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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Of all the secrets

They're used to getting away with things but they can't believe they're actually getting away with this.

Johnlock or Holmescest preferred but really any pairing is acceptable. Angst if you can manage.

Bringing home a stray (dub/non-con - animal traits-ish)

A/B/O society where Omegas have a social and legal status only roughly in advance of the average domestic housepet. But with the added expectation that they can be used for sex whenever their alpha/owner wants.

Out for a walk one afternoon, Alpha!John happens across an abused stray omega (Sherlock) wandering the park. The omega's clearly disorientated, non-verbal, underweight, cold and presumably abandoned. Worried for the poor creature, John takes it home with him.

I'd like to see abused omega!Sherlock responding instinctively and submissively to being gently stroked and petted and praised, leaning in to the unexpectedly kind alpha's touch and being soothed and reassured when the alpha rolls him over and fucks him nice and long and slow.

Bonus for John buying his new pet omega a lovely, smart collar and admiring how beautiful he looks in it now he's filled out, as Sherlock preens under the attention while obediently riding his master's cock.

Re: Bringing home a stray (dub/non-con - animal traits-ish)

Unh. so seconding this!

Author's Note (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Author's Note (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock's drug habit does hit the news...

...and a roaring paternal!Lestrade (or Lestrade tout court if you'd rather have them lovers) barges into 221B.

Re: Sherlock's drug habit does hit the news...

Oh yes please! It's such a shame we didn't get to see Lestrade's reaction to Sherlock being high.

Magussen and Mrs Hudson

He tries his smooth blackmailing spiel with her, and finds she couldn't care less.

Bonus points if she offers to re-enact her naughtiest number for his eyes only, leaving him speechless.

Re: Magussen and Mrs Hudson

It'd be fantastic to see. The man who can blackmail the PM and entire countries gets outsmarted by a landlady

Janine's press interviews -SPOILER FOR 3x3

So what did Janine tell the press about Sherlock? I'd love to read those articles she shows Sherlock in the hospital!

Re: Janine's press interviews -SPOILER FOR 3x3

Seconded... I just really need to hear about that "he made me wear the hat" headline.

Janine soon deduces that Sherlock is using her... (humour)

...but doesn't say anything. Instead, she decides to have her little fun by arranging that famous dinner - not only with John and Mary, but with all of Sherlock's friends (and possibly his parents). When the dinner is at its peak and Sherlock playing his role over the top, she suddenly produces an engagement ring and tells everyone he's proposed to her and they're getting married.

Take it from there...

Re: Janine soon deduces that Sherlock is using her... (humour)

I feel sad for Molly now. She'll be humiliated beyond belief (remember the whole Tom engagement thing, and being important to Sherlock) and her self-worth will drop to below zero. She'll either self-destruct or turn those "how dare you take drugs" slaps into love taps once she blows up on him.

John/Sherlock, broken!Sherlock, rape and torture aftermath

Sherlock's been rescued after being held prisoner for over an year. During that time, he was repeatedly raped, tortured, humiliated, manipulated, drugged, etc. everything you can think of. The end result is a terrified, broken, deeply traumatized Sherlock. His old arrogance has been completely stripped of him. He's afraid of his own shadow and he would do anything, absolutely anything, not to provoke further punishment. And the only person who can keep him relatively functional on a daily basis? It's John Watson, assuming the role of his master.

Bonus points for John being incredibly turned on by Sherlock's extreme submissiveness and meek, terror-filled obedience, and naturally, feeling deeply ashamed and disgusted with himself.

Even more bonus points if he gives into temptation anyway and takes advantage of Sherlock.

Re: John/Sherlock, broken!Sherlock, rape and torture aftermath

So wrong yet so hot! Seconding like woah!

Sherlock/Any MC, Omegaverse, First Heat, Fuck-Or-Die

A/B/O society where an omega's first heat can be deadly. If they aren't mated during their heat, they will die.

Sherlock and (insert MC of anon's choice here) were promised to one another in an arranged marriage. Sherlock and the omega have not consummated their relationship, and the omega thinks that this is because he's not really wanted. He thinks that Sherlock would be better off with one of the females of the pack (Irene, Molly, Janine, etc.).

The omega's first heat hits and he tries to run, thinking Sherlock would be better off without him around. Even dying is better than forcing Sherlock to be with someone he doesn't actually want.

Sherlock, having sensed his mate's heat, comes after him and claims him. Dub-con is okay... no non-con, though, please.

Lots of hurt/comfort/angst and resolving the misunderstanding, please!

Omega!Moriarty or Omega!Sebastian preferred, but any male character welcome!

I woke up at three in the morning wondering what would happen if, when in the Empty House, Mary had gone ahead and shot "Sherlock" not realizing that it was John. I'm still wondering.

Re: HLV Spoilers


Re: HLV Spoilers (Anonymous) Expand

Moriarty/Any MC, Coming Back From the Dead

I've seen a lot of fics revolving around Sherlock's return... now I'd like to see one with Moriarty.

Moriarty's lover is devastated by his 'suicide', but can't exactly be open about it because... well... nobody wants to admit to being involved with a mass murderer/criminal mastermind and risk being charged with accessory.

I'd just like to see Moriarty's homecoming to his lover. It can play out however anon would like, just as long as it has a happy ending :)

Infernal devices!

After a fraught week where Sherlock's been particularly obnoxious and demanding, Dom John paddles his backside hard, gags his cruel mouth, and straps him to a sybian/fucking machine to work off a little of that attitude.

He comes back later to find a very contrite, sorry-looking sub squirming pathetically against his restraints, covered in his own come and almost sobbing from over-stimulation.

Make it diiiirty, meme.
(But not non-con)

(Pre-)Mystrade, unknowingly meeting the parents

While waiting to meet Sherlock, Lestrade strikes up a conversation with a lovely older couple who chatter about their sons and mention that they worry about their oldest son, "Mikey", being lonely with the way he's married to his job.

Then Sherlock shows up and Lestrade discovers they're his parents and they've been talking about Mycroft Holmes.

Re: (Pre-)Mystrade, unknowingly meeting the parents

Awwwww! Seconding!

Lestrade and Irene are BFFs...

...and meet now and then to have a drink and compare phone pics and vids.

(Because Lestrade's voyeur kink is getting a bit visible these days.)

John/Sherlock, angsty drunken voicemails

(prompt based on the song Drunk Last Night by Eli Young Band)

In his time away from Sherlock (maybe during the hiatus, after marrying Mary, just not living with Sherlock anymore, etc.), John has developed a habit of phoning Sherlock and leaving him really long, really angsty voicemails. It only happens when John gets drunk, and when his life isn't so great (marriage problems, tedium, what have you). In all of these voicemails, John laments about his dormant feelings for Sherlock and how he wishes sometimes that they'd had a chance to be together, yadda yadda.

Given the general theme of the messages, what does John actually say? Why doesn't Sherlock pick up his phone when John calls? How does Sherlock react to these voicemails?

Go wherever you want with this, anons! The only thing I ask is there is no infidelity of any kind, please. It just rubs me the wrong way.

John-centric, Moriarty/Sherlock Background, Smiles

John realizes post-HLV that the only time he ever sees Sherlock smile is when he's with Moriarty. He can't decide whether he's jealous, or PO'd that Sherlock is falling for the criminal mastermind.


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