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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Re prompt from part XXXII

After Sherlock returns, they continue on as normal, living together, solving cases. But John is still angry, and Sherlock knows it. So Sherlock begins behaving towards John as he did toward Sebastian Wilkes, trying desperately to not make John dislike him, trying to 'curb' parts of himself - being unusually quiet, secretly instructing Lestrade to ensure the Yarders only refer to John as Sherlock's colleague and not as his friend (because, he reasons, it seems that John doesn't like people to think that he would be friends with Sherlock), disguising his brilliant deductions as less-clever so John won't think he's showing off (like he did with the "I asked your secretary' in TBB; and regarding how annoyed John seemed with Sherlock's deductions about Henry Knight), etc. Trying desperately to just keep John around.

Eventually, Lestrade points this out to John: that Sherlock has asked him not to call John Sherlock's friend, that Sherlock is telling Lestrade brilliant deductions and then turning around and telling John that he arrived at the conclusion far more prosaically, that Sherlock looks terrified when John leaves a scene.

John proceeds to make sure that Sherlock knows he's not going anywhere.

Oh, yes. Seconding.

Eeehhh this gonna be extremely weird and kinky

Sherlock would say it for an experiment and treat John with much tea before bring him to bed and tie him there naked with a vibrator and just sitting there watching. John is like okay this part he knows but he doesn't understand why Sherlock insisted him drinking that much tea. He can put on a show or something to tease Sherlock but then after a while he feels he needs to use the loo and asks Sherlock to stop.

Sherlock said no.

And he just keeps sitting there watching John squirming (and swearing if you like). He even turn the vibrator stronger until John can't stand it and wet himself. After that Sherlock will praise him then fuck him because God knows he had been hard all the time and they come together soak in piss.

(Afterwards John makes Sherlock wash the sheet because it's not his fault it's ruined)

Re: Eeehhh this gonna be extremely weird and kinky

I had no idea I had this kink but apparently I do! Seconding!

Loosely based on Princess Maker

John is greeted by an angel by the name of Mycroft whose holding his baby brother in his arms, no more than ten. He explains that Sherlock is also an angel but his soul is corrupted. The heavens don't want him anymore and only accept him back if he is reformed. Mycroft had to turn him back into a child to regain his innocence, and searched for the pefrect human to take care of his brother and raise him right.

He decided John is perfect for the job. He warns him though, whatever Sherlock grows up to be, will be in his hands so raise him right. Or else.

Sherlock / Hannibal sorta crossover

I'd love to read some Sherlock feeding John human meat without him realizing it (yet). Bonus cookies for Shelock being all rational about it (e.g. it's really healthy meat, it's a shame to waste all that delicious meat so he decides to 'recycle' the corpses..) More bonus cookies for John noticing it tastes differently but Sherlock explains it's "deluxe _________meat" from "that little market around the corner" and John starts to really like the taste and hey if it gets Sherlock to eat (and cook) it' all fine isn't it?

(Was just browsing Digital Spy so..)

Sherlock 'announces' his return by leaving body parts in Johns and Mrs Hudsons fridge

I'm on it, nonnie! Be back soon.

First Kidnapping (TW: possible violence)

No anon because no shame(:

So every Kidnapping fic I've read have the boys quite accustomed to being kidnapped. So my idea is: Sherlock is kidnapped, and it's John's first time experiencing Sherlock being kidnapped.

Maybe he's completely freaked out maybe he doesn't really understand what's going on maybe Sherlock is used to being kidnapped maybe he's not - Anything, I just want John's first time saving Sherlock from kidnappers and the aftermath.

Thank you all!

Re: First Kidnapping (TW: possible violence)


tw: Torture

I don't even know what is wrong with me anymore. This was brought about by a rewatching of Hounds and rereading of Mockingjay.

We've seen plenty of fics where John gets caught and/or tortured, yes? (I heartily recommend Helicidae's fic Two Things, which physically hurt to read.) Well, what if Sherlock gets caught immediately after the Fall?

Let's assume that he didn't use a dummy and for some medical miracle or another fell onto the pavement himself. Unfortunately, Moriarty's right hand man-slash-unrequited lover, Sebastian Moran, had gone bonkers at Jim killing himself. So he got thugs (or even better, single-handedly) overpower Molly (and ostensibly Mycroft's people guarding Sherlock) and cart an unconscious Sherlock out of St. Barts, threw him in a cell somewhere and started having his merry way with the detective, torturing him both physically and psychologically (Drugs optional, but no rape whatsoever please. I know it's reasonable, but I have been assaulted myself and cannot bear to read about it).

Some reasonable time later (three weeks?), Mycroft's black car took John to a facility - and what did they find there? An utterly broken, nervous, mangled - but still breathing - wreck of a man, bearing almost no resemblance to John's "recently deceased" flatmate.

The fic does not have to focus overmuch on the torture, just a few glimpses on how dark Moran is and how Sherlock slowly breaks. The real focus is John's journey in getting his friend back - the pain, suffering, frustration, and most importantly the joy at every tiny step the detective makes towards healing.

I'd love you forever if you involve Mary too; as Sherlock's nurse perhaps? And no bashing of her, please - eventual John/Mary would be stellar.

tl;dr: Sherlock gets caught, tortured by Moran immediately post-Fall as revenge for Jim dying & returned to John a complete mess. Can he, with the help of his friends, family and a pretty, remarkable nurse named Mary Morstan bring the detective back to life again?
Ships: Unrequited Moran/Moriarty, gen Sherlock/John, slowly developing John/Mary.

John/Sherlock: "Copious Amounts of Buttplugs"

At some point, John received a large collection of buttplugs in different sizes and colours as a joke. Really, it wasn't meant as anything else, and he kind of chuckled and shoved them under the bed, then forgot about them.

One day, Sherlock finds them. He knows they're a joke, sure, but oh, he is going to put them to use anyway, and make John appreciate his gift.

(Could be dub-con, if you like. I'd prefer John be the one getting plugged.)

Re: John/Sherlock: "Copious Amounts of Buttplugs"

Oh yes! Seconding anything involving Johnlock and butt plugs a million times!

Sherlock says that he sometimes doesn't talk for days on end but we haven't seen that yet. So bascailly, Sherlock just wakes up one day and doesn't talk for the rest of the week. John tries to go on the day as normal as he can but can't help wanting to get Sherlock to speak. Even if it's one word.

So John gets Sherlock to bed and has sex with him. Licking him everywhere, stroking, trying to make Sherlock beg.

Hell yes!

Sherlock finds fanfics about himself

So we know that Sherlock's an "internet phenomenon". Consequently people are bound to write fanfiction about him. Just imagine him finding deliciously hot (Johnlock) smut on the internets. Up to author how he deals with that.

Greg doesn't get the sympathy he deserves/needs after Sherlock jumps

Greg and Sherlock were a couple and everyone knew they were together when Sherlock jumped. However, in the aftermath of Sherlock's 'death', everybody is more concerned with how John is coping with the loss of his friend and flatmate. Of course, he's bound to be upset too so Greg doesn't say anything and quietly keeps himself to himself.

It's a few weeks before anybody thinks to check how Lestrade is dealing with it - and they discover he's not doing too great.

Re: Greg doesn't get the sympathy he deserves/needs after Sherlock jumps

Seconded because I NEED THIS PROMPT like burning

Lestrade is an Unpresented in A/O-verse

Not really sure what I want here, other than I thought it might be interesting for someone of Lestrade's age to be unpersented in an Alpha/Omega universe. Like, what challenges would someone who was Unpresented face?

Can be gen, but I also support Sherstrade, Johnstrade, SherJohnStrade, Molly/Lestrade, and Lestrade/Wife.

Alternate Universe - Figure Skating (Or Ice Dancing, idk what Brits call it)

So I know this has been done like twice now (that I know of, once with Tennis and once with Baseball) but hear me out:
Sherlock is a world famous skater and John was once famous or is a retired skater who coaches now (or if you can think of something else that works, go for it).
Your capable hands can take it from here.

Mind Palace

Sherlock has lost something important in his mind palace and can't get it back. He invents a drug like the one in Inception and John goes into his mind to find it. While John's there, he makes some... discoveries.

(I just want a fic in Sherlock's mind palace ok?)

Re: Mind Palace

RTYI? It takes place in Sherlock's mind palace, although not quite what you requested.

D/s fic that incorporates scenes from the show

- John fetching Sherlock's phone from his jacket pocket, etc.

When Sherlock asks John about the trainers he refers to Sherlock humiliating him, that would be awesome as well.

please consensual if not safe or sane (which would be OOC)

I would love first person POV but really anything like this would be so appreciated.

Re: D/s fic that incorporates scenes from the show

Totally my cup of tea. I love writing D/s and first person. But, it may take a while. Mind if I spin it as helping John transition back to civilian life from the army?


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