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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Angsty Coming Out Fic

A young (ideally somewhere between 15 and 20) Sherlock comes out as gay to his parents and gets a very negative reaction from them. Bonus points for supportive Mycroft.

Sorry if this has been prompted before, but I'd really appreciate a fic like this right about now...

Re: Angsty Coming Out Fic

(gives you a hug)


Te caption said "i lived through dozens of lonely christmases just to find you"

so fluff and angst... but mostly fluff(:

Mrs. Husdon figures out Sherlock's returned when she hears John and Sherlock having sex

Sherlock waits in 221B for John. Their reunion eventually leads to sex. The next day when they start letting people (or at the very least Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade) know Sherlock's alive... Mrs. Hudson's reaction is basically along the lines of "Oh yes, I know dear. The walls are quite thin and, well, he's got a rather distinctive voice, doesn't he?"

BONUS: Lestrade assumes she means yelling (not sex noises) and makes a comment about how he's got half a mind to follow up with some loud noises of his own, completely missing the implications. (the phrasing could be better but you get the idea).

Re: Mrs. Husdon figures out Sherlock's returned when she hears John and Sherlock having sex

That bonus is genius! Seconded!

GEN, Sherlock/Desolation of Smaug crossover-ish

Don't know if there's already been a prompt like this, but here goes!

What I want to see is Sherlock and John realizing they're the reincarnations of Smaug and Bilbo (however you want that to happen, I don't really care), and both being like "WOW, you haven't changed a bit."

Please make this happen!

Cross-posted to hobbit_kink

Re: GEN, Sherlock/Desolation of Smaug crossover-ish

Seconded so much!

Fill: Puppy fat

Hey, I filled this if that's okay with you? :) it can be found here:

Hope you like it!

Sherlock/girl!John virginity kink

I'd like to read about girl!John taking Sherlock's virginity, and really kinking on his inexperience. Like, he comes in his pants when she grinds on his lap, and he's embarrassed at first, but it just makes her hotter because no guy has ever wanted her this much. And he's super eager to please, so she can train him to pleasure her in all the best ways while they wait for him to recover. All consensual and happy, please.

Re: Sherlock/girl!John virginity kink

Seconded (I love fem!John/Sherlock or vice versa)

J+S: Sherlock has a silly streak

I want to see a believable Sherlock with an impish, manic, juvenile silly streak that he only lets show to John.

Re: J+S: Sherlock has a silly streak

I want to see that too!

J+S: The boys dog sit

John has to watch his sister's dog. Sherlock has trouble sharing John's attention at first but eventually becomes overly attached to the animal.

Hurt/Confort Fluffy Johnlock

So,something bad happens in a case which makes Sherlock think John is dead. He finds right away that he's alive but the idea kind of gets stuck in his head. After that, when the case is over and John is asleep, Sherlock knocks on his door and they have a deep conversation through the closed door, they talk and confess their love for each other

Lestrade, de-aging,

Lestrade is accidentally de-aged (due to magic, science, whatever) to his teen-aged self. He still has all his old memories and skills, but he's got the body and hormones of a 16-year old.

He's mostly stuck doing paperwork, because, to the surprise of no one, no one takes a surly and adorable teenager seriously as a DI.

If anyone wants to add any pairing to this, that's fine. Make it cute or make it dirty-bad-wrong, either is good (although, there will definitely be bonus points if bb!Lestrade's got a super obvious crush on Molly Hooper, with stammering and blushing and tripping over his own feet around her).

Re: Lestrade, de-aging,


AsiP - married S/fem!J

Can I please have married Sherlock/fem!John, where the reason Sherlock was so intolerable the years prior to ASiP was because he was surrounded by idiots and fools and the only person worth paying attention to - fascinating, amazing, marvelously interesting Joan - was thousands of miles away getting shot at, and he's so bored (and perhaps a bit worried) that he snarks and insults and simply turns into an ass for the entirety of Joan's deployments. And then she gets shot, and it's Bad but also Good, because now she's back where she belongs, and Sherlock can't wait for her to recover enough to drag her along to one of his crime scenes:

Donovan: Er, who’s this?
Sherlock: My wife, Doctor Joan Watson.
Donovan: ...A wife? How did you get a wife?!

Re: AsiP - married S/fem!J

This seems interesting and fun! I really like 'John and Sherlock were already together before Afghanistan' angle!

Daemons - gen fic

When it comes to first impressions John comes across as absolutely harmless. He dresses in fluffy woolly jumpers and has a round, friendly face, a gentle doctor's touch and looks all around unassuming. Those who don't know him very well have a difficult time reconciling their perception of John with his daemon, the large and scarred lioness that shadows him everywhere.

(I haven't even read the books/watched the movie(s?). I just love the concept of daemons (and having John's be a really large predator (which makes people go "...wat?"), so if anon thinks of something better than a lioness, go right ahead)).

Lestrade, D/s, mild watersports

Greg's dom (preferably John) likes to put him in a pair of dainty knickers, feed him bottle after bottle of water while rubbing his cock and teasing him, then spank him until he wets himself. The dom then cleans Greg up, washing him lovingly all the while fingering his arse and stroking him off. Bonus points for Greg getting fucked while bent over the edge of the tub.

Crossover: Ace Attorney

Sherlock is arrested for Moriarty's crimes.

John can't get any lawyers to take on his case, so he goes to the one lawyer who will take *any* case: Phoenix Wright.

It's not until they get Richard Brook on the stand that Sherlock and Phoenix start to turnabout the trial and Edgeworth and Lestrade start to help out the defence.

Re: Crossover: Ace Attorney

I don't know Ace Attorney but it could be fun. Seconding !

John/Sherlock, Pregnant!Sherlock Sherlock doesn't know how to express his hurt feelings

I'm a firm believer in the idea that half the time, Sherlock doesn't understand that his caustic words can hurt people. He just says whatever is on his mind without a filter.

I'd like for Sherlock to meet someone just like him - a.k.a, no filter. They're particularly harsh to him, and Sherlock, who has never really understood the need for emotions, doesn't know how to express that his feelings are hurt.

Would love it if the insult-er said:

"Have you put on weight since the last time we met?" - like Sherlock said to Molly, commenting how she had gained three pounds since they last met.


"I just *know* you're having a girl. She's sucking all of the beauty out of your face."

Basically, I just want some major hurt/comfort with Sherlock attempting to communicate the hurt to John, not being able to (and moping about it), and finally getting the comfort he so desperately needs.

Re: John/Sherlock, Pregnant!Sherlock Sherlock doesn't know how to express his hurt feelings

Awww yes please! I'm all for mpreg and vulnerable Sherlock.


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