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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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PTSD reversal

I've seen a lot of prompts/fics where John has a PTSD induced flashback and someone has to talk him out of it. I want a kind of reversal of this:

Sherlock and John tag along with Lestrade and his people from the Yard to arrest the perp in the latest case. Turns out he's an ex-soldier with a case of PTSD and access to guns, and they find themselves in a standoff when the perp has a sudden flashback. The police try to talk him down but he thinks they're enemy forces, and when they finally realize what's going on and attempt the whole "solider, stand down!" trick it doesn't work because even in his agitated and confused state of mind he can tell that they're not officers (maybe they use the wrong terminology, or their orders don't carry enough authority or something?). Cue BAMF John stepping forward to channel Captain Watson and managing to successfully talk the ex-soldier into laying down his weapon and surrendering.

Seconded so hard I think I dislocated something.

Anything ageplay/infantilism related and/or involving watersports (wetting preferred) for Sherlock/John, preferably with John acting in a caregiver/dominant role.

Doubles (and the lack thereof)

In this world, everyone is born with a double- genetically speaking, like an identical twin, but with such a strong psychic bond that they function nearly as one individual in two bodies. Usually, they'll spend their whole lives together, going into schools together and being graded on each other's performance; going into the same career, working and being promoted together; marrying the double of their double's spouse etc. If one dies, the shock is almost certain to kill the other.
Sherlock and John are exceptions.
Sherlock was one of those rare few babies born alone. Most babies born that way die within hours of being born, and in most of the world it's consider okay to kill such a baby, though in recent years reasoning has shifted from "they're clearly evil" to "it's the most merciful thing to do with them." Sherlock, however, survived. He was ostracized for much of his life and literally had to work twice as hard as anyone else for his accomplishments, but he never let that stop him.
John's double was killed in Afghanistan by a gunshot to his femoral artery in the same battle that John received his shoulder wound in. Against all odds, John survived both the shoulder wound and the psychic shock, however the loss of his double has compounded his PTSD.
I'd like to ask the filler to explore their relationship in this world- do they bond over their shared circumstance, or try to distance their situations due to the obvious differences? Is their relationship one of friends, lovers, or do they find themselves becoming bonded as the oddest pair of doubles in England?
Additional world building would be great, as would an appearance (or several) by Moriarty. Feel free to change terms/details.

Fill: How Vital are the Links (1/?)

My sister and I, you will recollect, were twins, and you know how subtle are the links that bind two souls which are so closely allied
(Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of the Speckled Band)


John struggles half-way to consciousness, but no amount of will seems enough to get him all the way there. It’s like knowing he has to get up for a piss while being trapped in a dream of dysfunctional bizarro lavatories. It’s not his bladder that’s troubling him, though. His shoulder’s a mess of fiery agony, and he’s got a matching—a stronger-than-expected—sympathetic burn for Luke’s leg. But that’s not it either. There’s a fog; a gaping emptiness he can’t negotiate. He’s stuck in his confusion, and the world just won’t come into focus.

It’s pure, natural instinct that makes him reach out for Luke’s hand, and it’s a good instinct: his senses start to regain their usual sharpness. But. His hand closes on empty air. He must not be even so much as half-way awake after all, because that is in no way comprehensible, even by fuzzy dream-logic. His brother...


They tell him he’s been lucky. John clenches his empty hand. They smile perfunctorily, and close it around an aluminium crutch. He finds the English summer grey after Afghanistan’s shimmering heat, and his coat is too light.

He hears his old uni mates’ chatter as if his ears were full of water.

“We heard you were abroad somewhere, getting shot at,” says Mike.

“Where’s Luke got to?” asks Gabby.

John knows that if it weren’t for the fog, he’d be able to see her scoping out the park. He can barely make sense of it himself that he and Luke are not either bothdead, or (but really, bothdead does seem closer to the truth) bothhere. It’s so strange that he doubts there even exist words to describe the reality.

“London’s hard to negotiate for singletons,” he offers obliquely. A fresh wave of anger pinches at him through his stupor. “How the hell am I even going to find someone to keep a flat with?”

Apparently he mustn’t have managed his quota of six impossible things before breakfast that morning, because Mike’s surprisingly glib answer rings clear as a bell.

“You know what? you’re the second person to say that to me today.”

The three of them make their way through the green together, and then down into the bowels of Bart’s.


John would have been a fool to pass by such a rare chance to solve his problem without at least trying to get a better feel for the situation, so here he is, sitting in 221B Baker Street while Mrs Hudson pours him tea, and Mrs Turner tries to entice Sherlock with a plate of biscuits.

Mrs Hudson knows that he and Sherlock aren’t twins. “It’s all right, dearie. There’s all sorts round here.” She lowers her voice, and casts a worried sideways glance at Mrs Turner. “My husband committed suicide, so it’s just us two downstairs now. But Sherlock really is a darling boy, I promise.”

Sherlock also knows all about John; had read it in his stance and his tan and his haircut within moments of meeting him.

John, on the other hand, knows next to nothing about any of them. Nonetheless, he’s here on Mike’s recommendation, and he’s not overly superstitious. He’ll probably be willing to take the plunge regardless of how Sherlock came to be on his own... That doesn’t mean he’s not burning with curiosity, though, nor any less so when Sherlock dashes off after a police car with unholy glee, muttering about a serial murderer.

Sherlock/John, omegaverse, exhibitionism

Alpha!John is getting grief from members of Lestrate's division because Sherlock does not act at all like an Omega-sub around John or in public. It is alluded that John isn't "alpha enough" to handle Sherlock. John ignores this but it begins to upset Sherlock (who loves that John lets him call the shots when it comes to The Work and submitting in private). So Sherlock asks John, just this once, to show them all how good an alpha-dom he really is.

Re: Sherlock/John, omegaverse, exhibitionism

Omegaverse /and/ exibitionism! Please! Secinded

Non-con, Sherlock/Molly, Moriarty

As a present, Moriarty gives Molly Sherlock, naked, gagged, tied to a bed and with a big bow on his dick. Then he sits back to admire his girl.

Reprompt for post-Reichenbach fic - not op

so I was flipping through part XXX looking for inspiration for a fic and I really liked one post-Reichenbach fic that I would much rather read than write, because I'm feeling lazy at the moment.

Prompt: "Post-Reichenbach. John becomes depressed after the fall – one day, whilst he is driving, a lorry is coming the other way, and he simply continues to drive straight towards it. Another car slams into the side of him just as he is about to hit the lorry head-on, causing him to be saved from the crash, but the car that crashed into him gets hit by the lorry. Sherlock is the one driving the other car."

so basically a h/c about sherlock getting hit by a lorry(:

Sherlock/Jim rape with a twist

The usual formula for Sherlock/Jim fics is that Moriarty rapes an unwilling Sherlock (or has someone rape Sherlock while he watches), but I want a lovely spin on the idea.

Sherlock manages to get a hold of Jim and rapes him. I'd like Sherlock to be the creepy guy most associate with Jim, while Jim very much does not want what's happening (not because he doesn't like Sherlock, but having sex with him was not on his to-do list). Pretty much a role reversal of your typical Jimlock rape fic.

Re: Sherlock/Jim rape with a twist

Seconded!! It would be nice to see Sherlock do the raping for once.

Sherlock/Lestrade, motorcycles

Lestrade teaches Sherlock to ride a motorcycle. Ridiculous amounts of UST ensue.

Since John is a very capable soldier and doctor, whereas Sherlock is a big whiny baby, most BDSM fics have top!John using his soldier voice to make Sherlock sorry for being a constant pain in the arse. For it to work the other way requires more effort. John wouldn't submit willingly. He'd require persuasion. Sherlock would have to be very convincing.

TL;DR I'd really like to see dom!Sherlock making soldier!John fall to his knees.

Oh yes! There's not nearly enough Sherlock dominating John!

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Mummy and John post-TRF

Three weeks after Sherlock's death, Mummy pays John a visit.

Re: Mummy and John post-TRF

I've been working on something similar for a bit. I have loved this idea forever. Do you have any particular desire regarding what kind of mother/woman she is, and/or how she regards John?

Sherlock the godfather

To the surprise of absolutely everyone, John and Mary name Sherlock the godfather of their newborn child. No one expects it to work out (Anderson starts a betting pool re: how long it'll take Sherlock to accidentally kill the baby in a freak experiment), but to everyone's amazement Sherlock turns out to be the most doting and proud godfather ever.

Bonus points if he takes to showing up at the Watson residence at the most random of hours, proclaiming "Hello, John/Mary. I am here to see my godchild" and then flouncing up the stairs and into the baby's room, where he'll spend three hours silently staring at it while it naps. Because regular babies are boring, but John's interesting, and John's baby is FASCINATING (by the time Baby Watson is a toddler, s/he's got Sherlock wrapped completely around his/her little finger (though Sherlock would never admit to such sentimentality)).

Re: Sherlock the godfather

Seconding with a lot of enthusiasm

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Mycroft/Anyone wedding shenanigans

"I thought you sold that camera after the case?"

"And miss the chance to finally witness Mycroft getting cake shoved in his mouth, John? Absolutely not!"

John/Sherlock - dub/non-con Sherlock wants John all to himself


[spoilers for season 3]
"What life? I've been away." Sherlock says to Mycroft when Mycroft says John's moved on.

Sherlock knew that Janette and Sarah and the few other girls were just passing fancy. John wouldn't give up his life with Sherlock for them...

But when the cat's away, the mouse gets engaged and Sherlock won't be having that.

After revealing himself to John, Sherlock gets him to return to Baker Street and claims John as his own again, whether John likes it or not.

Bonus for no previous sexual/romantic relationship between them before hand.

Re: John/Sherlock - dub/non-con Sherlock wants John all to himself

After watching that trailer I desperately need this!

Ugly Christmas Sweater/Jumper party

It's the holiday season and I would like an ugly christmas sweater/jumper party. Maybe John decides to host one, much to Sherlock's horror, and everybody gets into the holiday spirit trying to out do each other.

Bonus if Lestrade shows up wearing something that lights up.

Double bonus if Sherlock shows up and wins for the best ugly sweater/jumper.

Pairings not required but if you do I'd prefer John/Sherlock

Stupid Cupid

Mike Stamford is an emissary of Cupid/angel/what have you. Basically his one mission on earth is to introduce John and Sherlock to each other, but a series of misadventures means he keeps not quite managing it.

So: five times Mike Stamford tried to introduce Sherlock and John, and one time he succeeded.

Re: Stupid Cupid



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