks of Ownership 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand

Johnlock, autism spectrum!Sherlock, weighted blanket

So i just want Sherlock with a weighted blanket, that he's always got wrapped around his shoulders, or lying on him on the couch.

John doesn't realise it's weighted at first, then does, i don't even know i just want Johnlock snuggles until Sherlock's weighted blanket, and de-stressed Sherlock when he has his blanket too.

Sherlock can be anything on the spectrum if you don't like the idea of him having aspbergers, maybe something as simple as sensory processing disorder?

This would be therapeutic for me to read and as i have no writing skills, i need you wonderful anons to make me this, please~

Re: Johnlock, autism spectrum!Sherlock, weighted blanket

- snuggles *under Sherlock's blanket

Summer Rain (1/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Summer Rain (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Summer Rain (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Summer Rain (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Summer Rain (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Summer Rain (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand

TEH spoilers plus noncon and drugging

The two guys who kidnap John have their wicked way with him (maybe Magnussen too?) before they put him into the pyre.

Re: TEH spoilers plus noncon and drugging


spoilers for S3

Remember how obsessed Sherlock was with finding what the H in John's name was? Well, he does the same with Mary in trying to figure out what AGRA stands for.

"Agatha Genevieve Raven Ackles?"

"No, Sherlock."

"Alana Garcia Rosa Anders?"

"Sherlock, stop."

"Abigail Gina Rose Abbott?"

"So help me, Sherlock, I will shoot you again."

Re: spoilers for S3

I love this...

Re: spoilers for S3 (Anonymous) Expand


I've been trying to find OT3 fics but they all have a similar vibe. either Mary and Sherlock work out how to get John to join or John and Mary try and get Sherlock to join.
I want option three.
Sherlock and John talk Mary into a threesome.

HLV Spoilers

Ever since the whole 'secret assasin' business, Sherlock has fears/nightmares about John turning out to not be who he says he is.

(Up to author as to whether it's true or not. Thriller, H/C, shippy or gen, whatever you like).

crack, any or no pairings, HLV spoilers, names

After Sherlock's return, John asks him (or maybe just teases him) about why on earth he'd prefer to go by Sherlock rather than William, if that's his real first name. (Under the assumption that he's William Sherlock Scott Holmes himself.) Sherlock's response is "what? I never said that", and amusement, but he refuses to clarify which William he actually means, if he just thought it sounded like a nice non-teasing-worthy boy name, etc.

Turns out it's for Bill Wiggins.


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