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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Asexual Sherlock and failed matchmakings

Knowing Sherlock feels lonely now that John's with Mary (Pre-wedding, Post-Wedding, whatever the author decides) everyone around him tries to match him up with new people. Lestrade, Molly, Mrs Hudson, Mike and even John and Mary get in the act of trying to introduce him to boyfriends and girlfriends (because they still don't know if there's a preference) and they just never work out. Sherlock first assumes it's about an assistant to replace John, that John doesn't want to spend anytime with him anymore before he realises what's really going on.

Bonus if one or two of them turn out to be criminals or mistaken for clients.

All I ask is for the fic to end in a happy note, cos right now all I keep reading are sad fics where Sherlock ends up lonely and sad and I really need him to end up happy and knowing he's loved whilst completely uninterested in sex.

Re: Asexual Sherlock and failed matchmakings

Seconded! This is everything I like.

Dark!Mary makes Sherlock her bitch (HLV spoilers)

Sherlock will do anything so long as he can be a part of John's life.

He'll even forgive Mary for shooting him and nearly killing him.

She realises that she can do anything she wants to him because he won't dare tell John if it means disrupting their happy family. So she makes him her bitch. When John is out at work, she calls Sherlock round and doms the fuck out of him.

Anal plugs, dub-con, whips, nipple rings, bondage, asphyxiation - let your mind go wile with this one, the crueller the better.

And John hasn't a clue as Sherlock begins to break apart every time.

Implied one-sided Johnlock is a bonus.

Re: Dark!Mary makes Sherlock her bitch (HLV spoilers)

Seconded extremely hard. And if anyone would like to roleplay this with me, let me know!

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Molly or Mary sucking Sherlock off while Anderson (or Lestrade or John or trans!Sally) comes all over those cheekbones

Sherlock/Wiggins, broaching the subject with the family

[Last Vow spoilers]I loved the Christmas scenes with the brothers' parents, and I love Wiggins to death, but I couldn't help but wonder if either Mr. or Mrs. Holmes might begin to suspect that the whole "he's my protegé" thing with him as Sherlock's plus-one is just a round-about way of saying "we're dating". Or just them treating him like part of the family and him and Holmes!mom getting along. Bonus points if Mycroft is appalled and Sherlock lets him have it.

Re: Sherlock/Wiggins, broaching the subject with the family

LOL, I love the idea. [Seconded!]Nice to see Wiggins all grown up from the ACD stories, but the Holmeses assuming they're together and being all supportive - in spite of the junkie thing - that sounds like fun. Seconded!

[His Last Vow spoilers] Magnusson/Moriarty, in a way

[HLV spoilers]He simply must have all the dirt on everything Jim's been up to, and the way he talks about other people's vices and crimes (especially Mary's) as being so very delicious, plus the way his hands move as he goes through his mind-palace files sent my mind filthy places. I want to see Magnusson jerking off to what he knows about Jim Moriarty, please. Especially getting off on the thought of being able to torment or annoy him, somehow having the one man who fears nothing and isn't intimidated by him at his mercy.

I's anon's choice whether before Reichenbach Fall stuff or after, what they make of all the "missed me?" stuff, or if they think he and Jim have ever really met. I'm just a huge perv.

Re: [His Last Vow spoilers] Magnusson/Moriarty, in a way

yes! oh god, seconding so hard.


Charles rapes John in front of Sherlock (and Mary if you'd like).

Re: John/Charles

I want this! Seconding

Sherlock/Moriarty, A Different Kind of Vow, Post 3.03

Moriarty has returned, and so have his unique and gruesome crimes. He offers Sherlock a strange ultimatum... agree to marry him, and the killing will stop. Sherlock thought he'd never ask.

Bonus -

+100000 if anon somehow includes John being against the union, until Sherlock points out "it wouldn't be the first time one of us married a killer..."

Re: Sherlock/Moriarty, A Different Kind of Vow, Post 3.03

This works! The logic is so scarily accurate it's perfect!

[His Last Vow spoilers] Janine and Jim Moriarty

[Last Vow spoilers]Some of her speech patterns reminded me of him -- like on "unless I meet somebody prettier/solve me a crime, Sherlock Holmes" -- and I'd love to see something where these two have crossed paths, either casually or in the course of her working for Magnusson. Can be Janine/Jim, if you like. If you really want to go to town... Janine as one of Jim's adopted siblings, a la ACD!Moriarty having a seemingly-respectable brother who's also named James.

John/Mary, Sherlock/Moriarty, Mpreg, Catty!Sherlock

Sherlock and Mary don't get along... like, at all. Not to the point of Mary!Bashing, but along the lines of Sherlock dropping insults toward her like he does toward Anderson. Can be rooted in a fear of her taking John from him, or something else of anon's choosing. These comments are specifically centered around her pregnancy.

Moriarty is just trying to keep the peace - after all, he doesn't want to get shot like that cabbie in ASiP - but ends up getting in a fight with Sherlock (may/may not be physical) and finds out that the reason Sherlock has been so catty is b/c he's pregnant with multiples. Jim just about dies.

Cue Understanding!Mary being quick to accept his apology, and Jim and John bonding over a fear of Hurricane Hormone.

Re: John/Mary, Sherlock/Moriarty, Mpreg, Catty!Sherlock

Would you like this to be Omegaverse, with bonding and handwavey talk about Omegas being unable to control themselves? I might be able to do something on those lines, but I wouldn't want to accidentally hijack your prompt.

Moriarty/Sherlock, Actors AU, Mastermind!Lestrade, TW: Suicide

Moriarty and Sherlock are two University students in the acting department, hoping for their big break. DI Lestrade hires them for what he pretends is a show... really, it is all an elaborate rouse, with crimes that he (Lestrade) has created for them to live out. Jim Moriarty is no criminal, Sherlock is no genius... and Lestrade is raking in the glory for creating what possibly could be the greatest scheme of all... until it all goes horribly wrong - the Reichenbach Fall.

It's a twisted version of Romeo and Juliet. Moriarty uses a trick gun with fake blood... but Sherlock doesn't realize this, and actually jumps off of the building in grief. Jim wakes up, finds out that Sherlock is dead, and takes his own life as well.

Re: Moriarty/Sherlock, Actors AU, Mastermind!Lestrade, TW: Suicide


So, His Last Vow and the entire S3 feels

I hope this works, but if not -

[I'd like it angsty with a happy ending, please] Plese, god could you give me John just sitting down one moment and realizing or finding out EVERYTHING Sherlock has done for him and was willing to do for him? I'd like him to know that Sherlock killing Magnussen like that was basically the same as jumping of off Bart's just slower and without the secrecy? (have him also find out about the 6 months thing and about what was going on during those 2 years away, please?)I want him to realize fully and with excruciating detail that the man was willing to give up everything including his life twice over now(first time he didn't even know John saw him as his best friend) to keep John and his wife safe, has clawed his way back to life also twice if you squint(once solely to save John) and was readily willing to help Mary - the woman who shot him - not to mention apparently trying to get them back together, just because John chose her. I would then like John to go to Sherlock with this realization still fresh. What happens then? MAke me cry, please, but then make me happy at the end as well, ok?

Oh dear, the third episode has made me so emotional. *sniff*

Re: So, His Last Vow and the entire S3 feels

Seconded, thirded and fourthed! :)

CAM/John noncon

I'm sorry for even requesting this oh god but...
a rewrite of that whole face-flicking scene...
John reluctantly letting it happen, Sherlock watching and seething internally...but powerless to stop it know. not face flicking.
more like face fucking.
whether it be with fingers or...something else...
CAM being just as composed/smug/amused.
maybe some implied johnlock, onesided or not.
yup that's it. sorry again. I'll go now.

Re: CAM/John noncon

When he first said that i thought he said "lick" instead of "flick" in previous scene. Seconded

Re: CAM/John noncon (Anonymous) Expand
Re: CAM/John noncon (Anonymous) Expand
Re: CAM/John noncon (Anonymous) Expand

Possible spoilers!! Friendship, H/c, sexual child abuse, insest

Warning, this contains possible spoilers, and I don't know how to create a cut.

Spoiler ahead!!

So in the last few minutes of HLV one of the men Mycroft was talking to said he hoped Mycroft was displaying 'sentiment' for his brothers case. Mycroft reply was that he wasn't fond of brotherly affection, and remember what happened to the last one.

So my interpretation is they had another brother, but we don't know what happened to him.

I've got to idea that you can play on. The first one is that their brother got himself in trouble with some very bad people (please make it more imaginative than gangs please, make him smart)this resulted in his death. But it happened in front of Sherlock, who was only four years old at the time. The incident caused him to stop speaking for years, resulting in him being unable to make friends, and by the time he started talking again (11/12?) he had already accepted he was different and couldn't make friend. You can make this a reason for him being a 'sociopath' too, like in Dexter.

The second was is that the brother was sexually abusing Sherlock, so when Mycroft found out he ordered for their brother to be ether killed, or arested. Sherlock thought their was nothing wrong with what his brother was doing, and didn't understand why his parents were so upset and sent him to therapy and such.

Now for the friendship part; of course, John and Mary find about what happened (maybe by Sherlock parents when at theirs for Christmas) and Sherlock, who figures out they know tells them they can ask about it.

What happens next is up to the filler :)

Re: Possible spoilers!! Friendship, H/c, sexual child abuse, insest

Seconded because of reasons

HLV Spoilers - Sherlock and Janine

Because, even though she's freakin' awesome and was clearly enjoying milking the situation, I felt a bit sorry for Janine being played like that. Now, I don't think Sherlock would actually get engaged to her, certainly not after a month, but maybe he wasn't entirely lying when he said he was waiting till they were married.

Basically, I'd like some fluff with those two, even if it's just them being awesome friends. Pairing is cool too.

Re: HLV Spoilers - Sherlock and Janine

seconding! i loved janine.

Aspergers syndrome

I recently came across an interesting discussion on Sherlock possibly having aspergers and now I can't get it out of my head. Anything that explores this idea would be fantastic!

Also, bonus cookies if it also explores John or expands on this quote from the forum "In the Asperger's community, it is said that many Aspies will respond very well to having a "guardian angel" who gently and non-judgmentally helps guide him/her through the complexities of social interactions. Any better way to describe John Watson?"

Re: Aspergers syndrome

I could well see that (also being misdiagnosed with ASPD/sociopathy; at least one Aspie's autobiography describes wondering if he was something like that because he didn't seem to have/show the 'appropriate' emotions).

Since Sherlock is very adept at playing situations/people, you have to have him as a type that's more common among Aspergers women: learns to handle people through mimicry, but is completely lost when having to 'act like himself' or 'be natural'. He doesn't have any natural filters or boundaries that tell him "No. Just No" when he considers any thought or action.

Can well imagine John being good at explaining when something is A Bit Not Good or Quite a Lot Not Good.

Re: Aspergers syndrome (Anonymous) Expand

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