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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Holmescest Mindgames and manipulation

Mycroft has always been a step ahead of him. Always smarter, always more put together, always more favoured by the parents. He sees through everything Sherlock does, and Sherlock hates it. Until, one day Sherlock has a bit of a revelation - he sees Mycroft watching him, a peculiar half guilty expression on his face. And Sherlock realises: Mycroft is attracted to him. Finally Sherlock has something he can use to manipulate/taunt/blackmail his perfect older brother with. Something to make him lose his implacable cool.....

Go with this where you will! Anything goes.

Re: Holmescest Mindgames and manipulation

YES! More Holmescest, please. :D

Sherlock characters as comedians

From a post on the rant meme.

The characters aren't detectives and criminals and police and public servants: they're stand up comedians.

I love the idea of Sherlock being a David Mitchell type (posh and pissed off at everything) or Frankie Boyle type (says stuff just to get a reaction).

Moriarty as a Jimmy Carr, Mycroft as a Stephen Fry, Lestrade as an Adam Hills, Mrs Hudson as a Denise Scott, Dimmock as a Josh Thomas or Michael McIntyre.

And no one could really decide on who John would be like.

Go wild! Maybe they're all on Mock the Week or 8 Out of Ten Cats or the Big Fat Quiz or Comic Relief or even Graham Norton. I just really love this idea.

Re: Sherlock characters as comedians


Possible Abused John?

Or maybe not.

How about Sherlock starts to notice that John always buttons his shirts up to the top, and never wears shirtsleeves and such. He's always covered up. He even beings to notice John's reluctance to touch. At first he thought it had something to do with his military history, but now he is beginning to suspect that John was abused (physically or sexually) at some point in his life.

Anything along the lines of this...

Re: Possible Abused John?

I would love to read this.

Re: Possible Abused John? (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock's Violin

Sherlock's violin isn't a Stradivari, but a Guarneri.
(Just roll with it, okay?)

Mini crack fill

"What do you mean it's not a Stradivari?" Sherlock asked with an almost imperceptible wobble in his voice. "I've been playing it for years! I've handled both Stradivari and Guarneri violins before, of course I can tell the difference between them!"

"And you handled the Guarneri for approximately 2 minutes before it was wrested away from you by the good Detective Inspector, yes? As for the Stradivari, it was...a fake." Mycroft replied apologetically.

John is starting to feel that ache in his neck that warns him when Sherlock is about to get into a strop. It's going to be a mighty big strop this time, John predicts miserably. 

Sherlock's eyes were starting to gain a wild edge to them the longer he stared at his violin. But it's not just Sherlock's violin now, oh no. It's a Guarneri violin. All those times he had played her, did it mean that he was the one being played instead? All those tunes they had carelessly composed, would they even sound the same, now that he has known her true nature? And that bond he felt their first night together...he couldn't bear thinking about it. This line of thought is completely unacceptable. Delete, empty every thought into the damned recycling bin of his hard drive, Sherlock thinks fiercely. 

John stares at Mycroft staring at Sherlock staring at his violin for a full minute. 

All of a sudden, Sherlock dropped the violin and bow on the sofa where it landed like how a spurned lover in a B-grade movie would have fallen to the floor, and stalked into his room, pale-blue night fluttering theatrically behind him. The door slammed shut.

Both Mycroft and John heaved a sigh of relief. 

"That went better than expected." Mycroft beamed. 

"Anything to stop him playing that blasted violin. It's been three days! Three days of nonstop Vivaldi, Handel, and cat screech!" John looked a little haunted. 

"But this may not be the end." Mycroft says cryptically. 

"I can handle him sulking in silence. A lesser evil, I'll say."

Sherlock's head popped out of his room. 

"John! Look what I found!" Sherlock announced gleefully. He held up a bagpipe. 

Dear lord, John thought. 

Re: Mini crack fill (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Mini crack fill (Anonymous) Expand
OP failed to tag above. (Anonymous) Expand
John and Mary would dearly love to have a child together. They try for some time, but it turns out that while John is more than adequately sexually potent, his sperm count is less than five percent of normal. He can't father a child.

Mary's fond of Sherlock. Sherlock's surprised at how much he likes Mary. And John realizes that nothing would please him more than for his child to be Sherlock's.

Turkey-baster or the organic way, writer's discretion. Although it would be nice for Sherlock -- in fact, all three -- to be very eager that this baby be conceived in John's and Mary's marriage bed.

tl;dr: John can't father a child. Sherlock steps up.

Yes, please!

Re: Fatherhood (Anonymous) Expand

Crack: Trope!John searches the multiverse for his Trope!Sherlock

Trope!John wakes up one morning only to discover that, thanks to some cosmic mix-up, he's got the wrong Trope!Sherlock. So John enters in & out of various fanfics/worlds to find his matching Trope!Sherlock. Sherlock/John, but 100% okay if there are other pairings in the various worlds John visits.

Re: Crack: Trope!John searches the multiverse for his Trope!Sherlock

Oh I really really want to read this.

I loved this! It totally ripped out my heart and then stomped on it (in a good way!)

Sherlock--pushy bottom

Sherlock used to be a pushy bottom but his new boyfriend, John, will have none of it. Sherlock has never had a dom as subtle but exacting as John. It changes everything.

Gen or John/Sherlock/Lestrade, Be Your Support, possible Character Death

Sherlock and Mycroft fight all the time, but when Mycroft doesn't call, doesn't randomly pop in, and strangest of all hasn't kidnapped John in weeks, Sherlock is worried.

When Greg gets called out for a body that roughly matches the description of a certain umbrella bearing man, the first person he calls is John because John's the most likely to read Sherlock's mood.

The only people he allows near the scene are Sally and Anderson, because as much as they and Sherlock don't get along, they're the most familiar to him, and the least likely to be driven to tears by his attitude.

Sherlock has a Major breakdown.

I'll leave it to the Author's descretion whether or not the body actually is Mycroft or not, it could also be a trick by Moriarty who's abducted Mycroft, or Mycroft needed to fake his own death, as long as, at least for a while, Sherlock truly believes his brother is dead, and John and Greg support him as best as possible through his loss.

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Molly & Moriarty, Warnings: incest, underage

Molly and Moriarty in the way of India and Charlie from Stoker(2013).

Re: Molly & Moriarty, Warnings: incest, underage

Oh god, please! Seconded!

years after the fall, sherlock comes back...IN DISGUISE!

john sees through the disguise immediately but pretends he doesnt recognize the man.

and if he happens to mention his old friend sherlock...

Sherlock returning - Empty House style

(Inspired by the prompt above)

I'd love to see a BBC version of Sherlock returning in the Granada-Holmes series with Jeremy Brett. See video here: (scene starts at about 15:30)

Would love this to include:
- Sherlock in disguise
- John fainting
- Sherlock caressing his face to wake him up ;)
- John showing Sherlock something he kept to remember his (boy)friend (please no Mary)
- John tucking Sherlock in

Please try to keep this as IC for the BBC characters as possible (It's fine to not include all or change something). I just hope this gets filled on way or another :)

John/OCF or John/AU!Mary - TW: emotional/domestic/sexual abused John

In the time Sherlock's been away, John's dated a few women before landing his new GF (OCF or AU!Mary). Things start out fine, but slowly turn abusive. Small things at first, a slap or "accidental" fingernail scrape. John overlooks these things but as they turn up in the bedroom, and become much more aggressive it's harder to. Whenever John tries to subdue her (he doesn't "fight" back, necessarily) she finds it even more arousing.

The relationship gets to the point where John's incredibly ashamed of still being with her, but even moreso that he's "letting this happen", being a doctor and military man. When she's forcibly arousing him and controlling him with sex, this is the couple Sherlock finds when he returns.

And he, obviously, knows everything with John mentioning a word.

Bonus if it's not John/Sherlock in the end, but I am a shipper, just would prefer it not in this story. Unless you end up just writing it that way, that's ok too. :)

Re: John/OCF or John/AU!Mary - TW: emotional/domestic/sexual abused John

Seconded! I also think it would be even more interesting if it wasn't Johnlock in the end.

Crossover "Frasier" - John/Daphne Moon

Either meeting via blind date or maybe Daphne was John's physical therapist after he returned from war.

Re: Crossover "Frasier" - John/Daphne Moon

I love you,prompter.This is perfect

Sherlock goes to an escort to learn sex b/c he wants to be good for John, misunderstanding happens

Things between John and Sherlock steadily become more flirtatious. John assumes they're ramping up to a relationship, maybe they've even said as much, but then Sherlock is spending more time away from home and when John leaves early from a shift at the surgery, Sherlock is clearly in bed with another man. A tall, handsome stranger leaves the flat a bit later, and Sherlock plays it off; John is hurt/confused/angry at being led on.

Sherlock is confused that John is cold to him. He'd had sex with an escort because he didn't know anything about sex and he wanted to be good for John before taking their relationship to the next level.

Bonus if Sherlock's only previous relationship ended b/c the other person was put off by his lack of experience.

TL;DR : Sherlock goes to an escort to learn sex b/c he's intimidated by John's rep, wants to be good for him, John finds out he went to the escort but doesn't know why, is hurt.

Re: Sherlock goes to an escort to learn sex b/c he wants to be good for John, misunderstanding happe

I hope I'll have time in a week or so to write it.


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