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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Spoilers for SOT

TW: suicidal tendencies
Sherlock implied that he's been suicidal to me at least.
He said John saved his life "in so many ways."
And later told the major "we" wouldn't do that to John Watson.

Re: Spoilers for SOT

Im considering filling this, but could you explain what you meant by the 'we'? I've watched the episode, and have an idea of my own, but was just curious.

Re: Spoilers for SOT (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Spoilers for SOT (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Spoilers for SOT (Anonymous) Expand

Possible Doctor Who crossover: ace!Sherlock loves to dance.

I can't get over the links between sex and dancing in Sherlock and Doctor Who. Sherlock loves dancing, adores it, but never gets to do it, but has shown no interest in sex and could get that more or less anywhere.

Anything with asexual Sherlock loving to dance. Give me John/Sherlock/Mary, where John and Mary take turns dancing with him and he directs them in bed later. Give me Sherlock encountering the Doctor when he was a child and getting the wrong idea about 'dancing'; thinking maybe he could do the whole relationship thing, if dancing was so important. Give me Sherlock at the Yard's Christmas party, dancing with everyone's partners but everyone being okay with it. Anything.

Sherlock/John/Mary Cuddling

yep, cuddles needed very urgently.

didn't care when it happen (between the two episodes, wedding planning days or after the wedding etc), as long as there are cuddling between the three of them

Sherlock is John and Mary's baby

"You're not going to need me around now that you've got a real baby."

I want fic where Sherlock suffers some kind of trauma or brain injury that causes him to mentally regress to a toddler.

And he thinks that John and Mary (who's not preggers) are his parents.

Cue them looking after him until he recovers. Maybe Mary really does get pregnant and there's angst with little Sherlock worried they'll love him/her more.

I'd like Sherlock to eventually recover but always be somewhat clingy to John and Mary.

Re: Sherlock is John and Mary's baby


vague spoilers for series 3

john/mary & sherlock

john and mary never imagined they'd be settled with young, precocious sherlock but they try their best to raise him into a good man.

could include:
sherlock showing off and john reminding him "we've talked about that, sherlock"
sherlock's reaction to a baby
sherlock huffing whenever they show him affection but secretly pleased
mary being able to tell when he lies (she's the only one he doesn't lie to)
john and sherlock having their own secret code (e.g. vatican cameos)

maybe 3rd person POV

john/mary/sherlock-spoilers so3

John and Mary are in a sexual relationship.
John, Mary and Sherlock are in a romantic relationship.

I would love a fic where the focus lies on the romantic and emotional relationship and its development between the three, how mary fits into their dynamic, how they deal with the baby and not living together.

please no (extreme) jealousy (maybe between sherlock and the baby but not between the three) and sexual relations between sherlock and others, and maybe not put the focus on the sex or lack thereof either.

maybe they don't actually realise they are in love at first.

domesticity. affection. bickering. plotting so no-one feels excluded. mary as badass because mary is awesome. basically sign of three because it was brilliant.

Johnlock, Babysitters!John & Sherlock, Sherlock *Is* Good With Children

Mycroft entrusts his six-year-old daughter, Angelica, in the care of his baby brother and his lover for the day.

John is in shock, never having known that the British Gov't had a daughter. And he's even more shocked that she's completely, utterly *normal* - aside from her 174 IQ.

Basically, I just want a day where John is pleasantly surprised by Sherlock's competency with children, especially considering that his perceived incompetence with children is a running joke amongst the Yarders (remember Lestrade trying to keep him from freaking out the little girl in 2.03?).


This leads them to contemplating children of their own.

Alright, been looking for one like this for a while

I really want a fic in which Sherlock begins dating John, but then gets teased by Moriarty and finds something about him increasingly attractive (maybe the danger of him idk). So Sherlock gets himself caught up in a mess of sleeping with two men (nc-17 content welcome). I'm not sure how that would end up, but it's something I really want to read.

Genderbender alpha/Omega/beta

Now, I'll never tire of omega!verse Sherlock/John. and there's something very hot about a man being able to get preggers...but I wanna see the reverse.
I want to see a lady doing the impregnating.
I want some hot fem!alpha!sherl

Re: Genderbender alpha/Omega/beta

Oops, Pressed 'post' prematurely.
Basically I just want fem!alpha!sherlock getting it on with either fem!omega!john or even male omega!john. As long as there's a sexy lady alpha I'm happy
Doesn't have to include pregnancy.

Fluff! Sherlock with a following of children...

Maybe just something where kids follow Sherlock around more and more (if you make it a little angsty that he's injured that's okay) just want him holding baby Watson with Lilah (Little Favour if you're curious) and Alfie. Maybe telling them pirate stories, I don't care.

Maybe in 221B or in Surrey not too close to the apiary.
Just make it cute that Sherlock's a kid himself.

Johnlock, Character Death, TW: Suicide Attempt/Self-Harm

In the original Sherlock Holmes series, Mary died shortly after marrying Watson. Sherlock only discovered this when he returned to the flat to find that John had moved back in.

I'd like to see something similar, except for in Johnlock-fashion. John returns to the flat after Mary's death, only to find an unconscious Sherlock in bed, where he had harmed himself. Freaking out over Sherlock's unresponsive form, he promptly admits that he doesn't think he can handle losing the most important person in the world to him twice. Sherlock awakens to find John crying over him, and much h/c and healing occurs.

Re: Johnlock, Character Death, TW: Suicide Attempt/Self-Harm


The five times Lestrade contemplated defiling the British Gov't in the most delightfully delicious, deplorable manner... And the one time he actually did.

Open to ALL kinks. The lovely anon has full control here :)

Seconded so hard that I might just fill this


Ok so this was prompted here (http : //sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal . com/8651.html?thread=40583883#t40583883) and someone started to fill it but it was sadly abandoned about 2 chapters in.

Under normal circumstances Sherlock and John would NEVER admit that they want each other. John hasn't been interested in men before and Sherlock's married to his work and anyway they're best friends and don't want to screw that up. They could never find the courage to discuss it or let it happen EVER.

Then during a case a series of absolutely ridiculous 'no way in hell will that ever happen again' events occur which throw them into each other's arms. It's just one thing after another conspiring to get them turned on and naked, like the universe is saying just shag each other already! So they do. And it's HOT and romantic and they see a whole new future together.

But at the end of the case John is injured and gets amnesia and when he wakes up he's forgotten the entire previous day. Permanently, it would seem. As far as he knows he and Sherlock are still just friends. Sherlock is devastated, but feels he can't tell John what really happened. He's convinced that John will either think he's lying or crazy and be all weirded out and leave. And Sherlock doesn't dare simply make a move on John because he's certain that it was only the cumulative effect of those events which got John in the mindset to take a chance on him in the first place.

Cue desperate Sherlock repeatedly attempting, and spectacularly and embarrassingly failing, to recreate the outrageous chain of events that led to their magical night together. A happy ending would be lovely.

So what kind of events you might ask? Unintentional consumption of alcohol and aphrodisiacs. Getting trapped in a bedroom that's like something out of a romance novel and it's covered floor to ceiling with homoerotic art. One of them absentmindedly patting out a fire on the other's trousers and unintentional groping ensues. One of them jumping on the other to push them out of sight of a bad guy. Accidentally falling into a jacuzzi necessitating removal of soggy clothing. Basically just things that herd them into each other's trousers.

TL;DR Because of a series of ridiculously serendipitous and sexually-charged events, John and Sherlock finally shag. Then John gets amnesia and forgets their one night together and thinks they are still just friends. Heartbroken, Sherlock secretly attempts to recreate the series of outrageous events so that their life-changing night can happen all over again.

Re: reprompt

This sounds fun. I could use fun. Seconded.

Re: reprompt (Anonymous) Expand

John is a were!animal and goes feral post-riechenbach

(Not series 3 compliant)

John is a were!animal (up to filler what animal though I would prefer something like an ordinary dog or cat as opposed to wolf or something supernatural) and after Sherlock jumps he basically decides to just give up on being human and stay an animal. No one really worries when he disappears: he's grieving, he's isolated himself, and if people occasionally wonder huh, wonder whatever happened to him... well, they never bother to follow through on the thought.

So John disappears into the underbelly of London and loses himself.

Then Sherlock comes back and realised no ones knows where he is (this is why I'd prefer an ordinary animal... People will notice a big blonde wolf running about but what's one more stray cat or dog?).

Que Sherlock going to outrageous lengths to find John (ranging from simply wandering the park and streets calling for him to actively trying to look at every single animal in London).

- When Sherlock returns to London, he stays with the homeless network at first. He adopts a cat/dog/john without either of them recognise each other. Maybe Sherlock doesn't know what kind of animal he's looking for and John has gone so feral that, while he recognises this particular human as "friend", he has no idea what the significance of that would be.

- While feral, John still subconsciously watches out for his friends. Maybe cat!John visits Molly/Mrs. Hudson when he can't find anything to eat or dog!John stops Lestrade from getting stabbed at a crime scene or a drunk!lestrade from getting mugged on the way home.

- He constantly uses Anderson and/or Donovan's front doorstep as a bathroom.

TL;DR: John is a were!animal and goes feral post-riechenbach. Sherlock must find him and remind him that he's human.

Re: John is a were!animal and goes feral post-riechenbach

This sounds interesting. Seconded.

Mary's a retired slayer. Buffy's her BFF, Buffy/Sherlock/, John/Mary, Buffy/Sherlock/John/Mary,

Mary's Maid of Honor actually turns out to be one of her nearest and dearest friends, Buffy Summers. Mary was a potential called during that day on the Hellmouth, but she really wanted to step away from the slaying lifestyle and live a normal life now that there are so many slayers out here.

So even after parting with the Council, Mary still held onto a great friendship with the senior slayer who shared her sense of humor. It's a friendship for life.

The woman Sherlock spends the wedding with is none other than Buffy herself, and just as Mary and John plotted, they get along like a house on fire.

All, of course, with a possibly big polyamorous ending where all are happy.

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