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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Greg may be a goldfish, but he's Mycroft's goldfish.

I'd love to see Mycroft defending Greg when Sherlock is insulting his intellectual abilities but anything with Mycroft being protective/defensive of Greg is good!

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Re: Goldfish - Mystrade

Exactly what I thought when watching this scene. Seconded, with a chance of filling.

Sherlock/John/Mycroft, Holmescest, Fight, Hurt!Mycroft, Mediator!John

Sherlock, John, and Mycroft are in a threeway relationship, which, at times, is good. But it can also be very *bad*. If John thought dealing with one Holmes was bad...

Sherlock and Mycroft get into a fight. Not just a brotherly back-and-forth, either. I'm talking 'you're not my brother anymore' level. Doesn't matter what it's about, or who the instigator is. I'm just looking for Hurt!Mycroft, Oblivious!Sherlock, and them having to face the reality that neither is good with words and this very well could end their relationship.

Until, of course, John takes a crack at mediation.

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Anderson andor Donovan's Break

Anderson was and is a good enough guy. He just doesn't like bullies and considering how Sherlock acted when he first came on scene ...and now he feels guilty and ashamed because well its almost like he became the bully too isn't it?

Donovan is pissed off that despite everything shes the one that has to deal with the most harassment; shes the bitch for doing her job, shes the one who was too tough on him, shes the one to get the most dirty looks from Watson's followers...fuck it all shes going to quit and go help out her gran in that one ice cream shop...+5 if she spots Sherlock and tells Anderson which is what sets him off in the first place.

Because Mary is such a Fangirl

Mary reads out Johnlock porn and makes John and Sherlock act it out while she watches it and masturbates.

Re: Because Mary is such a Fangirl

Ohhhh now that just might be enough to make me love Mary. Seconded

There was no great plan for sherlock to survive that fall. He actually fell and when the paramedics take him into St Barts Mycroft ensures that no-one knows he is being treated and 6 months later he runs off around the world to take down Moriarty's men using the information Mycroft got while interrogating him.

Cue Series 3 episode 1 and everything in that happens as cannon

Massive spoilers from here on out

The hallucinations that Sherlock has are caused by brain damage from the accident and John tries to find out exactly what is wrong with Sherlock's head.

Don't care if it's slash or not, just plenty of hurt/comfort


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Holmescest - spanking, BDSM, Dom/Sub


Sherlock's still pissed that Mycroft intervened so late when he got beaten up. He plans some sweet revenge for their next meeting along with spanking Mycroft until he apologizes for his behaviour. Dom! Sherlock only please. Other BDSM elements are fine as well. The naughtier the better ;)


OP here

I waned to put the spoiler under an lj cut which is obviously not working. Please edit or delete. I don't wanna spoil anyone by accident!

Sherlock/John/Mary - post-The Empty Hearse

Seriously, just after last night, ANYTHING with Sherlock/John/Mary, but preferably building on and following the new episode.

Because Mary is awesome (and totally blew all of my worries about the balance out of the water!) and I loved the way she slotted into the mix without being threatened by Sherlock or causing him to feel threatened.

Re: Sherlock/John/Mary - post-The Empty Hearse

This. Please. Yes. Now.

Sherlock sulkily tries other helpers (3:01 TEH Spoilers)

OK, so I loved the bit where Sherlock had a massive sulk that John was still angry and tried to replace him with Molly at crime scenes (and kept absent-mindedly calling her "John"). Please can someone write something where that goes on for longer, for some reason, and Sherlock tries (and fails) to replace John with even more people. (Angelo? Mrs Hudson? Harry Watson? even fanboy!Anderson, maybe?)

Re: Sherlock sulkily tries other helpers (3:01 TEH Spoilers)

Omg I want Mrs Hudson to assist him! That'd be hilarious!

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Sherlock/Mary/John, Mary's hair (mild TEH spoilers)

[non-plot spoilers for TEH, 3.01]
It wasn't hard to see who Sherlock had on his mind with his comments about women having short hair too, and Mary's (especially in the style she has at dinner, pinned back into little waves) is absolutely gorgeous to me, so I'd love to see some fic about it! It can be relatively chaste admiration, one or both of them perving about her hair really hard and touching it/disheveling it, or a bit of both. (I'd also love a little gender/identity play with how it slightly resembles John's hair, though I'd prefer if that didn't go into Sherlock thinking of them as truly interchangeable.)

Sherlock is Sapiosexual

Sherlock is highly attracted to intelligence - gender is no matter. He can't help but find himself sexually attracted to all the wrong people (Irene, Jim, etc.) and falling into their beds. He never meant for this thing with Moriarty to become serious... perhaps his mind is not the only thing Sherlock cherishes?

Re: Sherlock is Sapiosexual

This is my headcanon. Seconded!

Sherlock/John or Gen, spoilers for TEH

[spoilers for the empty hearse]I loved the scene with Sherlock's parents, and since they were going to be in town for a few more days I think they should be properly introduced to John, don't you think?

Give me some meeting the parents-esque shenanigans, maybe they think John and Sherlock are/were dating, maybe they don't but they still imply it to mess with them.

you can make it angsty if you want (maybe this just makes Sherlock's pining worse) just no Mary-bashing, please.

Johnlock - Quote Prompt

“Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.” - Jodi Picoult

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” - Maya Angelou

Moriarty/Moran (Empty Hearse spoilers, warning for potential cheating)

[spoilers for The Empty Hearse, 3.01]Maintaining a relationship with a hired assassin and second-in-command is one thing. Doing the same with an MP is a bit different. (Anon's choice as to whether or not this Moran is as good with a gun as his fanon/ACD counterpart, but I'd love to see something with this guy -- if he's the same Moran or a sibling or something -- explored and all the complications of dating criminal mastermind Moriarty while maintaining a career in politics. (Bonus round: it's a career in politics that Moriarty's influence has facilitated. Double-bonus round: MP!Moran is older than Moriarty and the "usual" power balances in their relationship superficially favor him -- perhaps facilitated by how they met? how did they meet? -- but he's still either terrifyingly loyal or Moriarty has him on a string.

Extra double secret bonus points if Moran is married.

spoilers for TEH: Holmescest prompt

OK well someone on tumblr mentioned this and I am paraphrasing, but.... Mycroft quietly whispering into his half naked, chained, younger brother's ear about how the holiday's over as he smiles, and then Sherlock smiles too. Enter reunion Holmescest please? Prefer consensual.
Maybe he did rather enjoy watching some of that.

Johnlock, Sherlock Can't Swim

I just want some fluffy Johnlock with John teaching Sherlock how to swim, with maybe some embarrassment on Sherlock's part for not knowing already.

Re: Johnlock, Sherlock Can't Swim

RTYI: is mostly angst, but the last chapter is fluffy teachings.


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