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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Mary the Johnlock shipper, and Sherlock being Nice (TEH)

I realise this is probably similar to dozens of other prompts, but here goes...

Mary was absolutely convinced that John and Sherlock were lovers before the fall, and since Sherlock was dead and she seemed to find this quite a turn-on, John didn't exactly contradict her.

The trouble is, of course, that Sherlock isn't dead and when he comes back to London, John is both afraid to tell Mary the truth, and afraid to tell Sherlock about the lie, especially since Sherlock has always been rather oblivious to all the speculation about them.

But it doesn't take long for Sherlock to figure it out, and desirous to stay in John's good books, he goes ahead and pretends they used to be lovers when Mary and John come around for dinner at 221B. Sherlock doesn't discuss this with John at all beforehand, which leads to a very confused John when Sherlock starts being clumsily touchy-feely, and then a very embarrassed John when he realises what Sherlock is trying to do.

Unfortunately, with Mary there, he can't corner Sherlock and tell him to cut it out. Things only get worse when dinner is over and Sherlock -- unsure where he's supposed to stop this pretence, but wanting to do things properly -- uses his powers of deduction to work out just the right ways to touch John, much to Mary's delight and John's eventual, well, satisfaction.

So yeah, basically another John/Sherlock/Mary, post-The Empty Hearse, with Sherlock trying to do the right thing and failing a bit, John getting way more than he expected, and Mary getting to watch her lovely fiancé fulfil one of her slashy fantasies.

Bonus points for a morning after scene full of stiff upper lips and awkwardness. :)

Re: Mary the Jowould hnlock shipper, and Sherlock being Nice (TEH)

Yes. Yes this will do quite nicely.

+3 (Anonymous) Expand
John and Mary take Sherlock to Disneyland Paris to go on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sherlock/Moriarty, 301 Empty Hearse Spoilers

Rooftop sex! Could happen either in the context of the fangirl's AU world or in the canonical one we saw in TRF. (Maybe rooftop sex was one of the 13 possibilities Sherlock considered before stepping out!)

Mary/John/Sherlock, BDSM au. Sherlock subs, but has a flashback and safewords out.

I'd love to see sub!Sherlock's first scene with John and Mary as his Doms. They're starting off slow, but something happens that triggers a memory from the years Sherlock was away and he has to safeword out. Cue aftercare from the finest Doms Sherlock could have hoped for.

Bonus: an exhausted Sherlock explaining why he was triggered and refusing to meet John or Mary's eyes.
Bonus the second: It's the first time Sherlock has subbed since he left London, and it goes really well until he's triggered.

Prefer no scat or watersports, but anything else is fair game.

How Mary met the Yarders

I would just like to see how Mary met the Yarders, and their reactions to her.

Re: How Mary met the Yarders


John/Sherlock/Mary: Omegaverse, post-return

When Omega!Sherlock turns up on their doorstep a few weeks before John and Mary's bonding ceremony, shaking and out of his mind with heat, Omega!Mary is quite happy to help him until Alpha!John comes back from doing the shopping.

John returns home to find his fiancée cradling his best friend, sex toy put aside, both of them reeking of sex. John teaches Mary how Sherlock likes it (having helped him out for a few heats before the Fall).

I'd like to see something about John's scent helping Sherlock in itself, but it's not vital.

Sherlock isn't a high-functioning sociopath; he's high-functioning bipolar

Was just diagnosed bipolar and am sort of bummed.

I'd really like to see a fic where Sherlock's high-functioning bipolar, and just says he's a sociopath to cover because he prefers one stigma over the other.

Bonus points if:
*John figures it out for himself by diagnosing Sherlock and is totally fine with it.
*Mycroft knows and worries too much.

Re: Sherlock isn't a high-functioning sociopath; he's high-functioning bipolar

Sorry OP, hope you are doing better soon.

If you want an RTYI, pennypaperbrain has a Bipolar Sherlock series on AO3, I think it's called Four Corners of the Western World. There are also other fics if you click on the Bipolar Sherlock tag, but I haven't read any of them so I can't vouch for any in particular.

I can't be


Accidentally posted this! No clue how to delete it.

Derren Brown/John Watson

Mild Spoilers for The Empty Hearse

Please someone write this.

I think it's so sweet the way Derren Brown interacts with John. "John, look at me" and catches him so sweetly, gently. Derren Brown (The guy in Anderson's theory that's in the blue coat with a fur hood and hypnotizes John) just makes me have so much longing for this pairing. I see Derren as the sweetest guy ever. And his gentle voice speaking to John softly as he catches him does things to me.

+100 for no Mary ever (Although she's surprisingly great in the episode)
+1000 for top!Derren if smut is involved
+internet and cookies for Derren snuggling John with hurt/comfort
+the universe for Derren always placing his hand on the back of John's neck as comfort, like in the episode.

Re: Derren Brown/John Watson

(Anonymous) too?

Mary's Tattoo

When Sherlock is sizing Mary up one of the phrases that comes to him is "secret tattoo". What's her tattoo?

Bonus points if Sherlock figures it out. More bonus points if he is indiscreet about it. Even more bonuses for this pissing John off.

Mary/John/Sherlock, D/s, deceit(?), POST 3.01

[Non-Plot-related spoilers included in the prompt]So the entire episode was one long fanfiction from start to finish, and I didn't find it particularly well-written fiction at that, but I absolutely loved Mary. I especially like that moment where Sherlock stared at Mary and saw a lot of things but most prominently saw the words 'liar.' So, here is the prompt:

Mary is an undercover agent (CIA? KGB? Something else? [author's choice]) and never intended to fall in with John. She was relocated to London for some reason (author's choice) and used John initially as cover for herself. However, she came to know this damaged man, his inability to connect with people anymore, his hair-trigger temper and his unbearable sadness, and began to take over more and more in bed. John was happy to cede control to her, and they had a very comfortable Domme/sub relationship until Sherlock came back into the picture. See, John had been Sherlock's sub before - Sherlock's a switch, though he's more experienced with domming - and he had told Mary he'd always love Sherlock. So now that Sherlock's back, John feels like he's cheating. Only, Mary loves the idea of the both of them together in bed, following her directions. She thinks Sherlock's an arrogant prick but she's not looking to break him, only gentle him, show him how good it could be if he subbed for once. Sherlock falls in with the two of them but he is always aware that Mary's hiding something - and sooner or later, her secret will come out.

BASICALLY: Mary being a badass Domme, smart (though maybe not Irene- or Mycroft- or Sherlock-like smartness), and supremely in control; John always in awe of her and her strength; and Sherlock finding his place beneath her (but can still be above John).

Mild Spoilers for The Sign Of Three - The Stag Do

A preview clip from the interactive trailer shows Mrs. Hudson making breakfast for John, along with with a drink for what looks to be a hangover, gushing over how nice it is to have him staying there like the "good old days" and making him his favorite for "one last time" (before he gets married).

What I'm gathering from this is the idea that it was John's stag do the night before, best man Sherlock took him out, they got drunk and up to all sort of shenanigans. Sherlock being Sherlock of course invited no one else and it was just the two of them having a great night before coming back to 221b where John passes out on the sofa and Sherlock plays him a song on his violin (as in the Sign Of Four).

So...because I'm really bad at predicting these things...can I have someone write me that please in case I get none of it in the episode? ^_^ I just really want drunk John and drunk Sherlock giggling and being like school children and spilling their feels - but no full on Johnlock, maybe just accidental kisses at most.

And no Mary-bashing please, I love her. Just lots of platonic love.

Everything from the church burning down to Sherlock getting blood on his new suit. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong - and both are so worried that the other is going to take it poorly, while both secretly only desire a simple, downplayed ceremony.

John and Sherlock are not together, but one day Sherlock goes to bed and when he wakes up John is sleeping right next to him. John wakes up and tries to have sex with Sherlock but he gets confused and runs off, then he finds out that they are actually together and that is the future or another universe. I'd love if they end up together for real

Angst & Hurt/Comfort (spoilers for TEH)

[spoilers for TEH]Sherlock's personality and behavior in TEH, to me, seemed completely different from how he was last season. Taken from a post on tumblr - "He hears voices, he’s more on edge, he’s using humour as an obvious cover to hide his pained emotions, it seems like he barely knows his own mind palace anymore, he’s getting stressed easier, and he’s starting not to know things; ‘i don’t know,' and 'i’m not sure’ are not phrases he would have so easily said in previous episodes."

I think it'd be cool if John started noticing really how emotionally damaged Sherlock is from all that happened and tries to help him. Fill doesn't have to be johnlock, but you can make it that way if you want to.

Re: Angst & Hurt/Comfort (spoilers for TEH)

my god, seconding so hard.


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