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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Teen Wolf Crossover. The Holmes' are hunters, and are quite close to the Argents.

I would love to see Mycroft interacting with Chris Argent from Teen Wolf, in any way.

Mary and Sherlock sharing a bed, platonically.

I don't mind what the backstory is. You can have them as a threesome but John's out, or you can have their relationship as in canon but John's dead and they both need comfort, or you can have them passing out drunk on somebody's bed at a party and John thinking it's hilarious... I don't mind.

I would just like to see Sherlock and John sharing a bed, please.

Re: Mary and Sherlock sharing a bed, platonically.

I am confused by the last line did you mean Mary instead of John there?

Inspired by the bench scene in TSoT

John keeps trying to tell Sherlock he loves him, but Sherlock keeps walking away before John finishes. Maybe a 5+1?

Sherlock/John/Mary porn - comfort sex for John

I'm hoping for a fic with established S/J/M where Sherlock and Mary lavish John with some slow, comforting, loving sex.

Maybe they know John is having a bad day, maybe John was targeted in a case and Sherlock and Mary were worried they were going to lose him, or maybe it's just been a million little things making John feel out of sync with them and a little left out and a bit jealous.

Whatever the reason, I just want some romantic porn where Sherlock and Mary make it all about comforting and reassuring John. No D/s please.

"I had a bad dream" (Mary/Sherlock/John cuddling)

For whatever reason, either Mary and John are spending the night at 221b or Sherlock is staying at John and Mary's house.

Either way, Sherlock is having nightmares about the two years he was away because of the times he was kept and tortured, barely escaping with his life or being rescued by Mycroft. It was hell for him and affected him more than he cares to admit. John and Mary hear him wailing in the night but when one goes in to see him he clams up and pretends it's nothing.

The next morning Mary prompts John to talk to Sherlock and let him know it's okay for him to talk to them if something is bothering him or upsetting him.

That night Sherlock wakes up from another dream and sneaks into Mary and John's room before crawling in bed in between them like a scared, clingy child. Not quite what John had in mind but neither of them mind and all three of them cuddle up.

Re: "I had a bad dream" (Mary/Sherlock/John cuddling)

awwwwww yes please! I'd love an art prompt for this as well :)

Sherlock/John, John gets punishment spanking

I just want some good oldfashioned johnlock.

With John getting a barebottom spanking.

could be a domedstic disciple type relationship, or a little!John/daddy Sherlock, D/s or anything. But this is not a sexy spanking that John wants

It can become something sexy, maybe Sherlock is turned on by the hot red bottom he has just been spanking...

It had been ages since they’d played, and John was starved for it. Of course, he was too shy to ask, but Sherlock, master of deduction that he was, could read the desperate need in John’s every move. In the way the older man snarked and argued and rolled his eyes when Sherlock raised a knowing eyebrow to silence him in front of Lestrade. When they were finally alone in their flat, the detective crossed his arms and gave John that look that made him feel just like the naughty little boy he sometimes needed to be.

“John Hamish Watson, you were an insufferable brat today, weren’t you?”

John pouted and stared at the ground, shuffling his feet before mumbling, “Dunno, mm’be.”

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, young man!”

John kept his head bowed, but peeked up at Sherlock through long lashes.

“Do you need a spanking?”

John sucked in his bottom lip and blushed. He gave his head an emphatic shake, and his hands flew instinctively to his bottom. “No, daddy!”

It was like a code between the two of them for God, yes. Yes, please. An invitation to play. A cue to Sherlock that the game was on, so to speak.

John struggled to admit it out loud, but sometimes he needed the younger man to fulfill a specific role in their relationship. Sherlock could easily deduce when John needed to be cuddled after a nightmare, when he purely wanted sexual pleasure, and when he craved a sore, red bottom. It was lucky for John, who couldn’t even say the word “spank” without stammering and blushing, that his flatmate was such an expert at deducing his desires.

Sherlock heard the message loud and clear and raised his eyebrows, “Oh, I beg to differ. I think a good spanking is just what you need for being so naughty.”

John shook his head again and balled his fists, giving his foot a stamp. “No! Please!”

“None of that, now! You get your naughty bottom over here this instant!” Sherlock ordered.

John whined, but shuffled towards Sherlock, dragging his feet with reluctant slowness. Sherlock pulled him by the wrist to hurry him along and promptly began to unfasten John’s trousers. The doctor squirmed and tried to twist away.

“No, daddy!”

Sherlock swatted his bottom, “Be still!”

John quit fighting, but continued to complain, “Do you really have to take them down?”

“I should think so!” Sherlock quickly tugged John’s slacks and pants down to his knees. “That little tantrum has earned you a spanking on your bare bottom, little mister!”

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Re: Fill 2/? (Anonymous) Expand

Titanic AU?

I just listened of a favourite song of mine and read some Smauglock.
Suddendly i had the idea for a Sherlock Titanic Crossover. Almost sobbing i went here.
I thought it would fit great as Mycroft and Sherlock would be naturally in the upper society, which would jsut be dull and boring for Sherlock.
Mind you i don´t want a exact replay of the movie just with Sherlock and John. So please don´t refer to the whole King of the World scene or the cars. (It´s such a big ship there are sure more places for a tete a te)

Re: Titanic AU? I forgot...

Maybe some Mycroft Scenes were he isn´t portrayed that... well nagging? I quite like him. But i would also gladly take him as much as the author would feel to portray him.

Re: Titanic AU? (Anonymous) Expand

Author Insertion - Worries

Write a story where you talk to one of the Sherlock characters about whatever is worrying you most right now. Any character that would be appropriate or helpful for your variety of worry is acceptable.

Re: Author Insertion - Worries (Sherlock- Insomnia)

Oooh, I like this! I think I'll do a mini-fill. *coughs*


It was the one thing on Sherlock's mind, and the one thing he couldn't have.

Because (genius as he was) there were a million other thoughts floating through his head, and while sleep was at the forefront, the other thoughts were demanding, nagging, refusing to leave him be.

He contemplated going another night without sleep. That would be the third in a row. He groaned as he turned over again. Even he knew that thirty-six hours without sleep was bad for brain work (if not unhealthy). His transport needed to be fueled so it could run his mind, but his mind, fuel-starved as it was, was refusing to leave him be.

He stared blankly at the ceiling above him. The noises of London bled through the walls,leaving him with a thrumming, steady source of noise. He closed his eyes, trying to shut away all thought, even the thought of sleep.

It must have worked, because he began to feel his eyes close, fluttering gently, mind slowly shutting down.

Three hours after he had first lain down to go to bed, Sherlock Holmes finally fell asleep for the first time in thirty six hours, and he slept for ten, the sounds of London and the stillness of 221B lulling him off into a peaceful wonderland.

Insomnia was a foe he fought frequently, but in the end, he always won.
So, that was my first kinkmeme fill. Was it any good? And I'm sleepy now... That really did help me.

Mystrade: boarding school shenanigans, penalism, non-con, humiliation, underage, etc

Lestrade is a new student, and Mycroft, who's the most influential student there, takes an interest in him.

The traditional hazings can be nasty in themselves, but Mycroft takes it to new levels with Greg, because he's bored and Lestrade certainly makes for a very pretty goldfish to play with...

Anderson is Big in Japan

It is a little known fact that Anderson can sing well and when he was younger he spent some time in Japan, idk maybe a study abroad program. Somehow , at a crime scene or when the NSY gang is out together Anderson is politely mobbed by a group of slightly older Japanese ladies asking for pictures and autographs.Anderson is gracious and flirty, the women all leave blushing and satisfied. Cue everyone else wondering wtf just happened and when Anderson became Elvis.Bonus if Sherlock is jealous and pouty.

Re: Anderson is Big in Japan

All my love for the person who fills this

Playing A Game

John and Sherlock play the game, Operation. John keeps losing and Sherlock makes fun of him for being a horrible doctor.

Bonus for Johnlock!
It's sort of open ended, so do what you like!


When Sherlock saves John from the bonfire he gets hurt. John treats Sherlock's wounds. Bromance or romance is fine.

Greg/Molly + glasses

So, Lestrade canonically wears reading glasses (although it looks like he borrowed this - - particular pair from Mrs Hudson), and I've been obsessing about it the entire day.

I would kill for something domestic and cute that involves him, his glasses, and Molly. Preferably established relationship.

Re: Fill: Eye Love You 1/2

Molly Hooper has seen all sorts of things.
Decaying brains, bodies that have been turned inside-out, eyes popping from their sockets.
But she's never seen Greg, her Greg, with glasses.
His eyes set on a novel, his pupils darting as he read the words on the paper.

"This is new," She says, chuckling. How can she have lived with him for three months and never seen his reading glasses? She sets her bag down, and slips her coat on the rack.
Greg looks up immediately, yanks his glasses off, and throws the book away like it’s on fire.

"Oh, hey, Mols. I wasn't expecting you to be home so early." He steps closer to her, wrapping his arms around in her in a tight embrace.
Molly giggles, pecking him on the cheek.

"Is this what you do when you're home alone, hm? Put on those glasses and read my cheesy romance novels?" She wiggles her eyebrows.
Greg clears his throat.
"I..erm. I..was curious about what you like to read." His smile is completely transparent with the lie, and Molly's heart swells.

"Don't let me stop you from curiosity. Anything is fine, if you to wear those sexy glasses." She simpers. Greg looks absolutely adorable in glasses, and she wishes she knew about them earlier.

"Those bloody things? You like them?" He asks, his eyebrows pinching together. He's detested glasses ever since he had to wear them in secondary school. Lestrade had always worn contacts when he could, and if he couldn't, his vision worked well enough to make out most things.

"You don't?"

"If I enjoy looking like a librarian, then yes," Lestrade retorts. Molly smirks at his sarcasm but pulls away to go to the chair and pick up the book he was reading. She sticks her thumb in the page he was on and flips to the cover.

Her eyes twinkle in mischief and she tries to suppress the laughter erupting from her throat. Out of every book on their shelf.

"You could not have picked a more romantic novel. 'The Notebook?'"
Greg shuffles his feet and looks at the floor.

"Oh, shut up. I was bored. It's not much fun around here without you."
Molly only gives him a wide smile, before slipping on his glasses. They slide down her nose, and she pushes them up with her finger, only for them to fall back down again.

"How do you see in these? They're so blurry." She steps forward, her balance wobbly.

"Careful, there." Lestrade's strong arms support her, and tuck a lock of hair behind Molly's ear. He slowly takes his glasses off of her face and place them on his own. He blinks, the lenses fine-tuning Molly’s features.

She's beautiful. Unlike his ex-wife, unlike anyone else he's ever met. She's brilliant, a ray of sunshine through the clouds. She understands his work, as he does hers. If he ever wanted to remarry, this would certainly be the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

"Mm. Those look fantastic on you." She taps his nose with a fingertip, before tilting her head to meet their lips together. It's a soft and careful touch of closed lips. Greg gets a whiff of her perfume and the chemicals of the morgue, but it's all fine because it's deliciously Molly.

Molly keeps her eyes open, watching Greg's eyes under those dark rims. It was a complete tease, his dark brown eyes barely hiding behind the glasses. Something about them makes him look more mysterious, more intelligent, more untouchable.

She has him, though. She can touch him all she wants.

Molly deepens the kiss, and he slides his tongue against her bottom lip.
A flush spreads across her cheeks as she parts her lips and invites him in. He slips his tongue in her mouth, teasing. Molly feels warmth flood through her body while his fingers tangle in her hair. She's struggling to breathe through her nose, so she separates their lips, and rests a final, gentle kiss there.

Mr Selfridge AU Sherlock

John (is working class) has moved to London and been newly appointed at the menswear in Selfridges.

He notices how the owners nephew, Sherlock Holmes (a socially high-up rich-boy), and how he seems to have a certain charm about him, even if he's a little cold and odd.

After seeing each other a few times they soon become friends, and then after that a little more.
But with all of the pressures of social status, can they keep their relationship under wraps from the prying eyes of everyone else?

Set in the 1910's when John is 19 and Sherlock is 18.

Any takers? I'm too bogged down with work at the moment, it'd be great is someone with flare and imagination could pick this up, it's been bugging me for days.

If you do think you're going to, gimme a bell on tumblr:

John/Shelock, John/Mary (Spoiler for Season 3)

John was in love with Sherlock but never told him. Then TRF happened. In an attempt to move on John started dating Mary, married her and got her pregnant. Then Sherlock comes back and John can't hold his feelings for him in anymore.

Re: John/Shelock, John/Mary (Spoiler for Season 3)

I'm thinking of filling this! It would be my first fill, so please be patient while I try to sort this stuff out. :) thanks!


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