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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Johnlock, Molly is Their Couples Counselor

If Molly can't be Sherlock's girlfriend, she'll settle for ensuring that he's happy - and if John makes him happy, then she'll make sure that they stay together.

Basically, Molly is the voice of reason for John and Sherlock and ends up saving their relationship on multiple occasions by solving relationship problems only the two of them could have.

Mystrade, TW: Self-Harm

After the events of 2.03, Lestrade discovers that his long-time lover, Mycroft, is self-harming b/c of Sherlock's death. Through Mycroft, Lestrade finds out that Moriarty was responsible for the kidnapping, not Sherlock, and that Mycroft feels responsible for his little brother's suicide for giving the info about Sherlock to Moriarty.

Johnlock, Mary is a Surrogate Mother (Spoilers for 3.02)

Sherlock is upset b/c of Mary's pregnancy and feels like this is going to be the end of him and John - even if he and John are back together, a baby could change everything.

As it turns out, both men had wanted children pre-Fall. Both had prepared for the event by freezing sperm (Sherlock's idea). John had talked it over with Mary and she had agreed, and is technically carrying Sherlock's baby.

John explains this to Sherlock and much h/c abounds as he promises not to leave him and everything can finally return to normal.

Re: Johnlock, Mary is a Surrogate Mother (Spoilers for 3.02)

I need anything that can turn S03xE02 into pure Johnlock!

Sherlock, masturbation, Irene or Mycroft (random), ep 2 spoilers

"Out of my head, I am busy!"

... so, um, obviously Sherlock thinks about naked Irene sometimes. I'd love a smutty fic of him masturbating while fantasizing about her dominating him.

In lieu of Irene, maybe the same type of thing, but him thinking of Mycroft? (This season is giving me a lot of Holmescest vibes!)

Or maybe he fantasizes about both of them? IDK.

tl;dr Sherlock using his mind palace for masturbation!

Re: Sherlock, masturbation, Irene or Mycroft (random), ep 2 spoilers

Yes please! I would love Mind Palace masturbation. I do think he might use mindpalace!Irene if his transport is being a bit... unresponsive. Or a mindpalace threshold because Irene is a bit of a ringmaster imo. Seconded with enthusiasm

Fix it fic needed! Emergency feels!

Right so that last episode left me just a tiny bit devastated. Sherlock doing a Third Doctor and leaving the party to go out all on his own.

Please give me aftermath with John realising Sherlock's left and Mary being all; "It's fine, go check on him." and so he does. He finds Sherlock about to do cocaine, like at the end of SOF, stops him and the two have a heart-to-heart about the whole thing with tears and hugs and fluff and...

Yes it's stupid but I need it. Please. No slash, implied OT3-ness with Mary is cool.

Re: Fix it fic needed! Emergency feels!

Seconded! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

University AU- Sherlock/Moriarty, or the one where Sherlock pines for John

So I've been thinking how poisonous the relationship between Sherlock and Moriarty was and imagined that if they were to have sex, it would be really fucked up on both their parts.

For one, Sherlock would still be pining for John and in need of someone to fill the void. Moriarty would be super possessive (creepy texts, D/S dynamic in bed) knowing well that Sherlock wants John (maybe Sherlock calls John's name during sex and that pisses Moriarty off). John would meet Mary, hoping to suppress any feelings he has for Sherlock. All in all, Mary would be the only clever one who investigates and follows the angst trails.

And for some reason, this entire scenario made sense in a University AU where they're all in their 20's and trying to get their degrees in whatever.

Dunno if this is too convoluted to happen (if it doesn't, I'll probably write it/butcher it), but I would fist-bump anybody who writes this :)

Re: University AU- Sherlock/Moriarty, or the one where Sherlock pines for John

I'm totally down for filling this! I've gotten started and will hopefully post the first installment soon, but I'd like to know in advance, are there any triggers/subjects you'd like me to avoid? Because this shit got dark fast. (Not completely uninterruptedly wretched, but angsty and Moriarty's trying to get him using again, etc.)

Not OP (Anonymous) Expand

SOF Spoilers

Sherlock/Janine the awesome bridesmaid.

Yes please.

I just heart Mary. She's been absolutely lovley and hasn't driven a wedge between the boys or changed the feel of the show. She works perfectly with the vibe (no wonder Martin AND John fell in love! :)

I loved the scene in the flat with all three looking over letters and such for the wedding, and just how comfortable they all were with each other- as much as John is with Sherlock. I'd like to see more domesticity like that, joking, teasing, going through the day, and Sherlock realizing he's part of it and isn't invading their space or routines.

Buffy/Sherlock, It's meant to be!

I can't explain why, but I need a Buffy xover!!

Here's how it could work; after the wedding, Sherlock will clearly be feeling lonely, etc, and his wonderful friends, John and Mary just won't have that. So, lovely people that they are, decide to try something. Mary gets in touch with a close cousin of hers she hasn't had the chance to speak to in awhile. Buffy's insane life just might be able to enthrall Sherlock Holmes and make him happy. Sherlock's blunt attitude is actually damn refreshing for a girl who tended to date guys that never stopped with the secrets, and it CERTAINLY didn't hurt that he has the most perfect hair she'd ever seen or cheekbones that could cut glass.

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Re: Buffy/Sherlock, It's meant to be!

I never knew I needed this... Until now! Seconding all the way!

Johnlock case fic, going undercover with a twist.

John and Sherlock are on one of their more challenging cases. To infiltrate some crime ring/a serial killer's favorite hangout/ what have you, they have to go undercover with a large group of people. Lastrade and the police are a little too obvious, and they don't want to put any civilians like Molly in danger; so John calls some of his army buddies and have them come around to help out on the case. All of them say yes, because John was their favorite doctor, but not all of them like Sherlock or the fact that he and John seem to be starting a relationship.

One of the guys is super young, in his early twenties, and thinks John and Sherlock are the best thing ever, and is a big fan of John's blog.
They all meet up at a pub to share information, partly because it's practical and partly to annoy Sherlock.
John starts to fall back into speaking in a lot of Army jargon and Sherlock thinks it's kinda sexy.
All the guys combined are just as observant as Sherlock, and often will point out little things to help Sherlock build a more accurate picture of what happened.

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Re: Johnlock case fic, going undercover with a twist.

Hi! I would absolutely love to fill this. Would you mind if it was pre-slash? All of my ideas actually worth something seem to be centred around how everyone knows Sherlock and John like each other, except for Sherlock and John. Like them being in denial at the start, and then gradually coming to terms with their feelings. Would that be okay?

The Elephant in the room (SOT SPOILER!)

Tell me all about the case of the "Elephant in the Room"

Teen Wolf crossover: Molly and Derek discuss unfortunate romantic interests

I don't know if Sherlock and Teen Wolf fans overlap at all, but I just want Molly Hooper and Derek Hale to meet somehow (online?) and bond over their shit taste in (psychopath) boy/girlfriends.

Re: Teen Wolf crossover: Molly and Derek discuss unfortunate romantic interests


Johnlock, Spoilers 3.02 TW: Drug Use

Post 3.02. As a result of the end of the episode, Sherlock ends up in the hospital. Mycroft calls John, who almost misses the call b/c he is on his way to his honeymoon. Upon arriving at the hospital, John realizes that Sherlock isn't as unaffected by the wedding and John's anger toward him as everyone would like to believe.

Would like to see fluffy angst, lots of Johnlock h/c. Maybe John promising that Mary won't come between them. And Mary acknowledging and being okay with their relationship?

Re: Johnlock, Spoilers 3.02 TW: Drug Use


Season 3 - Johnlock (SPOILER FOR TEH AND SOT)

Okay so here's a really hard prompt:

- Johnlock (as in a romantic and (soon-to-be) sexual relationship)
- no cheating on Mary (no John/Mary relationship)
- no OT3 with Mary or anyone else
- staying in line with Season 3 canon as much as possible (e.g. John marrying Mary for a case..)
- platonic Mary/John and Mary/Sherlock friendship is welcome

Basically I want pure Johnlock that works around what's happening in Season 3 without Mary-bashing (Why did they have to make her so nice?!)

Re: Season 3 - Johnlock (SPOILER FOR TEH AND SOT)

Question: Do you mean absolutely no John/Mary at all? Like, is epiphany!John and a divorce acceptable? Also, how do you feel about diverging at the ceremony itself? Like, Sherlock does not hold his peace.

(And ugh, you're so right. I was prepared to hate her but she's so great and clearly ships the boys as much as some of us.)

AngrySex with Mary, John and Sherlock

Sherlock isn't happy about how with Mary in his life he is going to see less of John. Doesn't help that Mary is nice and sweet and funny and clever and sexy. It was hard enough lusting after John for all those years, having never experienced that sort of connection before, but now he has those sort of feelings towards Mary as well?

John is pissed that Sherlock left the wedding early. Didn't he know how much he needed Sherlock there on his special day? And why is Mary so determined to have Sherlock be a part of his life again after what Sherlock put him though. Does she have a thing for Sherlock and is using him to get closer to the detective? And what exactly is he jealous of here? That Mary may be attracted to Sherlock of that Sherlock may be attracted to Mary?

And Mary has had enough of this shit. When she first met John he was a healing but broken man slowly putting his life back together, after Sherlock's death. Then the detective just swans back into John's life and John's just meant to come a running? It hard enough that her husband still has hang ups on Sherlock, but what was worse was that she could clearly see why. The man was brilliant and determined and caring in a crazy way.

Basically I want a three way yelling match that transforms into some rough three way angry sex.

Re: AngrySex with Mary, John and Sherlock

Oh this is good!


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